When it involves mini-bikes, Honda has virtually always been topdog. However, in 2017, a couple of years after the Honda Grom do a huge splash in the small displacementmotorcycle market, Kawasaki adhered to up through their own contender:the Z125 Pro. Both bikes re-superstructure a lot of similarities, but there arekey locations where one bicycle excels end the other. So, if you"relooking come narrow down your choices to one of these bikes together soonas possible, this guide will assist steer friend in the appropriate direction.

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No matter just how serious friend are about bikes and the hardwarethey"re carrying, among the first things you"ll notice about amotorcycle is just how it looks. Both bikes feature lines comparable tolarger sport bikes but they have more of a standard street bikeaesthetic with less body work than classic sport bikes. TheGrom has a lot of vast angles and a more robust appearance. Theengine and also exhaust are real focal points as they are both fullyexposed. Staring in ~ the Grom you"ll an alert that it has actually a morepronounced 2-up seat through a dished center section to keep the ridersecured in the cockpit and the passenger section kicked up on aplateau. An additional difference you"ll see between the 2 bikes isthat the Grom"s information facility is perched atop the headlightwhereas the Grom"s is much less noticeable.

The Z125 is more aggressively styled through sharper angles, a fewpointy bits, and also much more aerodynamic lines. Top top the Z125 you"llfind shrouds and also a chin spoiler help make the engine lessnoticeable while the exhaust is tucked nicely under the frame withjust the tip of the muffler sticking the end under the footpeg. Unlikethe stepped chair on the Grom, the Z125"s seat adheres to a smoothprofile that gently raises towards the rear. When looking at thefront of the bike, the Z125"s details gauge is melded right into the top ofthe head light for a more streamlined look.

Despite not being the most an effective of bikes top top the market, bothare quick, easy to transition and funny to maneuver. Ergonomically thebike are setup practically identical with the foot controls sittingaround 19 inches under from the optimal of the seat pocket and also thehandlebars sporting a slight rise that place an mean riders aboutin line through the mid-section. Both bike sports an inverted frontendand solitary rear shock with the very same amount of take trip front andrear. The tires room where we view a slight difference. Through theZ125"s slightly narrower tire mix along with having actually a lesstrail 보다 the Grom (2.7 inch vs 3.2 inches) you can expectslightly faster and much more responsive handling. In addition, theZ125 is 4 pounds lighter when totally topped off, and while thatmight not sound favor a lot, with both bikes weighing less than 230pounds, the weight savings help the Z125 feel noticeably lighterand more nimble. Meanwhile the Grom may feel a little morestable and balanced to newer riders.

Both this bikes are good for taking trips around and acrosstown. Even so, come ensure friend don"t operation afoul of the law, it"simportant to take into consideration the period of the rider and also the laws inplace in the locale you plan to ride. Both bikes feature 4-speedtransmissions, i m sorry isn"t bad for an around-towner, localcommuter, or weekend- mini racer. As far as MPG, riders have the right to save afew dollars here by parking your cars and also hopping top top a bike. Men"sJournal estimates the MPG for the Z125 in the 80s, i m sorry soundsgreat till you watch Honda"s fuel performance estimate for the Gromis 134 MPG.

Speed and also Braking

Honda Grom Speed and Braking

Despite gift heavier, many reviewers agree that the Grom isfaster. The 2019 model specifically puts out much more power and also torque,boasting numbers choose 9.7 horsepower at 7000 RPM and also 8 lb-ft at5500 RPM. Peak speed for the Honda Grom peaks at approximately 63 MPHdepending on several components like rider"s weight and also how level/flatthe road is. Braking duties on the Grom room handled through a 220mmsingle key and double piston caliper on the former wheel and a singlepiston caliper gripping under on a 190mm rotor in the rear. If youwant the added benefit that an updated braking mechanism with ABS Hondaoffers one ABS model.

Kawasaki Z125 pro Speed and also Braking

The 2019 Z125 Pro just produces 8.3 speech at 7800 RPM, and7.1 lb-ft in ~ 6000 RPM. The max speed estimates we"ve checked out for theKawasaki is right in line through the Grom at about 63 MPH. The Z125comes with a pair of single piston brake calipers, one for thefront and one for the rear. The behind rotor come in at 200mm andthe rear is 184mm. Unequal the Grom over there is no Kawasaki Z125 Prowith ABS.

Honda Grom Price

How much you deserve to expect to pay for the Honda Grom and also theKawasaki Z125 will rely on a couple of things. To the end, below are afew concerns you need to answer. Are you purchase the newestmodel brand new or a supplied model? The MSRP for the 2019 Honda Gromis $3,399, through an extra $200 added for the ABS model.

Kawasaki Z125 agree Price

The 2019 Kawasaki Z125 has an MSRP of $3,199. If friend arepurchasing a provided bike you deserve to expect a larger void for larger modelsas the Honda brand is well-known about the civilization for that resalevalue. Also, as the sector leader in the field of mini-bikes, thedemand because that the Honda Groms will certainly be greater, for this reason driving up theprice in comparison come the Z125. This renders buying the Z125 moreattractive. However, owning and also one day selling the Grom becomesmore attractive for the much better resale price.

In summary, what space the real differences in between these 2 verysimilar bikes? part riders argue the the Grom"s figure is toosquare and box-like. Still, practically anyone agrees that thesuspension on the Z125 put the Honda Grom to shame in ridequality. No to be outdone, the Grom makes a comeback withadvantages end the Z125 in speed, braking system, and also fuelefficiency. The Z125 then fights earlier with a reduced list price.

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At ChaparralMotorsports, we believe both bikes can meet the sweet toothof anyone desire a sporty mini-bike for weekend-racing or gettingaround town. It just comes down to what attributes matter many toyou. Ready to obtain your own mini-bike and the top-notch speak gearto go with it? Come see united state or provide us a speak to at (800) 841-2960.