The 33-year-old reality star invited her an initial child, a daughter, with NBA friend Tristan Thompson top top Thursday, multiple sources confirmed to The news came two days after allegations surfaced the Thompson was watched kissing multiple various other women and a source calling that “a serial cheater.”

Kardashian spent lot of her pregnancy with company as normal, indigenous doing photograph shoots for great American to acquisition trips v her sisters. In fact, she didn’t also publicly announce the she to be expecting until December, as soon as she already had a sizable baby bump. Yet after a sibling holidays in Tokyo, Kardashian turned all of her attention to parenthood.

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After revealing the she to be expecting a baby girl top top Keeping Up v the Kardashians,the reality star commemorated with one all-pink-everything infant shower.

Kardashian was “beaming” throughout the shower in ~ the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, a resource told human being of the march 10 bash. The insider added that she consistently gushed end the ornate decorations.

“The shower head was very over-the-top, yet absolutely stunning. The was choose a pink dream. There to be pink flowers, consisting of roses, everywhere!” the resource revealed. “As guests entered the ballroom, they were greeted by gorgeous, hanging flower decorations. There to be lots and also lots of pink balloons. Pink lights additionally gave the shower a very romantic feeling.”

Floral artist Jeff Leatham called, “ walked into like some sort of stunner fantasy Alice in Wonderland atmosphere. We achieved that — and I was so excited due to the fact that no one deserves it much more than Khloé.”

Party planner Mindy Weiss added, “The biggest priority for Khloé was having actually a room filled through all her friends and also family, so us designed the whole event roughly the idea of having everyone over there together.”

After month of dividing her time in between her aboriginal Calabasas and Cleveland, whereby Thompson plays basketball because that the Cavaliers, Kardashian made Ohio her home away from home especially as she prepared to welcome her infant girl.

In mid-March, a source told human being that Kardashian to be nesting in ~ the couple’s residence until the infant was born, saying, “She is too far along to fly back and forth,” including that her household would fly in for the birth and also noting the she especially wanted her mother Kris jenner to be there.

And in spite of some mixed emotions, the fact star was prepared to it is in a mom. “ is a little nervous about the birth, however mostly excited,” the resource said. “She is taking it simple in Cleveland, getting every little thing ready and also she can’t wait to fulfill her baby girl.”



A main later, an insider revealed that there to be plenty of exclusive right to being far from Hollywood together Kardashian neared her due date.

“She really much enjoys Cleveland. She deserve to go the end without gift photographed. Nobody judges her. She loves it!” the source told, adding, “Khloé discovered it much much more stressful to be pregnant in Los Angeles. She is happy that she it s okay to enjoy the last component of her pregnancy in peace.”

Despite absent her pre-pregnancy body follow me the way, the Revenge Body host had “been loving gift pregnant” v her very first child.

“She feels for this reason in tune with pregnancy and her body and isn’t worried about bouncing back afterwards,” one insider told human being in March. “She’s entirely focused top top prepping because that the baby, at least for now.”

Kardashian also made sure to never ever forget her pregnancy body, placing her cultivation belly on display while modeling for great American’s maternity collection and doing a shoot with Thompson through photographer Sasha Samsonova, in i beg your pardon she wears a lacy bra, panties and also a robe.

“I understand I’m going to miss out on my belly so much once she’s here, I had to catch the beautiful procedure that is pregnant so i can always look ago at this time,” she wrote on her website to accompany the snaps.

“Being pregnant has always been a dream the mine,” Kardashian added. “Even though nine months feels prefer a lifetime while I’m awaiting the arrival of my baby girl, it’s yes, really a blink in the grand scheme of life.”

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Two days prior to Khloé offered birth, infidelity allegations were rampant through rumors the her Cleveland Cavaliers player beau was seen kissing multiple other women and also a resource calling him “a serial cheater.”

On Tuesday, videos surfaced of Thompson, 27, allegedly obtaining close come an unidentified woman at the PH-D Lounge in brand-new York City over the ahead weekend.

A man who has been figured out as the athlete was viewed speaking closely with a brunette in photos and footage released by the Daily Mail and also TMZ. The the shade Room later published a video clip of Thompson and a brunette allegedly entering his hotel in ~ 5 a.m.

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TMZ likewise posted footage videotaped in October, allegedly depicting Thompson kissing one mrs while a various woman groped him in ~ the Darna hookah lounge outside of Washington, D.C.

“Tristan has actually been continuously cheating ~ above Khloé,” a source alleged to world at the time. “He’s a serial cheater. And there will certainly be much more women to come the end of the woodwork.”

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