Snipers are indeed the most lethal shooters top top the battlefield, able to take the end targets from hundreds and also hundreds that yards away, without your marks being alerted to their presence.

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They are experts at blending into the environment, master of patience, physically emerged and always well-trained. Yet snipers quiet can’t take the shots they they’re well-known for there is no a decent rifle in your hands, qualified of help them with targets in ~ longer-than-normal ranges.

Over the past 50 years, documents for the longest kill-shots in history have to be made and broken repetitively by some of the greatest snipers the world has ever seen. These are the four weapons they have used to break and set these documents on evidenced kills in ~ unimaginably much distances:

4. Browning M2 ‘Ma Deuce’ Heavy an equipment Gun

The M2 an equipment gun Carlos Hathcock offered for his longest evidenced kill in 1967 (Photo US maritime Corps)


A WWII-era maker gun used as a sniping device doesn’t specifically evoke any images that precision shooting, however it’s precisely what a 24 year-old maritime by the surname of Carlos Hathcock used in beforehand 1967 to take out a Vietcong militiaman pushing a bicycle loaded through weapons and ammunition. Constructed to fire the .50 BMG round, the M2 had precisely the selection and preventing power Hathcock wanted in a gun that would enable him to hit targets at ranges far beyond what a standard-issue sniper rifle permitted.

With an Unertl scope mounted to a custom-made bracket crafted by Hathcock himself, and also the M2 in single-shot mode, the gun might engage targets at distances over 1600 yards. The maker gun was balanced on an M3 tripod and kept in place with sandbags.

His record-breaking February 1967 kill was made using this setup in ~ 2500 yards, creating a record for the history books which would certainly stand till the battle in Afghanistan in 2002.

3. Barrett M82A1 unique Application Scoped Rifle


one M82A1 sniper rifle without its signature muzzle brake, circa 1990 (Photo united state Army)

According to kris Martin in his book, “Modern American Snipers,” Sgt. Brian Kremer currently holds the American record for the longest sniper kill in Iraq, while serving through the 75th Ranger Regiment. The M82 SASR is every little bit the beast that looks, shoot a .50 Browning an equipment Gun ring at reliable ranges increase to practically 2,000 yards. Weighing in 30 pounds, and measuring 48-57 inches long depending on the barrel used, the M82 is there is no a doubt one of the many fearsome small arms on the battlefield.

The M82 was initially put into service with the US military in 1990, and also has been provided in every conflict since. Though smaller-caliber sniper rifles are generally unable come hit targets behind cover, American snipers have actually been maybe to usage the M82 and also the Raufoss Mk 211 .50 caliber ring to simply shoot their means through obstacles at good distances come reach their marks. Kremer’s shot reportedly measured 2,515 yards.

2. Accuracy international L115A3 Long variety Rifle

brothers Royal naval commandos training through L115A1 sniper rifles (Photo Wikimedia Commons)


In 2009, British army sniper Craig Harrison collection a brand-new world record for the longest shown kill in background with his L115A3, the typical long-range marksman’s rifle the the british military. Throughout an ambush top top a convoy he was attached to, Harrison fight a pair that Taliban device gunners using 10 carefully-placed shots in ~ a range of 2,707 yards, beating the end the previous document by 50 yards.

Known in civilian industries as the Arctic war Magnum, the L115A3 is chambered to fire the .338 Lapua round — a devastating bullet with phenomenal range. Well-known for that is armor-piercing capability at long distances, the .338 is now extremely popular among military snipers and marksmen across the world.

1. C15 Long variety Sniper Weapon


A Canadian sniper training on the C15 .50 caliber sniper rifle (Photo Canadian Army)


Commercially well-known as the McMillan Tac-50, this is the rifle which has broken the human being record because that longest kill on three different occasions over the last 15 years.

In in march 2002 throughout Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan, Canadian sniper Arron Perry damaged Carlos Hathcock’s 35-year record with a shown kill at 2,526 yards. Later on that month, one more Canadian sniper, plunder Furlong, topped Perry through a shot ranging 2,657 yards. Recently, it to be reported that yet an additional Canadian set and stop the human being record — now at a mind-blowing 3,540 yards… that’s over fifty percent a mile much longer than Furlong’s 2002 kill!

The C15, like its commercial surname suggests, is developed to fire .50 caliber rounds, and has seen service with a number of elite military units, including the united state Navy’s SEAL teams, Canada’s joint Task force 2, and also Israeli one-of-a-kind forces.

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This monster the a weapon weighs 26 pounds on its own, and also measures 57 customs from stock to barrel.