Serving the funding Region, Northeastern brand-new York & Western new England worldwide Airport is the significant air facility for and also the capital Region, and it has actually grown significantly over the years to fulfill the increasing needs the travelers. That holds the difference of gift the an initial and earliest municipal plane in the U.S.

The airport handle arrivals and departures for number of commercial airlines consisting of Delta, Southwest, United, jetBlue, and also Frontier. Below, you can learn more about the airport and what to intend there.

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Recent jobs at international Airport

In 2018, the airplane underwent a $63.3 million modernization task that was completed in June 2020. The project included renovated escalators, restrooms, wait areas, food courts, and a brand-new 1,000-car parking garage. The parking garage is linked to the terminal through a boil pedestrian bridge. This project also resulted in technical improvements, adding solar panels, much better internet service, and also energy-efficient lighting.

Furthermore, the lengthy anticipated exit 3 connecting I-87 to Shaker Road and worldwide Airport officially opened up in October 2019. The new exit bring away drivers straight to the airport, bypassing extra web traffic lights, improving travel time, and reducing congestion.

Past expansions in ~ the airport included a much anticipated new terminal in 1998 to accommodate Southwest Airlines, well-known for your competitively priced airline fares. In 1999 a brand-new parking garage to be added, accommodating 1,600 parking spaces, through an 800-car addition included in 2001. The garage links straight to the terminal with a boil pedestrian leg -- a particularly useful feature during the region"s long and chilly winters. Other enhancements expanded the TSA checkpoints to rise passenger queueing, and increased the variety of available concessions.

Tips on flying In & out of Airport

General advice is to come at the plane at the very least 90 minutes prior to trip departure. The amount of time it can take to move through the protection checkpoint can vary greatly. Allow an ext time for beforehand morning flights and also typically hefty travel periods, such together holidays. The plane does market a TSA pre-check line because that eligible participants. However, it"s best to plan ahead and factor in just how much time you will should pass through the protection checkpoint.

Currently, curb-side skycap service is only easily accessible for Delta. Despite the airplane is open up 24 hours a day, the skycaps space not. Delta"s skycap service is typically accessible from 4:30am come 8:30am and from 10:30am come 5:30pm, however call front to confirm.

Flight arrivals and also departures can be checked here or by phone at 518-242-AFLY.

Airport Parking

* Airport offers both short-term and long-term parking, as well as an economic climate E-lot i m sorry takes girlfriend to and from the airport by shuttle, 24-hours a day. All of the airplane lots accept EZ-Pass Plus and credit cards.

Drive an electrical car? Six automobile charging station are available on the second floor the the north Garage, encountering the terminal.

There is likewise off-airport parking accessible through Park Ride and also Fly, i m sorry you have the right to pre-book. And, numerous of the neighborhood hotels market park, sleep and fly packages - especially beneficial for those with beforehand morning flights and/or longer drives.

Food, Beverage & various other Concessions

There room food and drink concessions located on the second level concourses at the airport, and also vending equipments are located on the an initial level in the package area. In enhancement to nationally recognized brands such as Starbucks and also Dunkin Donuts, friend will also find regional options, including Adirondack Lodge, The empire Deli, and Saratoga Silks Bistro.

While wait for her flight, you deserve to spend some time exploring the airport"s shops: technology Valley affix (Concourse-C), funding Market location (Concourse-C), CNBC clever Shop (Concourse-A), and also the News Channel 13 Shop (Concourse-B). You"ll find the latest in "best sellers," luggage, gifts, clothing, newspapers, snacks, beverages, and also more.

Places come Stay close to the Airport

You can"t stay much closer come the airport than Crowne Plaza - The Desmond Hotel, which is simply over a mile away (by automobile or their complimentary 24/7 shuttle). The newly renovated building has been in business for nearly 50 years and is regarded as one of the best hotels in, through its distinct indoor courtyard and dining options.

La Quinta Inn & Suites airplane is less than 5 miles away in Latham, and well worth the short drive. This newly-renovated hotel supplies close proximity come a hub of stores and also restaurants, a cost-free breakfast, and also a totally free shuttle service.

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Ready come head out and also enjoy and also the funding Region? There are a range of hotspots, restaurants, and shopping venues to enjoy, and also numerous events and things come do.