We will be operating in Antarctica this season. Please check out our Antarctica FAQs for necessary information about traveling with us during the 2021-2022 season.

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Due to overwhelming demand, us are at this time experiencing heavy contact volume. For new bookings, Request a reservation here.

The southernmost realms of the world are places of unimaginable beauty: Patagonia and also Antarctica. Humpback whales breach and penguins conference by the thousands. Icebergs shimmer and also sapphire-hued fjords harbor snowcapped peaks and also virgin forests. Sign up with us on an odyssey aboard the National geographic Orion the combines the commemorated wonders of the Antarctic Peninsula, southern Patagonia, and the Chilean fjords—all in a solitary epic voyage. Follow in the wake up of legendary explorers prefer Ernest Shackleton and also Ferdinand Magellan to conference otherworldly icescapes and also calving glaciers, far reserves and also pristine parks, and the tremendous creatures that thrive at the leaf of the world.

Seek out Antarctica’s iconic wildlife—including penguins, seals, and killer whales—and marvel at incandescent icebergs using our fleet of kayaks and Zodiacs

Navigate Chile’s coastal fjords and also explore spectacular Glacier Alley, where huge glaciers calve into the sea

Hike amongst the snowcapped “horns” that Torres del Paine national Park and also enjoy special accessibility to Karukinka natural Park, the largest defended land area in Tierra del Fuego

Cruise the waters that Francisco Coloane naval Park, searching for the humpback whales and dolphins the inhabit this huge marine reserve


Experience two iconic regions on one adventure the unites Antarctica and Patagonia. Flexibility is a hallmark the our expedition style, and also often the shipboard day-by-day itinerary will certainly change—so we may take full benefit of rare wildlife sightings, city hall whales feed turn off the bow, or perfect conditions for a late day Zodiac excursion. Our Captain, expedition leader and expedition team will certainly craft a trip that allows you to watch more, find out more, and experience more.

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Please be mindful we will certainly be making adjustments to travel days for our 2021-22 Antarctica season itineraries in accordance through our protocols. Call 1-800-EXPEDITION for added details.