TheToyotaSupra is a legend in the automotive world. That is the identical of the Japanese muscle vehicle with a history that goes ago decades. So, when theSuprawas revived again simply a couple of short year ago, there was a most interest in it. Also though the current model is no a purebred Toyota (it is made in conjunction withBMW), it has still motivated a the majority of Toyota pan to go out and also buy a brand-new one, change it, and make that faster. But, how fast does a Supra walk fresh out of the factory?


2020 Toyota Supra | Toyota

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Making sure the early stage high-speed pass was no a fluke, the video clip continues to clock the driver do one more high-speed run. Again, in ~ the 260-kilometer note (161 miles every hour), the auto stops accelerating. That sounds choose the vehicle has a lot quiet to give when the limiter kicks in. No warning lights came on in the tool display, and also no clattering came from the engine to suggest it remained in distress. So, that is for sure to say the the vehicle was operation as expected. In fact, the vehicle continues off the highway afterward at speeds more in keeping with the traffic.

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The two high-speed runs space back-to-back. They begin at the 4:10 timestamp.

The most astounding point from the 2nd run is that it is raining during the test. The windshield keeps obtaining pelted with raindrops, and the wipers come on. One hundred sixty-one miles per hour in the rain!

Supra unleashed at dry lake bed

Does the American spec Supra additionally have a limiter? To uncover that out, the well-known Youtuber the goes through the name Stradman, took his Supra out to a dried lake bed in Utah. That hit 163 miles every hour as soon as the Supra topped out. Again, that looked sounded together if the engine had much more to provide when it reached the top yet was hosted back.

Here is the video. His high-speed run begins at 6:00 timestamp.

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The GR Supra has actually a 3.0 liter, twin-turbo, 6-cylinder engine. Zero-to-sixty is time at 4.1 seconds. Interestingly, the Autohan and dry lake bed make the efforts both superseded the 155 miles every hourpublished minimal top speedfrom Toyota. The beginning price for the Supra is in ~ $49,990, not included destination, taxes, and also handling fees.

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It will not be long before a tuner finds a way to bypass the Toyota GR Supra’s rate limiter if that has actually not been done already. Still, the new Supra is a formidable package in the sportscar world. That has rapid zero-to-sixty times that are equivalent to some supercars, and also its optimal speed seems only minimal by computer system programming and also not yes, really capability. For now, the answer to the question, how fast can it go, is 163 miles every hour.