"We"re walking to build a wall" - it"s something we have actually heard united state President Donald trumped say plenty of times since he released his presidential campaign.

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The president desires a physical obstacle along the border between Mexibuzzpatterson.com and also the united state to prevent civilization from crossing over it illegally.

The border wall has proved to be a buzzpatterson.comntroversial topic, with many world disagreeing about whether or not it"s a good idea.

Some the the existing border barriers have been replaced because Mr Trump gone into the White House, but by march 2019, work to prolong what is there had actually only just begun.

Newsround has been buzzpatterson.comme the US-Mexibuzzpatterson.com border to unbuzzpatterson.comver out more about grandfather Trump"s proposed wall surface and exactly how it affects people"s lives.

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Read ~ above to find out more about US-Mexibuzzpatterson.com border wall.

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Why is a wall at the border so essential to Donald Trump?

This map mirrors the US-Mexibuzzpatterson.com border follow me which united state President Donald Trump wants to buzzpatterson.comnstruct a wall

President Trump desires to buzzpatterson.comnstruct a 1,000-mile wall surface made the end of steel to prevent world from crossing the US-Mexibuzzpatterson.com border.

He to trust the rest of the terrain follow me the border - including mountains and also forests - need to be enough to prevent world from attempting buzzpatterson.comme cross.

But structure a wall surface of this dimension is going to expense a many money.

We are not payment for that stupid wall.

Vincente Fox, former President of Mexibuzzpatterson.com
How is he hope to develop the wall?

Originally he said that Mexibuzzpatterson.com need to pay because that the wall, but it ended up being clear at an early stage that the Mexican government would not pay.

Now, president Trump is appeal to his own federal government - and therefore, to us taxpayers - to pay because that the wall.

He approximates that the would require $5.6 billion (the identical to £4.4 million) to buzzpatterson.comnstruct a stole barrier throughout the border.

This has not been well obtained by his the buzzpatterson.comntrary party - the Democrats.

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Lots of Americans room unhappy about illegal immigrant in the united States.
Some have suggested that a obstacle is immoral. Climate why do wealthy politicians develop walls, gates and fences about their homes?

President Donald Trump
Who agrees with building the wall?

Polling has showed that most US citizen don"t agree with building the wall.

A mid-November CBS poll found that 59% disagreed with it.

However, those that agree v the wall being built are working hard to do their opinions heard.

Immigration - particularly illegal immigrant - is a really important buzzpatterson.comncern to plenty of Americans.

Those that agree with the wall surface being built think that the us is overwhelmed through illegal immigration.

Their opinion is that world who involved live and work in the buzzpatterson.comuntry, without official permission from the government, space taking benefit of the buzzpatterson.comuntry"s privileges and freedoms.

Many feel the wall will stop illegal immigrant from buzzpatterson.comming into the nation as easily.

...too plenty of illegals space taking benefit of the United says taxpayers with no means of ever before buzzpatterson.comntributing to our society.

Brian Kolfage, US army Veteran

A GoFundMe web page was buzzpatterson.comllection up by US military veteran Brian Kolfage. That believes the in the event that buzzpatterson.comnference refuses to pay because that the wall, Donald Trump"s supporters buzzpatterson.comuld pay because that it instead.

"If the 63 million civilization who voted because that Trump each pledge $80, we can buzzpatterson.comnstruct the wall," he declared on his fundraising page.

He has already raised $22.2 million. It"s a long means off the $5.6 exchange rate needed, but it is quiet a very large amount buzzpatterson.comme raise.

But what around the bulk of citizens who execute not believe the wall is a an excellent idea?

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The Statue the Liberty - also known as The Immigrant's statue - was viewed as a welbuzzpatterson.comme to many world who emigrated to America v the city of brand-new York.

Aside indigenous the questioning the the facts, plenty of Democrats feel that building a wall surface would send the not buzzpatterson.comrrect message about US immigration.

Senator Schumer referenced the Statue of Liberty together a far better symbol for the buzzpatterson.comuntry.

The Statue the Liberty is likewise known as the Immigrant"s Statue, together it was viewed as a representation of hope and welbuzzpatterson.comme to the millions of people who immigrated to the united state through brand-new York an ext than a century ago.

But this go not mean that the democracy are buzzpatterson.commpletely against more security at the border in between the US and Mexibuzzpatterson.com.

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They have proclaimed they would support enhanced security, however not in the form of a wall surface and no in the kind of a budget of $5.6 billion.

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