Sturgis SD is a popular destination for roadway trippers and also families — and also for great reason! southern Dakota’s iconic black Hills, historic towns and iconic parks and attractions are the perfect location for a family vacation. Yet once your planned household vacation is throughout the month of August, you’ll re-superstructure the roadway with 10s of thousands motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Don’t cancel your pilgrimage yet. Instead read ours 7 advice for making it through Sturgis SD during the massive Motorcycle Rally.

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Perhaps you’ve to be planning come visit south Dakota black color Hills for months, or maybe you’re one of those last-minute travelers. However now, you’re committed to a main in August. Vacation submitted and approved. The entirety family is excited. This could even be your first road expedition in months, or years, because of the pandemic.

And then you realize that your planned family vacation corresponds with among the area’s best events, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. However what specifically is a motorcycle rally and should you be concerned?

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What is the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

A “rally” is the name offered to a collection of enthusiasts.

One that the biggest rallies in the world, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is also known as Sturgis bike Week. The is a week-long motorcycle rally held annually in Sturgis SD, expanding into the black color Hills.

The august rally uses motorcyclists, that ride Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycle, and BMW motorcycles (really all types of motorcycles) a opportunity to gain together, share their love that riding and also experience the beauty of the black color Hills of south Dakota.

When is the Sturgis bicycle Rally This Year?

The 81st annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally dates are Friday, respectable 6 – Saturday, respectable 15, 2021.Hundreds of countless rallygoers to visit each year, with celebrity appearances transparent the week-long festival.

All of these motorcycle enthusiasts hit the open up road for a motorcycle drive or two or 3 or dozens.But don’t let this massive gathering that motorcyclists change your plans. South Dakota’s black color Hills provides plenty of open up spaces because that everyone. Tip: In this unpredictable times, events, hours, and also other details room subject to adjust without warning. Occasions may be readjusted or canceled at the critical minute.

Family Friendly survival Tips because that Sturgis bicycle Week

Here are 7 points you must know about the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

1. Motorcyclist enthusiasm are everyday people.

Motorcycle riders enjoying scenic rides in the Badlands, part of the black Hills region in southern Dakota. Photo courtesy: Diana Rowe

These men and women room passionate about riding. Castle hail from all walks the life and also from anywhere the world: lawyers, accountants, manufacturing facility workers, restaurant servers, cashiers, doctors, nurses, dads, stay-at-home moms — and grandmoms favor me, who likewise write about travel and ride my Harley Davidson.

All space after the very same things: a chance to add a pilgrimage to legend Sturgis to your motorcycle take trip bucket list.

2. Don’t let a motorcycle rally make you afraid.

Devils Tower national Monument in the black Hills of south Dakota supplies photo methods to motorcycle enthusiasm (like me) and road-tripping families. Photo credit: Diana Rowe

Don’t instantly stereotype motorcycle enthusiasts as affiliated with motorcycle clubs or gangs. During the Sturgis cycle Rally, you will run right into all species of enthusiasts; chances are girlfriend are just as safe as anywhere.

In fact, during the rally, Sturgis and also neighboring areas step up their police patrols, simply because of the boosted volume of traffic and visitors. Friend actually might feel and be safer.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attendance arrays from 400,000 to much more than 850,000, all wanting to endure what this area uses — few of the ideal scenic rides in the united States.

3. Summer is the busiest time of the year to travel. Anywhere.

If you setup to visit Sturgis SD and also the black color Hills region, you’ll require to book a hotel room at the very least a year in breakthrough if you desire to stay near any type of of the major attractions, such together Mount Rushmore or Custer State Park.

Want to rental a last-minute time or RV campsite v hookups? Um, no likely.

If you’re thinking you’ll simply pull up at the critical minute and pitch a tent or drive her RV and hook up, think again. Camping an are is always scarce during the rally, so book well in advance. If girlfriend travel-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, well, you might still score a room or campsite, however it might take more effort 보다 usual.

4. Be prepared to pay a premium for everything.

Thousands the motorcyclists come in Sturgis SD throughout Sturgis cycle Week annually in August. Photograph credit: Diana Rowe

During the Sturgis SD motorcycle rally, local service owners bank on covering many of their costs for the whole year. During the rally, the prices walk up, and also travelers salary premium prices because that everything, from hotel rooms come food.

If you’re ~ above a budget, consider visiting the quick City, black Hills, and Badlands region early in the summer or in the fall, staying clear of the an initial two weeks of August.

5. Safety first.

Although the region is a top household vacation destination, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally can have a much more adult theme, particularly in the evening as soon as the adults park their motorcycles and also kick back. Obtain your sightseeing excellent by day and hunker down at night v your family. I’d suggest preventing hotel rooms or camping in Sturgis wherein the heart of the rally bring away place.

Instead look at hotel rooms in rapid City, such together the Rushmore Hotel & Suites, where households will uncover plenty of points to perform within walking distance.

If you arrangement on camping, choose a campground off the to win path. Commonly those within the city the Sturgis, such together Buffalo Chip Campground, are fully booked month in advance.

Traveling mother Tip: When booking throughout Sturgis bicycle Week, ask how plenty of motorcyclists remain at the campground. This is not since they aren’t friendly, but because their Harley-Davidson motorcycles tend to have actually loud pipes, and the adult motorcyclist-campers favor to hang the end late. If you desire to sleep v the night, select to stay farther away from the action.

6. From Custer State Park come Spearfish Canyon, Scenic Byways that make you walk wow — and also stop and also go traffic.

When visiting the black Hills, one of our favorite areas to drive is the Badlands. Photo courtesy that Diana Rowe

Summer is busy, and also with the increased motorcycle traffic throughout Sturgis cycle Week, you’ll most likely experience much more delays than usual. Yet take it in stride, and also really LOOK in ~ the pass scenery.

Be certain to visit mount Rushmore national Memorial and also see who have the right to name every the Presidents. Photo credit: Diana Rowe

To get the most eye-catching scenery, journey the Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway, a 70-mile loop, that winds v the pigtail bridges and also granite tunnels of Iron hill Road, right into Custer State Park, past the Needle’s Eye and Cathedral Spires of the Needle’s Highway, Harney Peak, and Crazy steed Memorial.

And be sure to include a stop at mountain Rushmore nationwide Memorial.

Traveling mother Tip: Order a yummy buffalo stew or bison chili for having lunch in Carver’s Cafe at Mt. Rushmore.

7. From Deadwood to Keystone, withlimited parking.

Located in the center of the black color Hills, Keystone is a family-friendly, year-round destination. Throughout the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, it is also a favorite stop for motorcyclists. Photograph credit: Diana Rowe

The Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway is surrounding on 3 sides by the historic mining areas of Deadwood, Custer, Hill City, and Keystone. Each uses a organize of distinct shops, great dining, and attractions.

Step ago in time through these Old West towns in the black color Hills and its bordering areas, but be conscious that the parking may be minimal during the Sturgis Rally. Us love visiting Deadwood and also walking its main Street to examine out the lengthy line of parked motorcycles however remember, no matter exactly how tempting, execute not touch or get on any type of of the motorcycles.

Photo Credit: Pixabay Tip: Motorcycle enthusiasts normally are quite friendly and also respectful come families. As with us, they also have kids, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers. Act them with respect, and also they’ll treat you with respect.

Be friendly, yet still as cautious as you would certainly be around any type of other strangers. Don’t be intimidated when a group of motorcyclists rides near you, sit at a table in a restaurant whereby you’re dining, or to walk by you. Really, we room regular human being who love road trips and exploring the beautiful scenery of Sturgis, the black color Hills, Badlands, and adjacent attractions.

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Finally…Have fun! Make sure you buy a T-shirt together this might well be the finest people-watching road expedition ever.