We frequently sing the praises of lighting a toilet by using sconces flanking the vanity winter on one of two people side. It’s yes, really a great way to gain the best, and also most flattering, light. But, as with everything else, yes a right method to carry out it.

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Advice for using sconces in bathroom lighting originates from our famous guide, The finish Bath irradiate Sizing Guide:

In bathrooms, mountain sconces36 come 40inches apart, flanking the mirror, 18 inches indigenous the sink’s facility line.

If the sconces have actually shades, put the bottom edge of the shades a tiny below eye level (60 come 68 inchesfrom the floor). Consider eye level as soon as it comes to reducing glare and also ensuring that the tallest person in the room can’t watch down right into the sconce.

Allow4 inchesof space on either next of the winter that you desire to flank with sconces. The 4 inches gives the an are for the sconce’s electrical panel.

Here are some visual instances of an excellent bathroom lighting with sconces.


Pictured: Hudson valley McLean

Pictured: Savoy house Monroe


Pictured:Quorum Celeste


Pictured: Hudson valley Baird


Pictured: Hinkley Pietra

Pictured: Kichler Marette 

You may an alert a pattern here:

Sconces withfrosted or opal glassare right for using by the vanity mirror since you won’t get any kind of glare from bare bulbs.

You can likewise see differentstyles of sconces, such as long bars and an ext compact fixtures. Lengthy bars would look great beside a tall rectangular mirror, because that example.

LED wall surface sconces–like the Feiss Edgebrook–are a an excellent option because that long-lasting, reliable illumination, too!

Ready come shop? inspect out our wall sconce collection, but also take a look at the bath lights section since you have the right to often discover sconces in there as well.

If you have actually questions around using sconces in the bathroom, you re welcome don’t hesitate to ask! Call us at 1-866-688-3562 or live chat with us.

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