Our experts say it doesn"t include up—"Unless he has a stylist that is charging the an insane amount and also then laughing all the method to the bank."

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Over the years, the intersection of hair and politics has actually often listed fodder for controversy. A trim that then-president invoice Clinton obtained from Christophe that Beverly Hills aboard Air force 1 the allegedly hosted up website traffic at LAX in 1993 was memorialized in a Washington Post headline as ‘The Most renowned Haircut since Samson’s.’ Presidential hopeful John Edwards’ much-publicized $400 haircut added to the death of his project in 2007. And when Nancy Pelosi was photographed having her hair done in a closeup of the door salon previously this year, she to be pilloried by politics rivals because that dismissing pandemic protocol. However nothing come close come the hair-raising revelations that emerged this week as soon as Trump’s tax returns were finally made public. Amongst his many questionable deductions: $70,000 for Apprentice-era hair styling, along with an additional $95,000 payment to a hair and also makeup artist favored through Ivanka. The still-reverberating shock goes past the amount itself, due to the fact that it’s compounded by the reality that the was spent on that hair. Trump may be a guy who likes high-quality things, but the stuff on his head? it does not look expensive.

Hair is power, specifically in Washington DC. Think JFK’s top reddish-brown collegiate crop, Clinton’s plush silver cloud, Ronald Reagan’s Old-Hollywood-hero swoop. A complete head the hair telegraphs potency—it suggests that one has the crucial vigor come pilot a nation through everything adverse weather may come (and if the goes grey if in office, a la Obama, that is the mark of a task undertaken through requisite serious-mindedness). Trump’s comb-over coif has actually been a conversation starter because day one—its artfully yet curiously make shape, that not-found-in-nature color, and, once it to be famously lifted in a gust of wind to reveal a pink job of outright head beneath, its capacity to defy the regulations of physics. Whether it looks come the remainder of the people like power-hair or not, he plainly cherishes it together such. He has remarked in the past that that does not choose anyone else emotional it—and the an extremely fact that it is therefore unvaryingly what that is speak to a certainty he should possess in regards to its perfection.

Of course, the news of its lavish expense has sparked rampant speculation. Just how is the even feasible to spend that much money ~ above strands, presidential or not? Is that the care and feeding of priceless hair pieces? Plugs? Tankards the the finest hairspray money have the right to buy? In his book The Fire and the Fury Michael Wolff composed that Ivanka declared Trump’s shade to be conferred through a pharmacy product referred to as Just because that Men, so the doesn’t take it prohibitively expensive progressed chemistry to concoct that certain hue. In 2014, trump card told Playboy the he wouldn’t allow anyone reduced his hair but Melania, but even if he were indulging the most expensive men’s haircut on the planet—a barber in India, Rossano Ferretti, claims to fee the world’s height price for a trim, more than $1,500—that would still, by stormy math, amount come a major shortfall.

“I don’t know how it could possibly cost that much," says Tommy Buckett, a stylist at new York"s tony Serge Normant salon. "Even at peak salons here in Manhattan, a men"s haircut is going to be around $150. It would certainly be an ext for a home visit, i m sorry I"m sure is what that gets, however not that lot more. Unless he has a stylist who is charging that an insane amount and then laughing all the way to the bank. Trump card is the type of client, too, who most likely thinks just since he"s security a many money because that something that way it"s good. Yet you can"t purchase taste."

The legality that the remove is gift hotly debated on Twitter, yet stylists who work with entertainers preserve that such cases are no atypical—though the quantity is. "Actors and also models do have the capability to compose off a most stuff," Buckett says. "It’s not unheard of because that someone to write off points like job-related outs and also hair care, because it’s part of the project to look done. Yet holy shit, $70,000? That’s a the majority of money. I don’t also think Beyoncé would be safety $70,000 with all of her distinct wigs. One of two people someone controlled to take Trump because that a ride—in which situation I speak congratulations—or he"s composing off a medical professional or transplants."

Like so numerous things, we may never recognize the truth. Yet as a diversion indigenous the progressively fraught run-up to the election, it’s a welcome little of absurdity to ponder.

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As no less an authority than Hilary Clinton as soon as said, “Pay fist to your hair, due to the fact that everyone rather will.” and also keep this in mind: the typical price the a man’s haircut in America is $28.