Indeed, the human body is constantly making mucus, said Dr. Richard Lebowitz, an ear, nose and throat medical professional at new York university Langone medical Center. As quickly as girlfriend sneeze several of it out, the body makes more, he said.

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Mucus is make by mucosal glands that line the body"s respiratory tract tract, which contains the nose, the throat and the lungs, Lebowitz said.

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Most of the rubber that human being sneeze out originates from the mucosal glands lining the sleep passages, Lebowitz said. Civilization often think it"s additionally coming from their sinuses, yet in fact only a very small amount of rubber is developed in the sinuses, that said.

When world say they room "clearing out their sinuses" by eat spicy food or utilizing a neti pot, they"re really simply clearing out their sleep passages, the added.

"Snot walk away

The respiratory tract produces much more than a liter (33.8 liquid ounces) of mucus a day, Lebowitz told Live Science. And also when things are working properly, your body is pretty good at obtaining rid of it, that said. The rubber in your nose, because that example, is relocated to the back of the nasal passages and then into the throat by tiny hairs on nasal cells referred to as cilia. And also from there, friend gulp the down.

That"s appropriate — you"re swallowing your snot every day, every day. You simply don"t an alert it.

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But when you"re sick, her snot might be thicker, or that mechanism that normally gets rid of it can not work well, Lebowitz said. Or, her body could be do a bit much more mucus, he said. As soon as these points happen, you start to notification how much snot over there is, and also it deserve to indeed seem like an unlimited supply, that said.

And sometimes, a person have the right to blow his or her sleep to no avail, and still feeling stuffed up, Lebowitz said. In this case, the problem is no the mucus itself however rather the the lining of the sleep passages may be swollen, therefore blocking the up, he said.

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