The single-dose regimen is 'inferior' to the multi-shot choices made through Moderna and also Pfizer, specialists argue


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Real-world data uncovered Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine to it is in 73.6% effective. However that is substantially lower 보다 the efficacy of the Moderna and also Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines.

A real-world study found Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine to it is in 73.6% effective, a figure comparable to the efficacy rating observed throughout clinical trials. 

But part vaccine experts say this study adds come a farming body the evidence suggesting there is room because that improvement. 


The study, published in JAMA Network Open, assessed almost 100,000 patients within the mei Clinic health System between February and July. About 1 in 40 unvaccinated patients tested optimistic for COVID-19, but only 1 in 148 vaccinated patient did. Researchers calculated the the vaccine brought about a 3.73-fold palliation in infections. 

The vaccine also reduced the threat of hospitalization and intensive care unit admission. Researcher did not have enough information come determine how well the J&J shoot prevented COVID-19 deaths. 

During clinical trials, the J&J vaccine was discovered to it is in 66.9% effective versus moderate to serious COVID-19. 

In a commentary accompanying the study's findings, Dr. Mohammad Sajadi and Zahra Rikhtegaran Tehrani, of the academy of human being Virology in ~ the university of Maryland School, suggested that that is becoming much more clear that the efficacy the the J&J vaccine's single-dose regimen is "inferior" come the two-dose Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines. 

They detailed that another study found the real-world performance of the Pfizer vaccine was 86.1% and also the Moderna vaccine was 93.3%. 

The J&J vaccine's efficacy can be boosted with a 2nd J&J dose or a booster that the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, castle noted. The U.S. Food and Drug management has authorized these choices for anyone who received the J&J vaccine. 

A recent national Institutes of health and wellness study discovered that a 2nd J&J shooting quadrupled a person's antibody response. However a Pfizer booster resulted in a 35-fold increase and a Moderna booster prompted a 76-fold increase. 

In a head-to-head research of all 3 vaccines, released in September, Moderna's vaccine to be slightly more effective at staying clear of hospitalization than Pfizer's. It provided 93% protection while Pfizer's performance rate was 88%. The J&J vaccine was 71% effective. 

Moderna has actually hit a snag in obtaining its vaccine authorized for children. The FDA has pushed ago its decision to authorize the vaccine for kids ages 12-17 when its researchers investigate reports that myocarditis ~ vaccination.

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An raised risk that myocarditis – inflammation the the heart muscle – has been attached to both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The possibly serious side result has occurred most regularly in adolescent males and also young adults, and after the second dose.

Still, the U.S. Centers for an illness Control and Prevention and also the civilization Health Organization have actually said the likelihood the myocarditis after inoculation is rare and cases are normally mild.

Because of this delay, Moderna likewise plans come wait to paper for emergency usage authorization for its vaccine for children ages 6-11. Critical month, it released interim data saying the vaccine is safe for this population, too.

The authorization process for Pfizer has gone much faster. ~ above Monday, the CDC endorsed the vaccine for kids as young together 5 year old. The reference came ~ the CDC's Advisory Committee ~ above Immunization methods voted unanimously in favor of recommending the shots for younger children.

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No situations of myocarditis ~ the vaccine to be reported in the clinical trial on children 5-11. The most typical side results were fever or redness at injection site and also they were mostly mild to moderate.