Of the two significant American-invented sporting activities — baseball and basketball — only one has gained an international popularity. We play baseball throughout parts the the globe, but we pat basketball worldwide. You deserve to play with as couple of as two people and as plenty of as ten. Shoot hoops indoors and outdoors and also on any surface hard or flat sufficient to bounce a ball.

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Indoor courts room usually make from hardwood, though other, an ext easily-maintained surfaces are gaining in popularity. Outdoor courts deserve to be one of two people asphalt or concrete. You have the right to put a permanent basketball court just about anywhere you would certainly like. Don’t have the room for a full-length court? Fitting just a half court right into your driveway, backyard, or advertisement gym would be just as useful.

So, have actually a room in mind and also wondering “What are the size of a basketball court?” Let’s take it a look in ~ the conventional sizes for every level that basketball, from high college all the means up through international competition.

NBA Basketball Court Dimensions

The nationwide Basketball Association, much better known together the NBA, boasts the biggest court dimensions of any kind of level that basketball — residential or international. The external dimensions space 94 feet long by 50 feet wide. The half court line is, as the name would certainly suggest, halfway between each end line. In the middle of the half court line is a tip-off circle through a six-foot radius, which often sports the home team’s logo.


The an essential is 16 feet wide and 19 feet native the baseline to the foul line. A semicircle with a six-foot radius extends from the foul line. Some courts have the other side the the half-circle drawn in a dotted line within the an essential to complete the circle and create a clear border for any kind of jump balls.

The backboard protrudes 4 feet out from the baseline, and also the pickled in salt of the basket hangs 10 feet turn off the ground. Individually the 4 feet overhang indigenous the 19-foot length of the key, we gain the acquainted 15-foot distance from the foul line to the former of the backboard. It’s a misconception that the foul heat is 15 feet from the center of the basket. The backboard itself actions six feet wide and 42 customs high.

Inside the key, a four-foot arc is aligned through the center of the basket come designate the minimal arc. If a defender is within this semicircle, he cannot attract a charging foul. Follow me both political parties of the key, lines are attracted three feet personal to develop the standing positions for various other players throughout a complimentary throw attempt, starting with a box that is 7 feet from the baseline and also one foot wide.

Outside the key, the three-point line creates an imperfect arc stretching one next of the baseline come the other. The arc isn’t a perfect circle since it would certainly run the end of limit on the sides of the court.

Instead, the three-point line operation in a straight line from the baseline out 16 feet, nine inches, in ~ which point the line starts to curve. The right lines are an even 22 feet indigenous the center of the basket, and also on the arc, the street is 23 feet and nine inches.

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Starting at the baseline and also running 28 feet toward the center of the court, a heat bounds the team bench area. The line also acts together the starting place because that inbounds passes after timeouts and fouls.