We’ve seen an ext than a few cars blitzing the 2.7-mile stretch of former space Shuttle runway for top-speed runs, but we’ve never seen something remotely as rapid as this evade Viper. In fact, nobody has seen a Viper favor this, follow to the folks at Johnny Bohmer proving Grounds. That’s no typo in the title – this 2006 Viper maxes the end at 252 mph and also as much as anyone can tell, it’s the faster speed ever before recorded for Dodge’s gone-but-not-forgotten V10 supercar. And yes, it"s street-legal.

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Obviously, this no a stock Viper. The precise nature of the adjustments aren’t revealed, however this line is stated to create 1,400 horsepower through the help of a couple very audible turbos. The vehicle was there testing out prototype engine parts and also tires, and also with a parachute on the back, us suspect part high velocities to be anticipated front of time. Even if it is or not the driver expected to walk 252 mph, us don’t know. But it’s for sure to say that parachute came in comfortable at the other end of the runway.

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It no take long for the Viper come reach the speed, either. The vehicle launches a little slow and goes conveniently through the first couple of gears, but after the it’s prefer whoa Nellie. The 100 mph - 200 mph sprint takes simply 10 seconds, v acceleration ultimately easing about 240 mph. The traction continues past 250 mph, and also though us briefly watch 253 mph ~ above the readout, the official trap speed is detailed at 252.588 mph.

In a press release ~ above the run, Johnny Bohmer proving Grounds explains that it supplies Garmin and also Racelogic surveillance systems for interior time and also speed checks. Exterior timing and speed figures are handled by the worldwide Mile gyeongju Association (IMRA), i beg your pardon is a sanctioning body well-known by countless groups, including the folks in ~ Guinness human being Records. In other words, this run is the actual deal.

If there are faster Vipers the end there, time to step up. Otherwise, to speak hello come the fastest evade Viper … in the world.

Source: Johnny Bohmer proving Grounds via YouTube


By: Christopher smith
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Street Legal dodge Viper sets new World Record

The Johnny Bohmer prove Grounds (JBPG) runway, situated in Merritt Island FL. Is not just the widest and flattest runway in the civilization but likewise close come the longest. For over 10 years, Johnny Bohmer has been performing right Line Aerodynamic trial and error for countless manufacturers and thousands that vehicles here.

The every concrete runway is 3 miles long with an additional 1000 ft. Asphalt runoff on each end. The runway is likewise 100 yds. Wide with second 50ft wide traffic lane on every side and has an key variance of just ¼ in. From north to southern over the 3 miles making this among the flattest, large surface concrete communication in the world. Friend hardly notice the 24 in. Crown in the facility of the runway due to the enormous width the the surface. In todays’ time, the access of concrete would certainly make this runway difficult to build. The traction is also substantially far better here than any kind of street surface; no as great as a traction strip, but much much better than the street.

Johnny Bohmer has emerged a regime to debunk myths and fact check the manufacturer’s insurance claims of vehicles performance. While experimentation the vehicles, Johnny’s team will data log in each vehicle and also record the findings. These have been beneficial to many manufacturers because of the vehicles capability to drive at speed for 2.5 mile while still have a safe, shut under area. Test videos will be post to the public on the freshly started, Johnny Bohmer prove Grounds YouTube channel.

The vehicles being tested room timed and speed checked with Garmin and Racelogic interior monitoring systems. Outside timing and also speed space performed by the global Mile gyeongju Association (IMRA) who is a sanctioning body accepted by numerous auto groups and also the Guinness publication of human being Records.

Johnny and his team will routinely test ½ mile, 1 mile, 1.5 mile, 2 mile, 2.3 mile, 2.5 mile and also 2.7 mile distances. Manufacturers come from all over the people to check many varieties of vehicles at JBPG consisting of sports cars, gyeongju cars, tractor trailers, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, fire safety, legislation enforcement and the perform goes on.

While trial and error multiple prototype manufacturer parts throughout a straight Line Aerodynamic trial and error Session on January 18, 2020, a street legal, 2006 dodge Viper collection a brand-new world record for the fastest taped speed in a dodge Viper. The weather conditions that job are listed below.

10:00AM EST.Temp: 72 F / 22.2 CDew Point: 54 F / 12.22 CWind: 15 MPH (13 KT) Direction: ESEVehicle Heading: southern to NorthPressure: 30.30 in.Density Altitude: 642 ft.Surface Temp: 70 F / 21.11 C2:00PM EST.Temp: 77 F / 25 CDew Point: 54 F / 12.22 CWind: 13 MPH (11 KT) Direction: SSEVehicle Heading: southern to NorthPressure: 30.21 in.Density Altitude: 1042 ft.Surface Temp: 88 F / 31.11 C

The professional driver reached a recorded height speed 252.588 MPH (406.501 KPH) during a 2.7 mile test.

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One of the main attributes of the Johnny Bohmer proving Grounds is come safely determine all facets of a vehicle’s performance capabilities while determining the accuracy the the manufacturer’s claims. Last but not least, please subscribe to the Johnny Bohmer proving Grounds YouTube channel together we continue to perform an ext testing with few of your favourite vehicles.