The Presidents Cup happens every two years (it"s a biennial event currently on odd-numbered years), pitting 12-man teams representing the joined States and the international team (everywhere however the U.S. And Europe) against each various other in 30 matches over four days to recognize a winner.

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How Presidents Cup teams space picked

Each team is top by an appointed captain, v the PGA Tour choosing both the American captain (in 2019, Tiger Woods) and the worldwide captain (in 2019, Ernie Els). The organize team alternates every match, together well, with the matches play in odd-numbered years. The U.S. Master in 2021, 2025, 2029, etc. The global team master in 2019, 2023, 2027, etc.

The two teams are figured out by qualifying systems developed by the captains and also co-owning organizations.

The American team is currently crafted indigenous 8 automatically qualifiers, that earn a clues on the team based upon a points mechanism that spans roughly 20 months from in march of the off-year in the cycle come the finish of the cycle. After those players are determined, the American captain climate hand picks a full of four wild-card football player to round the end the team.

The european team is additionally currently decided first from 8 automatically qualifiers, every based on currently standing in the Official human being Golf Ranking in ~ the end of the qualifying cycle. The 8 highest-ranked standard players do the team. Climate the captain deserve to pick 4 wild-card football player to round out the team.

Presidents Cup format, matches, points and rules

During the mainly of the Presidents Cup, the matches are reserved from Thursday with Sunday, v 30 matches altogether. If either team earns at the very least 15.5 points, they win the Presidents Cup. Over there is no tie because that a 15-15 finish. There will be a winner.

On every of the first two days, a complete of 10 matches space played end two, five-match sessions every day featuring two different varieties of two-man match-play matches every day. In among those days, there will be one five-match conference of what"s called foursomes. On the other, there"s a conference of what"s dubbed fourball.

On Saturday, the 3rd day, there will certainly be eight matches played end a two, four-match sessions. There will be one conference of fourballs or foursomes in the morning, through the opposite format in the 2nd afternoon session.

Foursomes is additionally called alternate shot. On each hole, one player (Player A) from each team hits their team"s particular tee shots. Climate the various other player (Player B) from every team access time the second shot. Then the third shot is struggle by Player A, and also so on, till the sphere is holed. The groups compare scores, and also the team with the reduced score wins the hole. Whichever team wins the most holes wins a full point. If the enhance is also after 18 holes, then the enhance is halved and each team earns 0.5 points.

Fourball is likewise called best ball. On each hole, all 4 players play out the hole making use of their own ball, just like they were play individually. In ~ the end of each hole, each team uses the far better score the the 2 partners and also compares it come the other team. The team through the far better score wins the hole. Whichever team wins the many holes wins a complete point. If the enhance is also after 18 holes, climate the enhance is halved and also each team earns 0.5 points.

All of the teams space announced prior to the conference starts, slotted by complement position. In the team sessions every player on every team need to be provided once in the an initial four sessions. (In 2017, every player had to be provided at least twice in the very first four sessions.)

On the last day, a full of 12 matches are played in one session. Every 12 players from each side room announced through the captains in a ceremony prior to Sunday play, slotted by match position. It"s standard match play, through the player win the most holes winning the match and also a complete point. If the match is even after 18 holes, climate the enhance is halved and each team earns 0.5 points.

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