Linked to the near of the Mayan calendar, a variety of rumors spread concerning ways the world could end back in 2012. One popular challenger was Nibiru, a claimed planet that some asserted would collide with earth at the finish of that year. However despite the buzz, there"s no scientific proof supporting the alleged planet"s visibility — and, that course, our earth survived 2012 without taking in a huge impact.

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Nibiru has been linked to NASA by various bloggers. Because of this claimed connection, an are agency officials placed out a statement saying that no huge planet to be coming to destroy Earth in 2012. What follows below is the true scientific research and history of this supposed rogue planet, with referral to a real object, Comet Elenin, that somehow got mixed up in the whole mess.

And we"ll also talk around another hypothetical world that might actually exist in the much outer device — earth Nine.


Artist"s conception of the fictional rogue planet Nibiru, or world X. Nibiru does not exist, so don"t be fooled. (Image credit: gilderm

The beginnings of the Nibiru myth

The story started in 1976, once Zecharia Sitchin composed "The Twelfth Planet," a book which provided Stitchin"s own unique translation that Sumerian cuneiform to identify a planet, Nibiru, orbiting the sunlight every 3,600 years. Several years later, Nancy Lieder, a self-described psychic, announced that the aliens she declared to channel had actually warned her this earth would collide with planet in 2003. ~ a collision-free year, the day was moved earlier to 2012, where it was linked to the near of the Mayan long-count period.

When Comet Elenin appeared in 2011, plenty of were concerned that it was the mysterious planet in disguise, in spite of the truth that planets and also comets appear an extremely different under a telescope. (A comet has a gas atmosphere, referred to as a coma, and also a tail, if a world does not.)

But instead of slamming right into the Earth, the comet strayed too close to the sun and broke right into pieces. The leftover fragments will proceed on their path to the external solar device for the next 12,000 years, still bits of comet and also not a more cohesive planet.

Evidence for Nibiru?

Proponents that the fictitious planet keep in mind that, in 1984, a scientific record was released in the Astrophysical newspaper Letters which questioned several infrared sources with "no counterparts" that turned increase in a inspection of the sky. Such surveys are typical in astronomy and usually show off follow-ups that individually detail the much more interesting sources. In the follow-up of the 1984 survey, many of the resources turned out to be remote galaxies. No one were identified as planets. Both records are easily accessible to the public.

A world with one orbit therefore eccentric that it take it 3,600 years to orbit the sunlight would develop instabilities inside our 4.5-billion-year-old solar system. After just a few trips, the gravity would have substantially disrupted the various other planets, whose own gravitational pushes would have adjusted the theoretical world"s orbit significantly.

The easiest and most verifiable piece of proof arguing versus the presence of the theoretical planet have the right to be performed by anyone: according to the details available, a planet with a 3,600-year-long orbit the was due to impact Earth in 2012 have to be available to the nude eye. Easily performed calculations present that, by April 2012, it would have been brighter than the faintest stars regarded from a city, and practically as bright together Mars in ~ its dimmest. This would have made it clearly shows to astronomers everywhere.

The most usual rebuttal to this is the cry the "Cover up!" However, there are hundreds of thousands that amateur astronomers roughly the world, numerous of whom very own their own telescopes. On peak of that, many of the thousands of skilled astronomers are linked not come the government but rather to private universities.

Astronomer David Morrisonpointed out in 2012that "NASA and also the government obtain most that their info from these external astronomers, not the other way around."

Between the amateur and professional astronomers, there plenty of civilization who would have noticed a new "star" in the sky.

Nothing come fear

Doomsday reports across the internet typically incite fear, however it"s amazing to keep in mind they are nothing new. World have to be decrying the end of the human being forhundreds that years.

Rumors spread favor wildfire ~ above the internet, however the same technology can make it easier than ever before to delve into the clinical evidence about such events.

Planet Nine

All that the over notwithstanding, there may actually be a big, undiscovered people lurking in the dark, cold depths of the external solar system. The proof for this hypothetical "Planet Nine" has actually been structure over the past few years, as astronomers such as Mike Brown, Konstantin Batygin, Scott Sheppard and also Chad Trujillo have actually noticed weird clustering in the orbits of little objects past Neptune. The ideal explanation, these researcher say, is one unseen "perturber" an extremely far from the sun.

Calculations suggest that this planet Nine may be around 10 times an ext massive 보다 Earth and also orbit maybe 600 times farther native the sun, on average, 보다 our earth does. Astronomers approximately the people are scouring the skies with an effective telescopes as we speak, trying to spot planet Nine directly.

Finally, a note about the name: Brown and Batygin called the putative civilization "Planet Nine" because, if discovered, it would certainly "replace" Pluto together the solar system"s nine planet. (The International huge Union reclassified Pluto as a dwarf world in 2006, you most likely recall.) yet some researcher (and numerous laypeople) quiet regard Pluto as the 9th planet and also thereforeuse the ax "Planet X"(or "Planet Next," or "Giant earth Five") because that the undiscovered object instead.

This can obtain confusing, due to the fact that "Planet X" was additionally the term provided for a civilization once assumed to be responsible for an alleged oddities in the orbits the Uranus and also Neptune. American astronomer Percival Lowell came up through this theory, and he hunted for earth X in the early 20th century. (Clyde Tombaugh"s 1930 discovery of Plutodid not validate Lowell"s hypothesis, however, due to the fact that Pluto isn"t big enough to jostle Uranus and Neptune in the means that Lowell imagined.)

In any kind of event, planet Nine (or world X, if you prefer), might actually exist, and also it"s no coming to destroy Earth. So, it"s an extremely different 보다 the mythical Nibiru.

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