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You probably currently know the Disney human being offers too many of free transportation choices to aid you obtain around.But did you also know the they do it simply as straightforward (and sometimes also easier!) to drive?

Yep. It’s true.

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And they do parking in ~ Disney World just as simple.

If you setup on control (or are also thinking around driving) ~ above your following Disney world vacation, we have actually some Disney civilization parking tips and also suggestions to make navigating about Disney civilization property easy.

Let’s get started…

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Should you it is in driving right now?

As Disney reopens, one way many guests (including us!) room limiting time in fastened spaces v others is by driving.

Not just does it feeling safer, on most days driving acquired us come the front of the parks a lot much faster than Disney transport did due to the fact that the parking lots were repetitively opening up prior to the buses started running.

If you room planning to visit Disney during the upcoming year, we perform recommend that you take into consideration driving come the parks.

How much does parking at Disney people cost?

Onsite guests will Parking Fees

Although parking at Disney people resorts supplied to it is in free, Disney began charging because that it with reservations made march 21, 2018, and also beyond.

Walt Disney human being Resort Hotel parking fees: worth resorts – $15/nightModerate will – $20/nightDeluxe and also DVC will – $25/night

Note: cost-free standard parking because that 1 vehicle is easily accessible to Guests remaining at the Campsites at ft Wilderness. Guests remaining at the Cabins at fort Wilderness do pay parking fees.


Paper Parking Passes

If you are supplied to receiving a paper parking pass the you displayed in your car, nothing be surprised if you don’t now.

With the introduction of MagicBands and the brand-new MagicMobile, Disney has actually been transitioning to a paperless parking happen system.Instead, you might be forced to scan her MagicBands or phone.

Be prepared to have actually those all set at both your resort and also the parks.

exactly how will they understand I have a car?

With virtual check-in being the major system for guests showing up to the resorts, you might be wondering just how Disney will know if you have actually a car or not. The information comes from the protection guard at the front gate.

Tip: If you space being dropped off at the resort, make sure to double check her bill throughout your continue to be to ensure you aren’t being charged for parking as some guests have reported gift mistakenly identified as having actually a automobile when in truth they arrived via a private town car service.

Do guests remaining onsite in ~ Disney world have to pay for parking in ~ the layout parks?

No they perform not.

Even though you have to pay to park at her resort, you will certainly not have to pay to park at any of the template parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s animal Kingdom) or in ~ the 2 water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon).

Offsite Guests

Not staying on Disney property?

Unless you space an yearly Passholderyou’ll it is in paying for parking at the 4 Disney people parks.

Make certain you element that cost into your total when friend compare continuing to be offsite to the benefits of continuing to be on Disney property.

Parking prices for Walt Disney World

4 key parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

cost-free for Walt Disney people Resort hotel guestsOffsite guests $25/dayPassholders – complimentary with Passholder card and photo IDPreferred Parking – $50/day (peak season) & $45/day (regular season)Oversized vehicle Parking (things prefer RVs, buses, etc.) – $30/day

Resorts (for guests visiting because that dining reservations/tours, etc.)

If you room visiting for dining bookings or come tour, etc., you can park approximately 3 hours for freeValet $33/day (free for guests v a handicap placard)

Water Parks & Disney Springs

cost-free for self-parkingValet parking because that $20/day is accessible at Disney Springs (free because that guests v a handicap placard)

What to expect when parking


The 4 main parks will have actually booths at the enntrance gate to the lots whereby you prevent to salary (ifyou are continuing to be offsite) or show/scan her MagicBand or call (if staying onsite).


Nearly all the booths will be open on both political parties so you can pick whichever roadway is the shortest.

The booths take it both cash and credit/debit cards.


If you plan to use your yearly Pass for free parking, you might be request to display your motorists license, too.

Try this:

If using an yearly Pass, we’ve always found it fastest to present the actors Member the back of our annual Pass map (where her name is located) and drivers license at the exact same time. Doing the that means makes it easy for them to enhance up both names quickly so we have the right to be on ours way!

What time must you arrive?

If her goal is to it is in there for park opening, because that the smoothest morning us recommend you shot to be one of the first people into the parking lot.

Right now, the parking plazas have actually been opened at around the schedule below:

Magic Kingdom – 1 hour before park openingEpcot, Hollywood Studios, and also Animal Kingdom – about 45 to 60 minutes prior to the park opens

Try to time your arrival come the parking lots to match those times. If you are a little bit early, they’ll likely host you because that a bit prior to they begin letting world into the parking lots.

Once you have actually paid, parking at every 4 parks is self-explanatory, and also there are loads of actors Members working in the parking lots to assist you find your way.

All parking lots are well labeled with cute, themed name to assist you remember wherein you parked.

For guest safety and to promote physics distancing, Disney is at this time parking guest in every-other-spot. This provides it therefore much less complicated to get out of your car and unload your stuff, all while continuing to be at least 6 feet away from the vehicle next to you.

Then, later on after guests have cleared out the cast Members will go back and to fill in the empty spots.

We yes, really love this new method for parking and we expect it is something the Disney proceeds after things return to “normal”.

Handicapped parking

The roadway leading right into the many will have actually color-coded stripes to help direct guests to special parking spaces.

If you need special parking (such together handicapped parking) be certain to ask in ~ the booth whereby to go and also the cast Members will tell friend which shade you need to follow.

electrical vehicles

Disney has charging train station for electrical vehicles available on a first-come, first-served basis. To usage the charging train station you’ll need a ChargePoint card and also you’ll salary $0.35 every kilowatt hour.

You can find charging station in these locations:

Magic Kingdom: 1 station at the front of the medical Parking Lot and 4 stations at the prior of the Zurg Parking LotEpcot:4 stations in ~ the prior of the trip Parking LotAnimal Kingdom:4 station in the medical Parking LotHollywood Studios: 4 stations at the prior of the Mickey Parking LotDisney Springs:3 station on the 5th floor that the Orange Garage, 3 the the 5th floor the the Grapefruit Garage, and 3 stations on the 5th floor the the Lime Garage
staying clear of a lengthy walk (NOTE: Trams room temporarily unavailable)

As Disney reopens, they have actually indicated that parking many trams will certainly not be easily accessible for guests.

The parks aren’t terribly busy so the too many don’t acquire overly full, but it can be a bit of a hike from where you park to the prior of the park. Simply something to save in mind if you setup on driving during this early stage reopening phase.

When the trams room operating, if girlfriend park too much away to walk come the former gates, the parking lots have trams that run all job on a really regular schedule (5-10 minute apart).

These trams are usually quick, efficient, and also can significantly cut down on her walk if you uncover yourself parking further earlier than you’d like.

using a stroller

Traveling v a stroller in ~ Disney World?

As v the buses, you will have to fold her stroller before boarding the tram, so keep that in mind as you unload her car.

It could be easier to fully unpack/prepare her stroller for the work after you departure the tram at the park gate.


At the near of business, thousands of people will be heading out of the park.

What walk that average for you?

If the trams space running, present will form for them similar to those because that the buses.

However, the tram currently move really fast and also it shouldn’t take too long prior to you are being to reduce off close to the finish of the aisle wherein you parked.

At the end of a lengthy day, whatever can start to blur. Once heading out to the too many the tram motorists will tell girlfriend both the lot surname (for example, “YETI”) and also the row numbers (i.e. “rows 50-59”).

While girlfriend wait to board the tram is fantastic time to twin check the snapshot you took the morning of your parking space. That way you won’t be scrambling and you’ll know exactly when come hop off the tram.

Try this:

Since many people rent a vehicle at Disney World and also since countless rental cars are the very same color, think about tying a brightly fancy ribbon come an antenna to do it simpler to spot her car. If friend don’t have actually an antenna, as lengthy as you room close sufficient to make it work, you deserve to use her car’s key fob to blink the lamp or honk the horn.

If you space leaving in ~ park close up door (along with thousands of other people), don’t besurprised at how quickly and efficiently the parking lots empty.

If you’ve ever attended a large sporting event or concert whereby there space thousands of world all trying to leaving at once, you may have experienced long lines that cars with nobody moving,people acquiring angry, and also general chaos.

Not so in the Disney parking lots.

You’ll be happyto uncover things to it is in amazingly easy and an easy when leaving. No non-moving bumper come bumper lines of dare or chaos to be found.

The leave signs in the parking lots are well labeled. That is as easy to find your means out of the lot together it is to uncover your method in.

Parking at each Disney human being park


Parking because that Epcot is located straight out in former of the park. Guests that are parking about 45 minutes before the park opens can expect come have straightforward walk come the gates. In numerous instances, guest parking that early will not even need to use the tram.

Note: Epcot will be under massive amounts of building and construction for the following several years. Usage this map as a guide but twin check locations when friend arrive as they will certainly be temporarily changing things together the job-related progresses.

Animal Kingdom

The animal Kingdom parking booths are infamous for not constantly opening as early on as the various other parks.In the past, guests could find the booths closeup of the door when arriving before 8:00 am. And this would certainly make it complicated to obtain to 8 a.m. Breakfast appointments without having actually to yes, really hustle.

But with Pandora now illustration larger crowds, that seems to no be as typical of an occurrence anymore.

The pet Kingdom lot additionally frequently has beforehand morning guest parking further ago than you could find at other parks.

Some days getting here 45 minutes early might get you within basic walk to the front and also other work you can need come hop ~ above a tram.

Magic Kingdom

Driving and also parking in ~ Epcot, animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is usually simply as quick (if no faster) than using Disney bus transportation. V these 3 parks friend park your vehicle in lots straight outside the the gates.

Because the parking lot for Magic Kingdom is actually around a mile away at the Transportation and also Ticket Center, the is usually much faster to use Disney’s transportation.

Guests the drive and also park must first hop ~ above the monorail or ferry in order to acquire to the front gateways of Magic Kingdom.

However, if you use Disney bus transportation, you space dropped turn off right external the gates – no monorail or ferry needed. The various other Disney transportation alternatives (boat & monorail) from applicable will are likewise usually quicker than driving.

If you decision to journey to Magic Kingdom, us recommend you add on secondary 30 minute to your transport time.

That added time enables you time to park, walk or take it the tram to the Transportation and also Ticket Center, and also then time to ride the monorail or ferry end to the front gates.

Driving approximately Disney World

Disney is an expert at wayfinding signs.


Even world thatget lost going to theirlocal grocery save shouldhave no difficulty navigating Walt Disney World.

Major directional signs are bright purple, whichmakes them straightforward to recognize.

As you approach the Walt Disney people Resort, the signs for the resort hotels will start off much more general.

And the hotels will all be group by locations such as “Epcot will Area”, “Magic Kingdom will Area”, “Animal Kingdom resort Area,” etc.

As you acquire closer come your location you will start to see certain signs (which will certainly be blue) for your resort.

To do it easier to gain where you room going, make sure to recognize within i beg your pardon area your will is located. This is particularly true if you room planning come visit an additional resort hotel because that a meal, etc.

The indications for the 4 key parks, 2 water parks, and also Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) room self-explanatory and plentiful.

You can’t miss them!

There room usually multiple ways to acquire to and also from various locations. If you miss a revolve or an exit, nothing panic; simply keep adhering to the signs.

Map apps functions well top top Disney propertyso be sure to have actually one all set to use for your trip.

Locating the Disney civilization entrance sign(s)

Did you understand that over there is much more than 1 of the large “Welcome to Walt Disney World” gateway signs?

It’s true!

All of the main gates to Walt Disney people have the huge signs.

Don’t get perplexed (and argue v your spousethat you are going in circles) if girlfriend feel favor you save going v them. You’ve probably just made a loop and also are going earlier into or out of the Walt Disney civilization Resort ~ above a different road.

Here’s where you can find those iconic entrance archway indicators you view in every the photos:

Entrances v archways:

Osceola ParkwayWestern WayWorld facility Drive / Epcot center DriveWorld journey

It is vital to keep in mind that preventing to photo the indicators is not allowed. If you desire a photo make certain to have your call or camera out and also ready.

Try this:

Use burstmode on your phone come snap a rapid collection ofpictures so you will have several to choose from.

What to suppose on the toll fee roads

Venturing off Disney residential or commercial property with a car?

Florida is full of toy fee roads. Plenty of of the direct routes come Walt Disney civilization require friend to salary a small fee.

The toy fee roads around Disney world use the SunPass system.

Unless you have your very own SunPass transponder (which enables you to use the special Express Lanes), friend will desire to be ready with change to pay your tolls (for the booths that expropriate cash; not all will).

Map of toll payment options

If you are driving your own car and you have a transponder because that the turnpike device in your area, make sure you check to see if your regional toll mechanism works v SunPass.

Toll booths might be unmanned. Having actually exact change (a baggie complete of$8-$10 dollars worth of quarters would certainly be adequate for the journey to and from the airport) is absolutely crucial if you will be going down any kind of toll roads.

Renting a car?

Most of the rental auto agencies market a “deal” in whichthey will let you usage their SunPass transponder because that a daily fee.

Be mindful with this offer.

You will certainly be fee the everyday fee every job of her rental in enhancement to the price of the tolls.

The fees differ from $3.95 per day all the means up come $10.49 per day. Considering the cost of the tolls is about $3.00 to $4.00 every way, you have the right to see that their “deal” might wind up gift a huge expense for you.

To compare the fees thateach company charges you can visit the SunPass website.

Parking and driving FAQs

Can I get a discount for parking?

Annual Passholders can park for totally free but there aren’t any type of discounts for parking.

What around Tables in Wonderland card holders? deserve to they park for free?

Yes! If you room dining in the parks and also you have a Tables in Wonderland map you can park because that free.

If friend park before 5 p.m. Friend will should pay to park and also then take your receipts to Guest connections to be reimbursed.If you come after 5 p.m. You will just need to show your Tables in Wonderland map at the parking booth.

Is Disney parking complimentary after 6 p.m. (or 7 p.m. Or 5 p.m., etc.)?

No, unfortunately. We will say that if you room heading into the lots near closing you will certainly often find the booths closed increase or actors Members will just wave friend in, yet there is no particular time once parking is “free” so you should constantly plan to pay.

If i leave and also come ago do I need to pay again?

Nope! simply save your receipt!

What if i Park Hop? will certainly I have to pay at both parks?

Nope! conserve your receipt native the first park and show it once you park in ~ the second park.

Is preferred Parking a good deal?

We don’t think so. If you plan to arrive beforehand (like our touring plan suggest) you’ll most likely be parking in the rows directly behind the wanted parking. The $25 you’d save per job on simply using constant parking will buy numerous Mickey ice cream bars, and that is more than likely money far better spent.

Is there valet parking?

Yes, yet only in ~ the luxurious Resorts, part DVC will (like Riviera), Coronado Springs, and at Disney Springs.

Note: since the reopening, Valet company had temporary suspended. However, Disney has actually been progressively bringing Valet Services back and we intend it to go back to the remaining Deluxe resorts soon.

Valet parking prices $33/day but guests v a Tables in Wonderland map or ones that qualify for handicapped parking have the right to valet park because that free.

Renting a vehicle at Disney World

Want come drive throughout your trip however won’t have your own car? check out our overview to Disney World car rental for information on how that works.


If you have been thinking about driving however were concerned it would certainly be too confusing – don’t. Like many other points Disney does, they do navigating the Walt Disney Resort basic enough that also the most directionally challengedcould execute it.

If girlfriend aren’t certain that control is for you and you’d favor to watch what Disney has to offer for transportation, you can read around how to navigate using Disney world transportation.

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Have friend tried parking at Disney World before or still have questions? phone call us around it in the comment below.