The Ford F-150 Lightning, revealed ~ above Thursday night (May 20), is conveniently one that the most-important launches because that Ford in this entire decade, and additionally one the the most important EV launches for any automaker. Make its global debut just months after ~ the start of sales that the Mustang Mach-E, the 2022 F-150 Lightning wants to turn the Blue Oval"s ideal seller right into the best-selling EV van in America, and as we experienced last night every the ingredients are there.

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The standard-range version of the F-150 Lightning is approximated to sell a variety of 230 miles, when the extended-range odor is slated to offer 300 miles—just a bit much less than the Mustang Mach-E"s peak range. These are EPA-range targets by the manufacturer, for this reason the main EPA numbers should be easily accessible in a couple of months, closer come the first F-150 Lightning deliveries next spring. For this reason they can still readjust a bit.

The standard range will make the base truck simple decision because that those who use it come commute roughly town or usage it in a pretty defined geographic area together a job-related truck, while the extended-range variation will it is in aimed at client who desire the adaptability to take longer trips from time come time. The base variety should likewise make the attractive come fleet buyers who use the truck in a particular area and can fee them overnight all in when place.

When it concerns charging, Ford states that making use of a 150-kW DC quick charger the Lightning can get sufficient juice in 10 minute to include 54 miles of range, when going indigenous 15% state of fee to 80% have the right to be done in just 41 minutes with the same charger.

For charging ~ above the go, the Lightning will feature FordPass power My Trip, immediately identifying charging stations follow me a route, if the smart Range duty calculates range while taking right into account factors such together payload, weather, traffic, and towing weight.

"Cloud-connected navigating on SYNC 4 also identifies windy charging locations and prompts owner to charge at practically points on each drive," Ford adds.

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True to the score of providing an EV truck because that everyone, the MSRP of the 230-mile standard-range F-150 Lightning will certainly be just $39,974, former to any federal or local incentives and prior come the location charge, which will be announced later.

The mid-series XLT version is the only other version whose price has been published to date, and it will start at $52,974, as soon as again before the enhancement of the location charge, and before any type of federal and local discounts.

A total of 4 trim lines will certainly be readily available in addition to 2 battery options, with the extended-range battery being typical on the range-topping Platinum model, which is yet to obtain an MSRP.

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However, there is one other item to note around the $39,974 base price. Because all F-150 Lightnings will attribute a crew cab, ~ the applications of the $7,500 federal tax impetus the Lightning come in below the price that the similar gas-engined F-150, which is the quick bed variation of the F-150 XL SuperCrew 4WD. So in ~ the end of the day, the base version of the EV truck with 230 miles on madness will end up costing buyers much less than the gas-engined version of the same body layout with AWD. And it will likewise deliver far an ext than the 260 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque of the equivalent gasoline version, which features a 3.3-liter V6, with nearly triple the speak of the gas model to be uncovered in the Lightning. "Triple the torque" is no something we acquire to say an extremely often as soon as comparing basic pickup trucks.The truck will enter production in feather 2022, so we need to know an ext details, including the official EPA range, in the comes months.

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