With the glittering world-class casinos and gorgeous beach, the city uses endless opportunities for fun and also recreation.

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Even through its reasonably small size, you’ll find countless noteworthy attractions in Biloxi. And, assumption: v what, folks?

We’re help you arrangement your dream vacation below by round off up the best things to execute in Biloxi, MS.

1. Biloxi Lighthouse


1050 coast BlvdBiloxi, multiple sclerosis 39530(228) 374-3105

From 1849 come 1939, this cast-iron lighthouse was operated by the Biloxians. Today, that a famous attraction and also one the the can’t-miss points to view in Biloxi.

Why You have to Go

The Biloxi Lighthouse is a signature top landmark that epitomizes the city’s resilience and history. What’s more, it’s asserted officially a Mississippi Landmark and is listed on the national Register of historical Places.

What to Do

Get a guided tour of the historical lighthouse to learn more about the history, purpose and resilience transparent the years. Afterward, climb the 57-step spiral staircase to gain picturesque see of the Gulf Coast.

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2. Maritime and Seafood market Museum


115 E 1st StBiloxi, ms 39530(228) 435-6320

Opened in 1986, this museum was developed to shed some light on the maritime background of the area and also its importance to the city.

Why You should Go

Don’t know what to perform in Biloxi when it’s rain or cold? Then, nothing forget to include this museum to her list of areas to visit in Biloxi. Native blacksmithing come shrimping, the museum details everything around the region’s seafood and also maritime heritage.

What to Do

Spend part time admiring the interesting exhibits and artifacts the the museum. If there, examine out the 65-foot-long replicas of the Biloxi Schooner. An additional must-see below is the enlightening Hurricane Katrina exhibit.

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3. Ship Island


Biloxi, ms 39530

Nestled 12 miles turn off Biloxi’s coast, this untouched island is a wonderful day trip and relaxing coast escape.

Why You have to Go

Ship Island is residence to serene and pristine beaches. Together you stroll follow me the beach, you will do it feel like you’ve been transported come your own private island. And, top top your method to the island, you’ll likewise spot some charming and also friendly dolphins.

What to Do

You deserve to swim, snorkel, find for shells, boogie plank or just relax ~ above the island. Girlfriend may likewise spot the local wildlife together you explore this serene cove. V no website traffic or high-rise condos, this unspoiled oasis provides you a beach getaway like no other.

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4. Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art


386 coast BlvdBiloxi, multiple sclerosis 39530(228) 374-5547

Designed by the well known architect frank Gehry, this museum dazzles through its summary art.

Why You have to Go

Ohr-O’Keefe Museum Of art is a sensational attraction filled v historic and also art exhibits celebrate the state’s renowned potter. Additionally, the museum hosts rotating collection with whatever from photographs to drawings.

What come Do

There’s much more to this museum 보다 its sculpture and ceramics. It’s also home to the satisfied Reed Interpretive Center, which offers you insights into the state’s afri American heritage complying with the polite War.

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5. MGM Park


105 Caillavet StBiloxi, ms 39530(228) 233-3465

Opened in 2015, this stadion is the best spot in Biloxi to capture America’s favorite pastime.

Why You need to Go

MGM Park is house to the Milwaukee Brewers’ Double-A affiliate, the Biloxi Shuckers. If watching a game, you can additionally check the end the team store, lounge and also concession stands. Even better, the stadium has a lovely hometown atmosphere.

What to Do

Of course, the biggest draw of this stadion is baseball. But, this stadium also hosts concerts and other creates of entertainment. Friend can also enjoy its be sure ambiance and sweet views.

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6. Beauvoir


2244 beach BlvdBiloxi, multiple sclerosis 39531-5023(228) 388-4400

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Beauvoir – the retirement home the Mexican battle hero Jefferson Davis – is a must-visit attraction for history buffs.

Why You need to Go

If the wall surfaces of Beauvoir might talk, they’d it is in sharing some insightful stories. Developed originally in 1848, this legacy is detailed on the nationwide Register of historical Places. And, go we mention that it’s likewise designated as a National historic Landmark?

What come Do

Take a guided tour and also see an excellent historic piece that date earlier to 1770. Likewise, you deserve to enjoy a beautiful watch of the Gulf indoors from the house’s porch.

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7. Hurricane Katrina Memorial


133 key StBiloxi, ms 39530(228) 374-3105

Standing 12 feet tall, this memorial is dedicated to the victim who died in the destructive Hurricane Katrina.

Why You should Go

Hurricane Katrina Memorial is one emotionally relocating site the pays tribute come the human being who were ravaged by the disaster. The a somber experience and also a place where you deserve to pay respect to the victims.

What to Do

Read every the stories and look at the photographs. The an eye-opening experience and a reminder that nature’s power. Friend can likewise contemplate and also take a break from your action-packed holidays here.

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8. Beau Rivage will & Casino


875 coast BlvdBiloxi, multiple sclerosis 39530(888) 567-6667

With the beachfront location and amazing amenities, this resort offers a civilization of funny to that is guests.

Why You must Go

Beau Rivage isn’t just for big-time high rollers. Ideal for relaxation and also fun, this glitzy will is jam-packed with tasks suited because that travelers of all ages.

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What come Do

There’s lot of of cool ingredient to do at this lovely casino. Full of glitzy and also glamorous casino games, that an exciting location if you think lady luck is on your side. What’s more, the resort features a fabulous pool, elegant retail stores, trendy bars and also tempting restaurants.