A metal object fell from a train ~ above Cedar Point's top Thrill Dragster so late Sunday, injuring a guest.The level Dealer



SANDUSKY, Ohio – that been 3 days since a horrific accident at one of Cedar Point’s most renowned roller coasters, and also there space still more questions than answers around the incident. Among them:

* What brought about the coaster, height Thrill Dragster, come malfunction?

* who is the victim and also what is she condition?

* What is the inspection procedure for height Thrill Dragster? and did that procedure fail?

Cedar suggest officials have declined to price questions around the accident in the days due to the fact that it occurred.

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There may be factors for the silence, including medical and also ethical privacy concerns. However the company’s fail to connect is leading to widespread speculation on society media.

On Wednesday, manager of interactions Tony Clark, in an answer to several questions, listed this statement: “Our focus continues to it is in on the guest and her family. Because the occurrence is still under investigation, the ride stays closed and there is no extr information come share in ~ this time.”

Clark approve a statement quickly after the accident, which arisen at about 4:30 p.m. Sunday. The statement stated that “a little metal object” fell off a peak Thrill Dragster train as it was ending its run and also hit a mrs guest who was standing in the journey queue. Both Cedar allude EMS and also Sandusky EMS comment to the incident.

The woman, that was fight in the head, to be transported come Firelands local Medical center in Sandusky. A hospital spokesman claimed she to be then transferred to another facility. Her identity and condition continue to be unknown.

Exactly what from the journey train hit her has not been revealed. One eyewitness explained it together “a metal disc flying through the air;” one more said the looked like “a hefty steel together bracket.”

Early this week, the Sandusky Police Department released the human body camera video clip from a responding officer, which shows a section of the emergency an answer to the incident. (See the video below.)

Sandusky Police chief Jared Oliver stated his department did not have actually an official report that the accident due to the fact that the event was handled by Cedar Point. “We to be there to assist,” he said. “They taken on the report.”

Top Thrill Dragster is just one of the park’s most thrilling and popular rides, v a optimal speed the 120 mph and also height the 420 feet. A hydraulic launch mechanism speeds riders from zero come 120 mph in four seconds, successfully sling-shooting them end the hill. The whole ride lasts 17 seconds.

When the debuted in 2003, optimal Thrill Dragster to be the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world, a title it lost in 2005 come a practically identical ride, Kingda Ka, at six Flags an excellent Adventure in brand-new Jersey. Top Thrill is fine known among coaster fans for being temperamental and maintenance-heavy, with lengthy periods out of commission.

Up until this week, however, it was not responsible for any known major injuries. In 2004, 4 riders continual minor injuries after ~ they were hit by little pieces that metal throughout the launch; in 2016, 2 riders were treated for minor injuries after a cable ended up being detached, according to news reports.

The ride is inspected routinely -- through Cedar point staff, the park’s insurance company and the Ohio room of Agriculture, which monitor ride safety in the state. A brand-new law, pass in 2019, requires the state to inspect roller coasters twice per year, increase from once. The ride was last inspected by the state in May. That was next scheduled to it is in inspected in September.

Ken Martin, one amusement park safety expert, suspects a maintenance failure is responsible for the accident.

“Based on my knowledge and also experience, if other comes off a roller coaster, that says to me a maintain issue,” claimed Martin, with KRM Consulting in Virginia.

He added, “I have the right to guarantee you this was not the first time something prefer this has happened. The the first time something has actually happened and also a human being was struck.”

Martin recently functioned with a woman that was hurt at an amusement park in California while waiting in line. She, too, was hit through a flying metal object that come off a ride – yet it take it years because that the park to recognize its role, he said. “She was standing in line to purchase something come eat,” the said. “How deserve to you protect somebody was standing in line?”

Dennis Speigel, an market consultant, said he’s confident Cedar allude will figure out what walk wrong and also will deal with it. “It’s walk to take it them a if to carry out the forensics,” claimed Speigel, president of international Theme Park Services. “They’ll look in ~ the why and what and also how and all of that. Lock will perform a thoroughly inspection, looking over every square inch of the drive to uncover out how and also why it occurred.”

State examiners were at Cedar suggest immediately complying with the accident. Katie Boyer, a spokeswoman for the Ohio department of Agriculture, would not give a timeframe for the conclusion that the state investigation.

Martin predicts that the ride will be permanently closed. “Write this down,” the said during a recent phone interview. “This ride will be torn down. Similar to the waterslide in Kansas.”

He was referring come a ride in ~ the now-closed Schlitterbahn Kansas City, whereby a 10-year-old boy was killed in 2016.

“When yes sir an accident top top a ride, you don’t tear the down,” that said. “You resolve it. That’s what lock going come do.”

He added, “If lock tear that down, it i will not ~ be therefore one incident. It would be due to the fact that of a passel the things.”

In 2009, for example, emperors Island closed and also ultimately tore down boy of Beast, a enormous wooden roller coaster, just after a series of injuries and problems – and attempts to deal with them. “It just was a problematic ride, one thing after another,” claimed Speigel, a previous Kings Island executive. “This ride (Top Thrill Dragster) has not demonstrated that.”

Martin claimed he’s hoping for transparency indigenous the investigation, native both the park and the state, in an initiative to instill publicly confidence in the process.

Even now, the said, while the examination is ongoing, park officials must be much more forthcoming,. “Why aren’t they telling us what go wrong and what they’re walk to execute to deal with it and to save it from happening again?”

IAAPA, the international Association of Amusement Parks and also Attractions, tracks injuries on rides in the united States and also Canada. In 2019, an estimated 1,294 injuries to be reported across 131 parks, the equivalent of around 0.8 injuries per 1 million rides.

About 6% of the injuries were reported to it is in “serious,” causing a fatality or an prompt admission and also hospitalization in excess of 24 hours.

Approximately 35% the the injuries were on roller coasters, 53% ~ above family and also adult rides, and 12% on children rides, follow to IAAPA.

Eyewitness describes Cedar point coaster accident: ‘It looked favor a steel disc flying v the air’

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