How easy is it come steal a motorcycle? with bike steal in the uk soaring, here's just how they execute it and what the police are saying



There is currently a motorcycle and also moped theft epidemic in the UK, especially in London. Bicycle theft numbers in the funding have virtually doubled in the past four years. 14,971 motorcycles or mopeds to be stolen in 2016 alone. Watch the following connect for the Met Police's full statistics native 2013 come 2017:


There are five things a bike thief demands to traction off your crime. (Click pictures and open captions)

'Another guy had a key lock thrown at his head'

A girlfriend of mine wasn’t taking any chances and put 3 chain locks, two disk locks, one alarm, immobiliser, tracker and also cover ~ above his. “It to be 9.30 at night so us were up and saw the whole thing happening. The noise to be terrifying and also the step on the street chaos. There were six hooded men running around and also three bikes. 2 of them had angle grinders and also two through crowbars. They were laughing, whooping and very pumped up. It took them 4-5 minute to get through every the locks so civilization were coming out on the street to see what was going on and also getting chased back inside. One guy got chased down the street by one of the guys with crowbars and another had actually a disc lock thrown in ~ his head. The totality thing was very violent and terrifying. I won't park a bike external my home again – I simply can't danger bringing that kind of violence come my home – it's just not fair on my family members or mine neighbors.”

The thieves had actually scooted previous the patrol car and kicked off their wing mirror.

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The following account come from one more friend after having actually his 2nd bike stolen in 2017.

'A The policeman who pertained to my home was an extremely apologetic and admitted that the critical time they had actually been called out for a stolen bike in Hammersmith, the thieves had scooted past the patrol car and also kicked off your wing mirror. The boring conclusion which the admitted to me was "This is just not a time to own a nice bike in London".'

See listed below as a corridor film themselves stealing a Ducati.

Without bowl locks or chains it i do not care laughably basic to steal a bike. Watch as a Yamaha R1 is steal in just 10 seconds.

So why don't the cops simply chase them and also arrest them?

Police pursuit policy is based upon weighing up danger to the security of all roadway users prior to deciding even if it is or no it would be appropriate to start a pursuit. This way that if a biker is not wearing a helmet they will certainly not be pursued. Yet after doing some digging ~ above police forums ns have discovered that even if a biker is wearing a helmet the is really unlikely police will offer chase. Largely for are afraid of a sue agianst lock personally.

When I uncovered this i was outraged. It frustrated me the there was such a gaping loophole in our legal system that would allow criminals a cost-free pass at escaping arrest. However, ~ doing some an ext digging I came upon the complying with blog write-up from a former police officer which melted some irradiate on their disinclination to take up pu​rsuit.

'A rider is currently vulnerable to injury simply by virtue of being on a motorcycle (I know, my wife was almost killed ~ above one around 24 year ago) so throw in a pursuing car, panic, adrenaline, lack of rider training and also a willingness to break website traffic rules to obtain away and it is a recipe for catastrophe - one or an ext dead or seriously injured riders and that horrible question after that at the inquest.'"Officer, once you chose to chase after the young boy on the motorcycle, did friend consider any type of of these factors and also what walk you perform to mitigate or remove the risk prior to he was killed when he rode straight right into that fence through you appropriate behind him?". 'Could you challenge their household afterwards?'

I have actually mixed feel on this. I understand the suggest of see of the officer but as I have actually said prior to I can not abide lawless habits that affects thousands of people simply gift unavoidable.

The struggle back

Instances the public treatment are on the rise, see video clip below that two have actually a walk heroes thwarting 2 nunchuck wielding thieves.

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Just last week movie star Tom hardy chased down a moped theif after lock crashed into a car at a collection of web traffic lights. See the complete story here: Http://

Below: Brazen theif botched attempt at nicking a Ducati Panigale in large daylight top top Soho Square, main London​.

Luckily in every one of these cases no one to be hurt. Yet there are plenty of accounts digital of thieves threatening onlookers with deadly weapons. It is just a issue of time prior to a circumstance choose these ends in a deadly attack.

What can we do?

There is definitely a solid case the manufacturers should take some responsibility for the ease of thefts bikes however without a doubt, the many frustrating component of the whole business is the helplessness the police. That is no acceptable in a modern-day society for the police party line to be: 'If girlfriend don't desire to it is in robbed, don't very own nice things.'

Let us recognize your experience with bike crime in the comments also if girlfriend think you have actually a solution.