You"re probably not in the market for a search vehicle/cop car, and also the closest us at will obtain to one (hopefully) is a week behind the wheel—which, to be fair, is nice dang sweet. However for many drivers, there"s quiet something awesomely intriguing around police vehicles—they"re favor forbidden fruit most people will never ever taste. But we can at least learn about them, and the latest such rides from Dodge, the 2021 Charger quest sedan and 2021 Durango pursuit SUV, are currently in the wild and obtainable for order.

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Built with direct input indigenous the Police Advisory Board and also officers themselves, Dodge"s fleet of pursuit vehicles are declared to be technologically advanced and packed full of legislation enforcement-friendly features. The Charger quest has new standard devices like to apologize CarPlay, Android Auto, and also electric strength steering across the board. The Durango search touts an ext than 20 new standard features, including an instrument-panel-mounted shifter lever to complimentary up more working room in the facility console, four programmable assistant switches, police-specific front seats to much better accommodate loaded-up belts, a auto Systems interface Module, a beefy BR9 brake package, resilient vinyl flooring, and K9 pup-friendly tri-zone waiting conditioning.

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Powertrain developments further enable the Dodge search vehicles to acquire the task done without hindrance. The Charger Pursuit—offered with a much more powerful V-6 with all-wheel drive or a V-8 Hemi through rear-drive—both are now available with the eight-speed automatic transmission for boosted performance and also fuel efficiency. We"re talking a top speed the 140 mph, which most likely outpaces a bulk of bad guys" rides. Rise in the Charger"s Gross auto Weight Rating (GVWR) to 5,500 pounds permits for the additional payload that police aftermarket equipment requires. The evade Durango quest is AWD-inly and motivated by the typical 3.6-liter Pentastar or optional 5.7-liter hem V-8; the transmission is additionally the TorqueFlite eight-speed. The Durango Pursuit has a top speed the 130 mph.

Dodge didn"t release output for each model, however civilian AWD Chargers currently make 300 horsepower and 264 lb-ft; the same engine was worth 292 horses and 260 lb-ft in pervious Charger Pursuits and also 293 or 295 horsepower and 260 lb-ft in the outgoing Durango Pursuit. Critical year"s figures for the hemi V-8 were 370 horsepower and also 395 lb-ft in the sedan and also 360 horsepower and 390 lb-ft in the SUV, and also we expect those number to carry over.

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Production that the 2021 dodge Charger Pursuit starts in the fourth quarter the 2020 in ~ the Brampton (Ontario) Assembly Plant, while manufacturing of the 2021 dodge Durango Pursuit begins in the an initial quarter that 2021 at Detroit"s Jefferson north Assembly Plant.