What is the ideal viewing street for your TV, or how about the best TV display size for her room? find how to calculate your perfect TV viewing distance.

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When someone is purchase a new flat-screen TV, there are two common questions.

What size TV carry out I need for my room – and what is the ideal TV city hall distance?

The reality is that these two things are related, and the price you gain for one concern will impact the other.

Do we just buy the largest display screen we can afford, or is it possible to get a screen that is just too large for the room?

Are there any type of guidelines we deserve to use to decide on the best TV or projector display size for our space?

Let’s take a look.

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TV screen Size and Viewing street Calculators

This post discusses several ways you have the right to work out the ideal size TV for your room – and how much to sit from her TV.

However, if you simply want to gain on and grab part numbers, right here are 2 calculators the will help you do this quickly.

In the first, go into your TV screen size, and you will obtain suggestions for the ideal TV the town hall distance:

The second calculates the best TV dimension for her room.

Enter your meant viewing distance, and you will obtain a suggested selection of TV sizes for her room:

If friend want much more in-depth information on just how these numbers space calculated, please read the remainder of the article.

I will begin by looking at a an easy question, how do you occupational out the size of your TV screen?

How Is the TV screen Size Measured?

The size of a flat-screen TV is generally measured ~ above a diagonal line from the top left corner down come the bottom right.

Or, bottom left to top right, if you prefer.

Hopefully, it’s the same!

This street is regularly quoted in inches. And also different manufacturers will certainly offer miscellaneous sizes in your product range.

TV viewing street to display size chart

I think the most beneficial number in this technique is the minimum display size.

For example, if you space going come be sit 14-feet indigenous the screen, then you should be looking to buy a TV of approximately 68-inches and also above. Ideally, you require a large screen from the distance.

Also, remember, these are just rough guidelines.

So, if you desire to watch an 80-inch display screen from 3-feet then walk ahead.

There’s no law versus it!

At the peak of the page, I have actually the best TV screen size calculator the you can use to get much more results because that yourself based on your city hall distance.

In the calculator, I have actually measured the display screen size references in a slightly various way.

I have actually used the 26° field of view rather than 20° as above. This is just to limit the screen size recommendations a little more.

Either will certainly work and is eventually just a matter of preference.

Does the Brand of my TV affect Viewing Distance?

Over the years I have actually seen a couple of people asking what the best viewing distance for a Sony TV is. You can insert any type of brand you choose there – LG, Samsung – whatever.

The an easy answer is that the brand of your TV doesn’t matter. Regardless of who makes it, lock all have actually the same important specifications – display size and resolution.

These are the important features come consider.

So, in instance you were wondering, the problem of viewing street is the very same for any brand of television.

Some other Things come Think About

These guidelines give us a great starting point.

However, as I said earlier, this isn’t an accurate science. Two different world will probably have two different opinions ~ above what is a suitable screen dimension for a room.

So, currently you have a turbulent idea the your display screen size and also viewing distance, here are a pair of extra clues to assist you make your last decision.

1. Standard, High-Definition & Ultra HD Pictures

If friend will mainly be watching high-definition or 4K Ultra HD images, climate a larger display screen will allow you to evaluate the extra information more. And, that will additionally look an excellent if friend sit closer.

In this case, you will most likely benefit much more from:

a enlarge screen.or a much shorter viewing distance.or both!

On the various other hand, if you space still the town hall a lot of standard-definition TV and also DVDs, then the reduced resolution might be an ext obvious on a bigger screen.

Therefore, you might see the imperfections an ext if girlfriend sit also close.

Or a smaller sized TV might hide the lessened resolutions an ext effectively.

2. What Genre that TV will You it is in Watching?

If girlfriend will mostly be the town hall movies, sports and documentaries. Or anything where you sit under for a long period and concentrate.

Then a larger screen is perfect for you to appreciate the activity and detail.

You may likewise enjoy gift closer to the screen.

On the other hand, if lot of her TV viewing is for much shorter programs the require less attention. Or, her TV is ~ above ‘in the background’ much of the time.

Then a bigger display screen may be too overwhelming in the room and also so a longer viewing distance/smaller display size might be better.

3. Whereby Will the TV be Installed?

A large TV installed on a wall can sometimes combine into a room an ext easily 보다 one stand on a item of furniture.

The size of the wall and the reality that the display screen seems to be more ‘removed’ native the room can frequently make a larger TV to appear slightly smaller and less obvious.

However, standing on a unit or TV cabinet, the television can show up to be much more ‘on peak of you’ and also a bigger size may show up too big.

4. In a home – not a Shop

Be mindful if you get in a shop to gain a feel for the size of a particular TV.

A huge shop floor with countless other TVs approximately can do it difficult to judge the dimension of a screen. If possible, shot and view a similar-sized screen in someone’s home where friend will get a much better perspective top top the size.

Another cheat you can try is to reduced a piece of lumber or cardboard to the same size together the TV you room thinking that getting.

Place this in the approximate place in your room and also you will obtain a an excellent idea the how huge the TV will certainly look when you to buy it.

5. If in Doubt…

In mine experience, friend will obtain used to a huge screen very quickly.

When you very first install a big flat display TV it might seem ridiculously large compared to what girlfriend may have been supplied to.

However, friend will very soon gain used to the brand-new size… and you may even start wishing you bought the following size up.

In my opinion, if in doubt… walk for the enlarge one!


If you room wondering about the finest viewing distance for her room, it can seem a an overwhelming choice.

However, as soon as you think about things logically, then it can end up being much clearer.

Get a feeling for a great viewing distance by functioning it out from your display screen size. Then, consider the way you will certainly be utilizing the TV and also the form of things you will certainly be watching.

There are similar arguments for selecting the right TV screen size for your room.

You can obtain a stormy idea by working out the viewing distance you will have. Then, you can calculate a broad range of an ideal sizes.

After that, you require to think about things favor the form of photos you will be city hall on the TV, how you will be using the screen and the ar in the room you will be installing it.

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Oh, and also don’t forget the golden rule… if in doubt, acquire the enlarge one!

Frequently asked Questions

If friend are trying to find some quick and also easy answers, inspect out these generally asked questions on picking the ideal size TV for her room.