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Junior Giraffe announces the all youngsters 10 and also under enjoy cost-free admission in 2021! This offer renders it less complicated for households with young youngsters to visit this incredible themed attraction in north Kentucky. Small is right, kids want to see the Ark for themselves.

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For 2021 we’ve released never-before-seen clips of the giraffes visiting Ark Encounter. Watch Junior, Gracie, Gloria, and also George suffer the life-sized reconstruction of Noah’s Ark!Watch the new giraffe ads

Children 10 and also under enjoy cost-free admission come the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum for 2021! yes sir no border to how many children you can lug for free. (Though, that course, the kids must be accompanied by at least one adult.)

Ark encounter Tickets

General join to the Ark

Adult (ages 18–59)$49.95
Senior (ages 60+)$39.95
Youth (ages 11–17)$24.95
Children (ages 5-10) FREE
4 and underFREE
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Extreme Zip Lines

Soar down countless feet the zip lines, reach approximately 50 mph and also 17 story in the air. Ten of these mega zip lines room 1,000 feet or longer!

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See Inside

The Ark Encounter will amaze and also inspire you come think differently about the biblical account that Noah’s Ark.

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Ark & development Museum Combo

General admission to each attraction

Adult (ages 18–59)$79.95
Senior (ages 60+)$69.95
Youth (ages 11–17)$44.95
Children (ages 5-10)FREE
4 and also underFREE
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About the Museum

The state-of-the-art production Museum permits you to undertaking through biblical history, stunning exhibits, botanical gardens, planetarium, zoo, zip heat adventure course, and much more.

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Daily Events

From manual workshops to presentations from ours engaging speakers, the production Museum offers plenty of different events. Improve your time through these fun discovering experiences, whether it’s her first, fifth, or fifteenth visit!

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Annual Combo Passes

Valid for unlimited admission to the creation Museum and Ark for one year from very first visit+ unlimited cost-free parking

Adult (ages 18–59)$159.95
Senior (ages 60+)$149.95
Youth (ages 11–17)$139.95
Children (ages 5-10)FREE
4 and also underFREE
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Single and Family annual Combo Benefits

Enjoy unlimited yearly admission come the Ark Encounter and also Creation Museum for one year from very first visit.Free “In and also Out” parking at both sites because that one vehicle.Family

Family yearly combo passes encompass immediate family members members (parent/legal guardian) and also their dependent youngsters 17 and also under.


Experience More

Explore our household playground, constructed for kids of all abilities. Spot part exotic pets at Ararat Ridge Zoo. Then soar across gorgeous valleys top top a zip line tour, and much more!

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Places to Stay

The Ark conference is located in beautiful Kentucky, 45 minutes south of Cincinnati, v dozens of surrounding hotels and places come stay.

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Plan your Ark Experience

Bringing a Group?

Groups v a preventive enjoy dedicated assistance for check-in and also ticketing and also discounted rates. Uncover out more.

Gift Cards

Share the gift of an unforgettable endure with gift cards to the Ark Encounter and the development Museum, available through the Ark Encounter’s parent ministry, answers in Genesis.

Zip heat Tickets

Get prepared to soar through the air, getting to up to 50 mph and 17 stories high! every zip heat ticket sales are controlled by Banning Mills staff. Ticket are easily accessible at the zip line sales station on arrival (purchased independently from Ark encounter admission). You might purchase tickets in advancement for the zip lines, cost-free fall, or adventure park.

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Hours the Operation

Find out our attraction hours for the work you setup to visit. Expanded hours are accessible on a seasonal basis.

Discounts & special Days

We offer discounted join on special days, and several discounts if you’ve offered our country in the armed forces. See all discounts and special days.

Map & steering Directions

Take time to acquire driving directions and also plan your path ahead that time—you’ll it is in glad friend did! Also, you might want to look in ~ the park map because that an idea of what to expect when you arrive.

Recommended Lodging Options

Find the perfect areas to stay throughout your visit come Ark Encounter.

Helpful Tips for Convenience & Safety

Please visit our useful tips page to learn around Ark Encounter’s amenities and access accommodations for your convenience and safety.

Dining at the Ark

The Ark conference restaurant and also snack stands function a selection of delicious food offerings, including choices for dietary needs.

Attraction Rules

To certain a safe and also secure setting for our guests, please observe and also respect our developed attraction rules.

Contact Us

For the Ark conference address, contact forms, and also phone number, go to our contact page.

Charter Boarding happen Holders

If you have a lifetime or three-year charter boarding happen to the Ark Encounter, please authorize in to achieve your tickets.

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General Admission, Combo Tickets, and also Annual Combo Passes

General admission, combo tickets, and annual combo passes might be purchased virtual or upon arrival because that the same price.When buying online, your tickets will certainly be emailed to you because that printing prior to your arrival.General join prices do not encompass parking fees. Every prices carry out not incorporate Kentucky sales taxes or Williamstown ticket fees (where applicable). Prices noted are subject to change.Parking passes room $10 for typical vehicles or $15 for oversized vehicles and also can it is in purchased at the Ark Encounter.For assistance, please email reservations. If you space bringing a engine coach, please email us for reservations. Every tickets and also passes room non-refundable and expire one year from day of purchase.Admission tickets are valid for one-day entry. Combo tickets space valid for one-day entry to every attraction in a seven-day period. Yearly passes are valid for endless admission come the creation Museum and also Ark Encounter for one year from very first visit.

Kids complimentary 2021

In 2021 children ages 5-10 acquire in totally free to both the creation Museum and the Ark Encounter as soon as accompanied by an adult purchasing admission.

Applies come all kids ages 5-10 year of age.Requires at least one adult or an elderly ticket to it is in purchased.Cannot be linked with any type of other discounts, offers, or promotions.

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The Kids cost-free discount is applicable through the acquisition of at least one adult or senior general admission ticket.Kids complimentary tickets need to be offered on work of purchase once purchased on-site. Extr tickets room not easily accessible for later use.Online ticket purchases are minimal to ten free child tickets every order. Extr tickets deserve to be procured onsite top top arrival.Kids cost-free discount might be provided by yearly Pass, lifetime Membership, and also Boarding pass holders.For the safety and also enjoyment of all guests, us ask that children ages 10 and under be accompanied through a responsible adult at every times. WE execute not force a chaperone ratio for admission, but the Ark Encounter and also Creation Museum make reservation the right to deny entry or restrict service in the attention of public safety or the protection of property.Kids cost-free discount is just valid for basic or combo admission tickets indigenous January 1 v December 31, 2021.Discount go not apply to planetarium shows, camel rides, one-of-a-kind events, zip heat tours, or any other activity beyond basic admission.Offer can not be merged with any kind of other discounts, offers, or promotions.Additional restrictions may apply. The appropriate of last interpretation lies through Answers in Genesis, Petersburg, KY.