Mylicon (simethicone) is one over-the-counter (OTC) product the relieves the uncomfortable of infant gas commonly caused by air swallowing or particular formulas or foods. Mylicon belongs to a class of medications referred to as gastrointestinal agents, i beg your pardon are used to relieve gas.

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Mylicon is also available under various brand names consisting of Phazyme, Gas X Extra Strength, Gas X Softgels, Gas X slim Strips, Children's Gas X Tongue Twisters slim Strips, Gas X, PediaCare Infant's Gas Relief Drops, and also St. Joseph Infant's Gas Relief.

Mylicon functions by transforming the surface stress of gas bubbles and also causing the fallen of foam bubbles, thus allowing easier i of gas and also preventing gas pockets in the gastrointestinal street of the patient.

Dosages that Mylicon

Each dose of Mylicon must Be given As Follows:

Adult and pediatric doses:Tablet80mg125 mg


125 mg180 mg

Tablet, Chewable

80 mg125 mg

Liquid, Oral

20 mg per 0.3mL

Oral suspension

20 mg per 0.3mL40 mg every 0.6mL

Strip, orally disintegrating

40 mg62.5 mg
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What are Side Effects associated with using Mylicon?

Common next effects and also adverse effects of Mylicon include: loose stools

What various other Drugs interact with Mylicon?

If her doctor has directed girlfriend to use this medication for a specific condition, your doctor or pharmacist may already be conscious of any feasible drug interactions and may be surveillance you because that them. A patient need to not start, stop, or readjust the dosage of any medicine before checking v a doctor, health care provider or pharmacist first for much more information.

This file does no contain all feasible interactions. Therefore, prior to using this product, phone call your physician or pharmacist of every the assets you use, and also any medicines used if this drug is to it is in administered come a baby. Save a list through you come account because that all your medications, and share the list with your doctor and also pharmacist.

What room Warnings and also Precautions for Mylicon?


This medication has simethicone. Do not take Mylicon if you space allergic come simethicone or any kind of ingredients included in this drug.

This product need to be maintained safe and out of with of children. In case of overdose, gain medical aid or call a toxicity Control facility right away.


Hypersensitivity come simethicone.

Effects of drug Abuse


Short-Term Effects


Long-Term Effects



Chewable tablets have to be chewed thoroughly prior to swallowing; liquid-filled capsules have to not be chewed.

Can reason false-negative gastric guaiac test.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Use v caution during pregnancy if benefits outweigh risks. Pet studies show sign the risk and also human research studies not easily accessible or neither pet nor human studies done. Mylicon is not absorbed systemically; the is not meant to it is in excreted in milk.

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Disclaimer: many OTC drugs room not reviewed and approved by FDA, yet they may be marketed if castle comply v applicable regulations and also policies. FDA has not evaluated even if it is this product complies.