Here"s our updated perform for 2021, due to the fact that when auto companies complete for top-speed bragging rights, the human being wins.


A manufacturing version the the Hennessey venom F5 hypercar.Dean Smith, courtesy the Hennessey power Engineering.

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Hennessey power Engineering’s venom F5 picks up the baton from its larger sibling and also rockets away. A 6.6-liter twin-turbo V-8 pumps out 1,817 hp and also 1,193 ft lbs that twist, i beg your pardon propels the 2,950-pound coupe to 60 mph in under two seconds. And in situation you were wondering, its name is one homage come the F5 classification of tornados, the many intense level possible on the Fujita scale.

Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut — 330+ MPH (Claimed)

The fourth and final Koenigsegg to do the perform is called after the founder’s father. If the Swedes have actually yet come officially cite a optimal speed for the 1,600 hp asphalt assaulter, in theory, the 5.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 have the right to reach 330 mph. To attain this sort of speed, the just expanse of tarmac long enough would it is in the 5.4-mile straight at Ehra-Lessien in Germany, however that’s a Volkswagen facility and also it’s unlikely VW would certainly welcome a hopeful contender to bust the Chiron’s record.

A V-16 with 3,000 hp? Sounds like a dream, i m sorry may define why it’s been in advancement for much more than a decade in Dubai. The mill is do by slapping two LS V-8s together, and if that’s not enough oomph, you have the right to opt because that a important bonkers 5,007 hp iteration the the Devel sixteen for more than $2 million. That’ll just be because that drag-strip dominance, together that version won’t be legal ~ above the road.

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SSC Tuatara — 282.9 MPH

In October the 2020, SSC phibìc America’s founder Jerod Shelby took his recent hypercar to a Nevada desert and hammered the end a operation that to be touted to have averaged 316.11 mph. The internet, however, to be skeptical, and also shredded that session’s data in brief order, negating it. In January the 2021, Shelby decamped to prove grounds in ~ Kennedy room Center for a redux, bringing ample record devices and also external groups to monitor. That trial brought about a 279.2 mph speed on a northbound run, adhered to by the automobile reaching 286.1 mph on a southbound pass. Those (certified) results typical to 282.9 mph, which is more than sufficient to notch the SSC Tuatara above the Koenigsegg Agera RS ~ above this list.

Bugatti Chiron Super sport — 304.7 MPH

The optimal spot for the world’s faster supercar goes to Bugatti. In 2019, pilot Andy Wallace railed a tweaked-version of the 1,600 hp, 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged Chiron super Sport roughly the Ehra-Lessien track. The adjustments included lengthening the body by 10 inches, lowering it and giving it a brand-new rear aero kit, and also a brand-new exhaust setup. The actual heroes, however, to be the Michelin Pilot sport Cup 2 tires that were x-rayed before fitment to ensure perfect structure integrity. Watch the Chiron fight 304 mph below:

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