Are you trying to find the closestly KFC nearby? listed below you can discover locations of KFC around you now.

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Select your city to see where room the nearest branches, or follow the instructions listed on this page.

How to uncover KFC restaurants nearby

Is over there a KFC close to me (Kentucky Fried Chicken)? ns am spring to find KFC roughly my ar now. KFC is a well-known fast food chain, in your restaurants girlfriend can find foods together as fried chicken and also grilled chicken for reasonable prices. Keep analysis to find locations of KFC nearby.

1) go to KFC official website in ~ locations.kfc.com/ and usage the official restaurant locator to find a restaurant close come you now, simply enter your zip password or city and also click enter, then you will watch a map of your locations, someting choose this:


When you click on one that the locations, friend will be able to view information around the restaurant, the opening hours, phone call numbers and directions.


You will additionally be maybe to click ‘more info’ to check out the full store hrs of procedure for any kind of day of the week, the looks favor this:


2) Most the KFC’s restaurants are provided on Google maps, therefore, you have the right to view the map below to locate all KFC shop in the world.

View larger map Click to find the nearest KFC places to girlfriend on Google maps.


3) use the find box top top this page listed below to uncover KFC in her city. You deserve to view a perform of a few examples of the most popular searches below.

KFC USAKFC MalaysiaKFC IndiaKFC Canadaetc.

Phone numbers

Delivery number: 1300-222-888 (Make a phone speak to to order distribution now.)

Opening hours

Do you require to know the business hours at the nearest KFC to your location? many of KFC eateries are open Sunday come Thursday from 10:30 am to 12:00 am, and also on Friday come Saturday from 10:30 to be to 1:00 am. Watch answer No. 1 to discover the the next KFC restaurant to you and view their complete details including their hrs of operation.

About KFC

KFC is a faster way for the name: Kentucky Fried Chicken, which refers to the key food that’s obtainable at KFC restaurants. It is just one of the biggest chains of restaurants in the joined States and also in various other countries about the world, consisting of India.

The chain is known for their everyday prepared fresh foods, that one can buy for a kind price, and additionally for having a large amount of locations to eat and also to stimulate take-out.

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Interesting stuff

Check out the KFC rap to learn how to order KFC choose a boss:


Please keep in mind that this site is not associated with the Kentucky Fried Chicken company in any type of way. Us only administer info to assist you find KFC’s fast food restaurants. We hope the this web page will aid you find Kentucky Fried Chicken close to you.