As friend bite right into your small bacon cheeseburger at Wendy"s, you may be too busy enjoying it come think around the square patty that sits in between the bun… and wonder why it"s shaped the way. Truth is, the fast food brand uses square patties in all of its burgers, and there"s a factor for it beyond just distinguishing itself from other chains.

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Here"s why Wendy"s burgers have square patties quite than round ones, i m sorry may simply make you appreciate the chain also more.

The Wendy"s motto

When Dave Thomas founded Wendy"s in 1969, he wanted to create a place that can serve rapid meals there is no cutting any kind of corners. In fact, the brand still lives by the words it was started on: "Quality is our recipe." In enhancement to focusing on quality, Thomas" food selection was influenced by Kewpee Hamburgers, a popular burger spot in Kalamazoo, Michigan, whereby he spent his beforehand childhood. The most notable article on the menu? Square burgers.

Visible freshness

Thomas wasn"t shy around showcasing the square burger choice, either. "Dave to be always very confident in the high quality of our meat," candid Vamos, Wendy"s director of brand communications, called Thrillist in 2016. "He want to make sure that the patty sticks out of the bun so that everyone can see it, see the juiciness. And also the square patty does that."

Over time, the square citizens has become iconic—but it hasn"t been problem-free. When the brand combined with Triarc companies Inc. In 2008, it did extensive customer testing to overhaul its menu. Executives realized that people interpreted the square burgers as overly processed—despite Wendy"s burgers in reality being fresh, never ever frozen (in the continental U.S.).

Instead the scrapping the chain"s heritage entirely, the brand imposed a "natural square" shape, i beg your pardon boasts contempt uneven edges. This helps offer the burgess a more hand-shaped feel. Testers the the initial Wendy"s burgers additionally said they want a more thickness burger, for this reason the grill cooks to be trained to push down on the patties two times while food preparation rather than eight, USA Today report in 2011. Plus, they started shipping the hamburgers through a "Handle choose Eggs" brand to store the patties intact.

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So, where"s the beef?

More 보다 a decade later, the brand is still all about the beef. According to Wendy"s Square deal blog, the square patties are made in five locations across the country and also ship in temperature-controlled trucks.

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At the end of the day, whether it"s square or "natural square," the Wendy"s burger"s form is iconic, just like its Frosty and sea salt fries.

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