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In some parts of the US, you deserve to walk right into a store and buy a gun within minutes.

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Wednesday"s mass shoot atFlorida"s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school reveals a terrifying reality about the US" total laws.

Suspect Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year-old previous student the the school, was legally able come buy the AR-15 rifle the allegedly provided to perpetrate the shooting that left at least 17 dead and 14 injured.Cruz purchase the semi-automatic rifle around a year ago, and also law enforcement agents said it to be done legally,Buzzfeed News" Tom Namako reported.

Florida doesn"t need fingerprints, a distinct permit, or even a waiting duration to buy a gun. Thisis common in some components of the US, wherein you have the right to walk into a store and walk out with a semi-automatic total in your hand in minutes.

In Virginia, you deserve to buy a semi-automatic total "in 15 minutes,"Roanoke weapons ownerJohn Markell told the brand-new York Time"s Michael Barbaro.Roanoke guns is whereSeung-Hui Cho — who killed 32 in a shooting spree on Virginia Tech"s campus — purchase a Glock ~ passing two background checks and also employees" own gut checks.

It take it a reporter from the philadelph Inquirer seven minutes to buy anAR-15, the semi-automatic gun provided in countless of the US" most dangerous mass shootings. In Orlando, buying the AR-15 took just 38 minutes 2 days after ~ the shooting main actor that killed 49 world at the city"s Pulse nightclub, the Huffington article reported.

Gun regulations vary significantly based upon the state.Eight states, including California and Rhode Island, i have loaded waiting periods for the acquisition of some or every firearms.

But, instates with less regulation — such together Nevada or Virginia — purchases are straightforward, speedy operations. Part states have stricter regulation because that certain varieties of firearms, together as attack rifles, however in states with less gun regulation, semi-automatic weapons are commonly treated likewise to any other firearm purchase.

In many states, the store will run two background checks, a state check, and a commonwealth check. The background checks provide nearly instantaneous results. Customers deserve to fail the federal background checkfor a number of reasons, including if they a judge felon, fugitive indigenous justice, or have actually been judge of residential violence.

However, in 33 states,private sellersare enabled to sell guns without performing any kind of kind of background inspect — state or federal.

If the check don"t rotate up any kind of issues, the customer have the right to then go out v the total or guns. In other words, if who doesn"t have a criminal record, buying a total is generally a quick and also painless procedure in countless states.

In the case of ras Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock – that perpetrated the most dangerous mass shoot in US background – that bought 33 weapons in the year before the crime, follow to Jill Snyder, the unique agent in charge at the office of Alcohol, Tobacco and also Firearms.Twelve the these to be semiautomatic rifles the were rigged with legal devices that allowedthe guns to fire prefer an automatically weapon.

All of Paddock"s purchases were fully legal. V no criminal record, Paddock would pass any background check. Nevada, whereby Paddock lived, does no impose any waiting period on total purchases. The state allows anyone who is at least 18 year old to own a firearm and also does not limit the number ofguns a person can purchase in a solitary sale.

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In November 2016, a new gun-control law that would need sellers to conduct background checks on buyers in Nevada was narrowly passed however never enforced.