The exit megacat pictured ~ above The Post’s front page at a scale-tipping 41 pounds is now half the feline he offered to be, a year ~ he uncovered his furever house in Kew Gardens, monarchs — and was put on a strict diet.

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Barsik is under to a svelte 22 pounds, many thanks to the TLC detailed by his new “mom,” Texas transplant Meredith Adams.

Adams, 35, adopted Barsik in November 2019 from the Anjellicle Cats shelter in Hell’s Kitchen, ~ spotting the flabby tabby in The Post.

At the time, Barsik — so big he needed a stroller come get approximately town — to be accustomed to open feeding on dry food, his kryptonite, add to servings of box food dished out by his former owners.

“He loves dry food, yet he is very, really addicted to it,” Adams said, explaining how she strict monitors his sections now.

Barsik, in ~ 39.8 pounds, with Dr. Jeanne Klafin.Robert Miller

She’s invested the past year slowly reducing his day-to-day serving come one-and-a-quarter deserve to of Friskies cat food, and also the results have actually been life changing for 6-year-old Barsik.

“He does pretty much everything constant cats execute — jumping around, in ~ night he gets the zoomies,” said Adams, referring to the high-energy state complying with lots of napping. “He is a regular cat now.”

He still has some job-related to execute — his best weight is about 16 pounds, Adams said.A year ago, the fat cat was considered healthy despite his heft, follow to his foster caretakers.

Barsik and his mom, Meredith Adams.Helayne Seidman

“His blood job-related was actually perfect,” veterinarian Jeanne Klafin of animal General said last year. “It’s an extremely unusual. … Sadly, it’s simply a situation of him being overfed and under-exercised.”

Though he is no much longer eating like a king, he sure acts favor one, Adams said.

“He has a large personality. The is very demanding, the is really vocal, yet he is also really friendly,” Adams said. “When ns come residence from work and also get right into the building, i hear his meowing every the method down the hall. He desires his food, but he likewise wants come say ‘hi’ come me.”

This mega chonk graced the sheathe of The article in April 2019.NY Post

While Barsik’s bod has actually hardened, his personality has actually softened, Adams said.

“They told me the would never ever be cuddly, yet he have the right to be cuddly sometimes,” she said. “He yes, really likes to be under the covers. If the is ~ above the bed and also I lay down next to him, he will begin purring.

As Barsik has actually dropped the weight, he’s acquired thousands of fans on his Instagram account, bigbarsik, i beg your pardon boasts more than 22,000 followers.

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Adams plans come treat his followers to a virtual adoptiversary party top top Nov. 29. In lieu of gifts, she’s questioning fans to donate to Anjellicle Cats.