Frequently Asked questions for Pre-Employment lift Check

listed below are answers to typically asked questions around pre-employment elevator checks and also employment verification and how pre-employment background screening companies have the right to help.

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1. Why do background checks?

Conducting pre-employment background check on employees has come to be a issue of need for job for numerous reasons. Countless applicants make false claims on their task applications and/or resumes. There room instances wherein applicants have actually been associated in criminal activity, yet select not to disclose it. If you want to for sure a safer workplace and also avoid negligent rental lawsuits, the amount you would pay to pre-screen your applicants is very little compared come the legitimate fees you might potentially pay later.

2. What searches are had in a elevator check?

County Criminal document Checks, MVR Reports, employed staff Verification, education and learning Verification, and Social security Number resolve Traces are an easy searches ordered together a part of many background checks.

3. What go a Social defense Number map reveal?

This is a really essential find that comes from credit headers. The results of this search will reveal all of the counties your applicant has actually reported utilizing their Social protection Number, and dates reported and also any other names her applicant may have used. This search is very recommended since your applicant could have purposefully or inadvertently failed come disclose this details when they perfect the disclosure and also authorization because that background investigation form, because they may be trying come hide something.

4. How long go it take to get reports indigenous pre-employment background examine companies?

Results will be went back in 24 – 72 company hours in many cases. Over there are instances in which a county search may have delayed results. Friend should choose a screening company you know will save you constantly updated since excellent customer company should it is in a substantial deciding factor.

5. Does her company carry out services nationwide?

Yes. Employers selection Screening is a nationwide provider that employment background screening services, as well as internationally.

6. Does my applicant require to finish a signed release?

Yes. Every applicant needs to complete and sign a relax in order to be in compliance v the Fair credit transaction Reporting action (FCRA).

7. Might I just use my very own release form?

No. The consumer Reporting firm (CRA), who is providing you through the confidential information about your applicant, must be provided on the relax form. Your applicant is entitled to recognize who is giving you v the information. This is additionally required in situation of any kind of adverse action.

8. Are your processes compliant with the Fair credit Reporting action (FCRA)?

Yes. Employers an option Screening is a founding member the the national Association for expert Background Screeners (NAPBS). We adhere to every guidelines set forth through the Fair credit transaction Reporting plot (FCRA), federal, and state laws.

9. How do friend ensure confidential details is secure?

Our company ensures the privacy and also protection of our clients’ data through organized security steps in the locations of info technology. This information is organized on our very own secure servers. Us back-up all of our data ~ above a day-to-day basis and have all the necessary firewalls in place. Our reporting device is easily accessible only to our client (authorized users), and also alltransfer pre-employment background inspect information is encrypted.

10. What is negligent hiring?

Negligent hiring describes a cause of action that arises from one employer’s obligation to no hire an applicant the they knew or should have actually known was most likely to stay conduct versus other people or otherwise subject employees or third parties come actions that can develop legal liability. Through negligent rental lawsuits, plenty of employers have been found liable for your failure come conduct proper due diligence with a pre-employment elevator investigation. Negligent hiring and also retention lawsuits have price many companies numerous dollars in damages. Conducting elevator checks before hiring employees will assist to safeguard your company from the potential of polite litigation.

11. Just how far back does an employment background examine go?

Typically, employers requesting one employment lift screening on one applicant will request a seven-year history, although some states allow reporting information of up to 10 years. If in the state that California, a potential applicant would certainly be readily available a salary of at the very least $125,000.00, the CRA deserve to go ago as far as 10 years. If this is not the case, the maximum allowed reportable period the state of California is seven years.

Aside indigenous California, there space 11 additional states the limit the reporting of a conviction to seven years indigenous the date of disposition, end of parole, or release from prison. The states detailed and revenue exceptions room as follows:Colorado – $75,000.00 (income exception), Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, brand-new Hampshire, new Mexico, new York – $25,000.00 (income exception), Texas – $75,000.00 (income exception), and also Washington – $20,000.00 (income exception).

12. What space my obligations as an employee under the Fair credit Reporting action (FCRA)?

The applicant should complete and also sign a release type provided to you by your background screening company. The release need to be submitted to the background screening company, before conducting any form of lift investigation, wherein an employed decision will be made. Carry out your applicant through “A an overview of Your civil liberties Under the Fair credit Reporting Act,” and if in California, the California declare of customer rights. These forms are hand-outs, advising her applicants of your rights once a consumer report is being requested around them. The is your obligation as an employer to maintain this information in your documents for a minimum of 5 years.

13. If ns decide to not hire someone based on the outcomes of the lift report, might I simply “tell” them i am not going to hire them because of the results of the elevator check?

No. You room legally obligated to go with the adhering to steps come disqualify who employment as result of the results of the background check:

Provide her applicant with a pre-adverse activity letter, a copy of the whole background report, a an overview of your rights Under the FCRA form, and also if in California, The California statement of customer Rights form.Your applicant has actually 3-5 organization days to fix and/or dispute any an adverse information consisted of in their report.The pre-adverse activity letter must incorporate the name of the CRA, address, and phone number so your applicant can call the CRA, if they wish to do so, in bespeak to find out the details concerning the negative information they great to dispute.Should the period of 3-5 service days pass and also your applicant has actually not demonstrated they room in the procedure of disputing the information included in your report, you should then administer your applicant with an adverse activity letter, a copy the the whole background report, “A an introduction of Your civil liberties Under the Fair credit Reporting Act,” and also if in California, the California explain of consumer rights. The adverse activity letter communicates to her applicant they space no longer being considered for employment and also their decision was influenced by in the consumer and/or Investigative Report, made in ~ the employer’s request and noted by the name, address, and phone number of the CRA.14. Does your price incorporate a 9-panel drug test?

No. Us can add a 9-panel urine drug display screen for an additional $39.99.

15. Room you an NAPBS Accredited firm? If so, as soon as is her accreditation up because that renewal?

Yes. We were certified in in march of 2017; therefore, our accreditation will be increase for renewal in in march of 2019. Additionally, all of our employees space FCRA Certified through the NAPBS.

Note: we are also ISO 9001-2015 certified

16. Execute you cap your county criminal searches, if the volume of separation, personal, instance counties ever before goes end a certain amount every candidate on an order?

No we execute not cap our county criminal searches because that the pre-employment background check. We encompass all counties resided in within the critical 7 years, any type of alias is second $10.99 for all counties

If so, what perform you cap your county criminal searches at every candidate? N/A

17. How numerous calls/attempts do you do per confirmation (Employment, Education, References) before closing the end the verification?

We make 2 attempts each day to get verification, the size (typically 3 company days) of time is fully up to the client.

18. Do you fee extra for extr attempts?

If friend would choose us to contact more than twice a day, there is a fee of $5 per added attempt.

How much information do you administer on the candidate report because that each call/attempt do (e.g., “made a quality attempt”, “busy signal” versus a date and also time stamp plus that was called and also when you are calling back)?

Below is a instance of pending notes that our clients can view indigenous the search page:


19. Execute we have actually a dedicated customer organization team and point of contact?

Yes, you will certainly be assigned her own specialized account rep to take care of all customer organization related questions, here in the USA and speak English.

20. What times space our customer business teams available?

7:00 to be PST – 5:00 pm PST

21. Execute you have offices in all time zones?

No, our physical place is top top the west coast, and also do have actually a live human answering ours phones 24/7.

22. Space you currently in any type of litigation or have actually ever been in class action litigation? If so, can you describe the basic cases and when lock occurred?

No to both questions, us have remained in business because that 15 years.

23. Do you provide complimentary integrations v ATS/HRIS Systems?

We right now use ADP workforce Now.

Our device does combine with ADP workforce, i will have actually to inspect with mine programmers to see if over there are any type of fees for(implementation, continuous maintenance, etc.)

24. Just how much would you charge if we move to a new ATS later on (e.g., SAP/SuccessFactors)?

I will follow up v you on this question (There may or might not be a charge depending on the ATS system).

25. Do you provide 3rd party and also state/county fees at your raw rates (with no additional charges other than what the states, counties, and third parties charge)?

All (court, state DMV, & 3rd party verification) access fees space raw and simply a pass-through fee and we carry out not note up this fees.

26. Will you location in composing that you will certainly not charge added rates other than what the actual/specific pass-through prices are from those state, county, and/or exclusive agencies for a pre-employment elevator check?

Yes, this language is already in ours end-user client service agreement.

27. Will you administer monthly set meetings to every one of our locations/local systems, reviewing come back time, volume trends, and also discussing added efficiencies?

Yes, we can schedule a monthly meeting to discuss performance and also concerns (re: reviewing turnaround time, volume trends and efficiencies)

28. Will certainly there be any added charge because that monthly meetings through turnaround time and also volume data detailed and discussed each month in a collection conference contact with each neighborhood system?

There would not it is in any additional costs incurred.

29. What carry out you charge, if anything, because that candidate call if we choose an adverse activity based top top the results of your report?

There is no extr cost for us to facilitate the per-adverse/adverse action process. It noted as a value-added cost-free service.

30. Perform you review and audit all national criminal database potential hit information at the local counties (for false-positive information) in your pre-employment background check?

Yes, any kind of hits on our database searches must be researched in the county of record.

31. Perform you fee for the review of potential hits at the neighborhood county levels?

Yes, over there is second charge because that each hit at the ar level search.

32. Perform we have access to every one of your an elderly management personnel whenever needed to call direct?


33. How fast will you get earlier to united state as a company Level covenant guarantee?

All customer service questions space issued a problem ticket instantly we respond within the hour during normal organization hours.

34. How rapid will you include on additional services and also packages when brand-new services and also packages are requested on the account?

Adding extr searches/custom packages come the client account is excellent within minutes after approval indigenous the client.

35. Execute you send court runners into all of the ar courthouses nationwide, together a main step of every package containing ar criminal courts, once those courts are not ~ above real-time data?

Yes, us do carry out “hand searches” by license is granted court researchers in counties that carry out not sell real-time public access.

36. What is her % of absent criminal hits per year?

Our accuracy is to within 1%.

37. Do you have your Soc2 Certification?

Development of our applicant screening system. Attention is given to high publicity threats such together viruses, rejection of organization attacks, and other malicious activities over the internet, too as, preserving the integrity and confidentiality that sensitive application data together as credit transaction reports, social defense numbers, and other personally-identifying information.

Our applicant screening system advance staff provides industry-leading an innovation to secure operation environments, including customer authentication (password-controlled access), data encryption, public-private crucial pair, firewalls, intrusion detection, filtering routers, and also data backups. Each component acts as a layer of defense to safeguard information from unauthorized users, deliberate malfeasance, and inadvertent loss.

We preserve PCI-DSS and E13PA compliance certifications and subscribe come QUALYS for consistent monitoring for mechanism security and also compliance. We likewise use a mutual responsibility design with Amazon net services who get involved in SOC Compliance. This SOC 2 Audit Report confirms the ECS meets the high standards set by the American institute of Certified windy Accountants (AICPA) because that confidentiality, privacy, and also security in protecting consumer data used in lift checks. Papers can be regarded at

38. Have you ever been breached and what security steps do you have actually in place?

We have never had actually a breach. You can find our Privacy Statement located here.

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39. Currently that Marijuana is legal, how deserve to employers use optimistic drug tests?

Please store in mind that the federal federal government still considers marijuana a Schedule I narcotic (illicit drug), thus you can use hopeful marijuana medicine results uncovered in a pre-employment background check in make a hiring decision due to the fact that you room enforcing your 100% drug-free rectal policy.