If the cartridge is shot native an edge of 30 Degrees, then being underwater in the range of 3-5 feet (0.9-1.5 meters) can ensure safety and security from most guns.

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Remember the opening scene that Saving personal Ryan, as soon as Allied forces were pinned down by hefty machine-gun fire native the bunkers on Omaha coast so that they jumped over the political parties of the boats into the water to prevent being hit by stray bullets?

Or possibly that step from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, as soon as Ethan hunting (Tom Cruise) and William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) crash right into the water when their automobile is shot?

There are plenty of such scenes in movies that show world diving right into a body of water such as a pool, canal, or even ocean to protect against being fight by a bullet.

However, the is a great mystery whether being underwater can save girlfriend from bullets due to the varied strategy (sometimes gift underwater conserves you and also sometimes that doesn’t) the movies take it when handling this ‘underwater myth’.

Given that, let’s work out the uncertainty roughly this frequent and also much-debated cinematic trope once and also for all!

Speed matches drag

You probably recognize that every medium offers some resistance to the movement of things as that moves with it. Thus, the air neighboring us uses us resistance to our usual movements, such as walking or running, together we relocate through it.

It is simply that us have come to be so accustomed to no feeling this resistance as strongly as we feel the resistance the water when swimming. This resistance, or the resistance the a liquid has to the motion of an object moving with it, is called drag.



Honestly, underwater battles room pretty counterintuitive because that movie villains that usually engage in open-air firefights, aren’t they?

Also, the denser the fluid is, the slower a bullet will obtain as it moves forward. For instance, the density of water is higher than air, for this reason a cartridge will slow-moving down much much more quickly in water.

A TV display has experiment this in reality!

Mythbusters, a popular discovery Channel program, experiment the “bullet-proof” ability of water in one of its episodes. After ~ shooting right into the water v a variety of rifles, consisting of a 9mm pistol, shotgun, M1 Garand semi-automatic supersonic rifle, and also a 50-caliber rifle, lock concluded the you can protect yourself from an underwater onslaught the bullets from many rifles.

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In real life, however, a bullet is rarely fired indigenous a place directly over the water. For this reason if the cartridge is shot native an edge of 30 Degrees, then being underwater in the selection of 3-5 feet (0.9-1.5 meters) can ensure your security from many guns.

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As it turns out, most films are scientifically accurate as soon as they show the protagonist jumping into a pool of water come escape the hail the bullets that the rogue fires in ~ them. Ns think it’s not constantly a negative idea to believe in Hollywood’s magic!

Check her knowledge around dodging the cartridge by gift underwater!

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