A supermoonis a complete moon that appears larger than a usual full moon because of it being closer toEarth.

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Broad Definition: Asupermoon isanew or complete moon that occurs aroundthe exact same time together perigee(the allude in the Moon’sorbit whereby it is closest to Earth). By this definition, there deserve to be number of supermoons in ayear.Strict Definition: A supermoon isthe single closest new moon andfull moonof the year. By this definition, there deserve to be just two supermoonseach year (a full moon supermoon and new moonsupermoon).

Another measurethat’sused to determine ifa full moon is a supermoon is that is physical street from Earth. The specific distance cutoffvaries, but generally, adheres come the idea that a full moon occurring ata street closer 보다 224,000 miles (360,000 km) is taken into consideration asupermoon.

NameDateDistance native Earth
Full Pink MoonApril 26at 11:33P.M.EDT222,211.7 miles (357,615 km)
Full Flower MoonMay 26at 7:14A.M.EDT222,116.6 mile (357,462 km)
Perigee distance data courtesy of Fred Espenak,www.Astropixels.com.

May’s full Moon is specifically notable for tworeasons:

It’s theclosest supermoon the the year, sitting ata street of222,116.6miles from Earth—about 100 miles closer than April’ssupermoon.It corresponds with atotal lunar eclipsein part areas, which means that it will take ona red hueduring the eclipse’s maximum. In other words, it will bea “bloodmoon.”

The eclipse will only be visible in some parts of the world, unfortunately. If you’re located in western phibìc America, however, you in luck.


It every comes down to the reality that the Moon’s orbit about Earth is not a perfect circle—in fact, the an elliptical (oval)shape.

Because that this, the Moon’s distance from Earth transforms as that travels approximately our planet. Additionally, earth doesn’t sit straight in the center of this elliptical orbit, so there are points in the Moon’s orbit wherein it is closest and also farthest from Earth. These points are referred to as perigee and also apogee,respectively.

Perigeeis the allude in the Moon’s orbit wherein it isclosesttoEarth.Apogeeis the suggest in the Moon’s orbit where it isfarthestfromEarth.

The Moon renders one full orbit roughly Earth in around 29.53 days, which way that that reaches that is perigee and apogee points about once a month. When this occurs at the very same time as a full moon, it’s referred to as aperigee syzygy—or, much more commonly, asupermoon!

Syzygy” is the huge term for as soon as three or an ext celestial body (such as the Sun, the Moon, and Earth) line up. As soon as the Sun, Earth, and Moon type a syzygy, we endure a complete or brand-new moon, relying on whether the Moon is in between the Sun and Earth or planet is in between the Sun and also theMoon.

Supermoon isnotan official huge term, it to be coined through astrologerRichard Nolle in1979.

At the time,Nolle defined a supermoonas “a brand-new or full moon i beg your pardon occurs v the Moon in ~ or close to (within 90 percent of) that closest strategy to earth in a offered orbit.”

Given the a supermoon full moon is closer to planet than a normal full moon, that does appear larger around 7 percent larger, which is practically impossible come perceive. This means that the difference between a full moon in ~ perigee and a full moon in ~ apogee deserve to be as much as 14 percent which issignificant.


If you desire to be guarantee of seeing a huge-lookingMoon, the easy, simply watch the Moon once it’s increasing orsetting.

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A Moon close to the horizon will constantly look bigger as result of a phenomenon called theMoon illusion, which provides our minds exaggeration the size of objectsnear theskyline.