We space licensed, insured and specifically authorized for transportation to and from port Canaveral and Orlando worldwide Airport. Likewise Sanford airport to and also from harbor Canaveral and also Cocoa Beach.

The adhering to rates reflect shuttles come a few popular main Florida destinations. Practice trips deserve to be i ordered it so please call Us for rates. Travel times are highly dependent top top traffic problems so be all set for delays! 

We evaluate our customers and also we value your comments. If you would choose to re-superstructure a comment around your suffer with Airport spaceship Service, please Let united state Know. 

My friend and also I traveled down to Disney previously this year and used the Airport shuttle Service. Wayne to be our driver and also both my friend and I raved about the exceptional business we received!! I highly recommend their services if you are in search of shuttle service! i will definitely be using them if I ever need come in the future!

Hi Wayne! I just wanted to say a vast THANK girlfriend for acquisition such great care that my client Lisa & her daughter! I simply heard from she today and also just found out there was a problem with she incoming flight not showing up on time, she couldn"t speak enough an excellent things around you and also was therefore happy she had actually you for her shuttle. I will absolutely use your solutions again for my clients in the future, and I will certainly be sure to leaving a hopeful review because that you on expedition advisor also.

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Thanks again because that all her help!



I can"t say enough around the awesome company my boyfriend and I got from Wayne. That went above and beyond to accommodate us through our flight delays and also separate plane transportation. In mine opinion, there"s no various other shuttle company to call. Say thanks to you, Wayne. You have customers, and also a friend, because that life. 




I simply wanted to say thank you so much for your services this past week. We really took pleasure in having you, and also we"ll certainly be using you again the next time we"re in the area! say thanks to you for being flexible as soon as our flights acquired changed. We really evaluate you!

Christmas Cruise family Vacation began out together a 8:40am flight that should have left Atl plane turned right into 1p.m. Delayed trip leaving Atlanta due to weather. We had a to reach our Cruise delivery by 3:30pm because that departure. Mr. Wayne Sturman contacted the Cruise line consistently for us updating castle on ours progress. Mr. Wayne Sturman waited in ~ the Orlando Airport till we got to the Orlando Airport and safety got us to the delivery by 4pm wherein we had Supervisors wait to help us ~ above board. I would like to say say thanks to you for you faithful and also courteous servis. God Bless.

Just want to let friend know exactly how much we appreciated you carrying us roughly Orlando. You couldn"t have actually been kinder or more accommodating.

We space from England and also have now used airport Shuttle service on 2 occasions this year. We would not hesitation to introduce this company as it has been really reliable. Wayne has taken us from Orlando to harbor Canaveral and also also accumulated us from Cocoa Beach and has always been very helpful prompt and got united state to our destinations safely and also on time. So plenty of thanks Wayne and we will be the touch once we return for our following holidays in Orlando.

Just want to compliment you because that the great service we got from Wayne-very efficient and hassle free! will definatelly usage again in the future-very reliable,honest and good rates!

I am really impressed v the prompt and also professional sevice by Wayne. That came and picked increase me and also my daughter to and also from the orlando airport. Boy, was he ~ above time. Ns recommend his services to each and everyone, you will certainly be satisfied v his couteous service.

We constantly select airplane Shuttle business as our first choice when we schedule a cruise from harbor Canaveral. The chauffeurs are great and the vehicles room safe, roomy and comfortable.


Just wanted you to have a huge THANK YOU because that taking great care of ours children and also grandchildren to and from the Disney Dream. I evaluate you and will certainly recommend girlfriend to mine clients.

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Airport Shuttle company was developed in 2009 to administer cost-effective, reliable, and comfortable transportation between the Cape Canaveral area beaches and the Orlando area. 

High quality service to our customers is our first priority. We make every effort to exceed your expectations by utilizing the ideal equipment, giving several day-to-day routes, and hiring safe, courteous, and helpful drivers. We appreciate your business and also we invite any comments or inquiries you may have about our service.