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Nevada requires civilization to obtain a precious CCW permit before they may lug a concealed firearm.

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1. What is a “concealed firearm” in Nevada?

A “concealed firearm” is a handgun (whether invited or unloaded) brought upon a human being in together a way as not to it is in discernible by plain observation.1 This consists of handguns hidden inside an short article of apparel or in a backpack, purse or various other item you space carrying.

Carrying a hidden a firearm there is no a allow is a felony in Nevada.

2. Am i eligible because that a concealed weapons permit in Nevada?

You may achieve a concealed lug permit in Nevada if:

You space 21 years of age or older; You space not prohibition from own a firearm under Nevada or commonwealth law; and You have documentation of successful completion of a firearm safety and security course indigenous a local legislation enforcement agency, college, university or nationwide organization the certifies instructors in firearm safety and security or an additional program approved a Nevada sheriff.

Your CCW application for a Nevada permit might be refuse (or your existing allow revoked) if:

You have been judicially claimed incompetent or insane; You have been voluntarily or involuntarily admitted come a mental wellness facility throughout the preceding five (5) years; You room a habitual user the alcohol and/or medicine to the degree that your regular faculties space impaired, which will be presumed if: You have actually been sentenced by a court to a routine of therapy for the abuse that alcohol or drugs for a Nevada medicine crime; you are at this time on parole or probation; You are a fugitive from justice; You have been, within the preceding five (5) years, subject to a court-ordered border on firearm possession as a problem to the court withholding entrance of referee or suspending your sentence because that a felony conviction; You have made a false declare on any kind of application for a permit or because that the renewal of a permit; You space in the United claims unlawfully or have renounced her U.S. Citizenship; You have been discharged native the equipped Forces under dishonorable conditions; or The sheriff receives a detailed and reliable sworn affidavit from who eighteen (18) or older that you have, or might have, committed an offense or engaged task which would make you ineligible because that a concealed lug permit.

Youare no entitled to a refund of your CCW permit applications fee if you room denied. However you deserve to appeal a denial.

3. Exactly how much does a Nevada CCW permit cost?

The price of a concealed bring permit depends on whereby in Nevada you space applying and also whether you are seeking a new permit or renewal. In las Vegas, the non-refundable applications fees are:

new application — $98.25 (includes the FBI elevator check) renewal application — $63.25 late regeneration application — $78.25 renewal application (more 보다 120 days late) — $98.25 brand-new CCW permit — $60.00 renewed CCW allow — $25.00 name change — $25.00 duplicate permit/late fee/address change — $15.00 additional fingerprint cards for out-of-state applications: $14.00 (first card);$2.00 (each added card)

This go not incorporate the cost of any of the required guns training course or essential documentation.

4. Exactly how long does it take it to obtain a CCW allow in Nevada?


By law, Nevada legislation enforcement has 120 days because that the handling of applications and issuance that CCW permits.3

If girlfriend are using for a rejuvenation permit, make certain to use at the very least 120 days before the expiration of your current permit in stimulate to stop late fees. Girlfriend may begin the renewal procedure at any kind of time, yet no credit will be noted for unused time.

Note that you are forced to take a refresher firearm qualification course and also resubmit a finish application packet in human being to attain a license renewal. Your regeneration application will likewise require brand-new photos and also fingerprints.

5. Exactly how long is a Nevada CCW permit an excellent for?

Nevada CCW permits remain valid because that a duration of 5 (5) years uneven revoked.

6. How do I apply for a hidden firearm allow in Nevada?

Under state law, girlfriend can obtain a Nevada CCW permit applications packet from your nearest sheriff’s or police station.

You will need to take a concealed weapons qualification food from a certified weapons instructor before you apply. Be certain your weapons instructor indications the certification type in the applications packet. Some of these process are:

list of approved guns courses in Clark County list of approved firearms courses in Washoe county

6.1. Las Vegas and also Reno CCW application processes

In ras Vegas, the ras Vegas metropolitan Police Department worries CCW permits. You can obtain a ras Vegas CCW permit application digital or from her nearest LVMPD substation. Renoresidents must obtain their CCW patent from the Washoe county Sheriff.

Complete the application but do not authorize the type until instructed to execute so. Perfect (but unsigned) applications through supporting files must it is in turned in to the sheriff or police in person.

Residents the Clark County deserve to submit their applications to the Fingerprint bureau of the LVMPD duringnormal business hours: Monday – Friday, excluding holidays, from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. The LVMPD’s fingerprint office is located at:

Las Vegas city Police Headquarters400 south Martin Luther King BoulevardBuilding CLas Vegas, NV, 89106

(Corner of S. Martin Luther King Blvd & Alta Blvd)

Telephone: (702) 828-3271

In Reno and elsewhere in Washoe County, CCW applications are accepted Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. To 3:30 p.m. At:

Washoe ar Sheriff’s Office 911 Parr Blvd. Reno, NV 89512

Telephone: (775) 328-3001


You will require to bring the following with you:

her completed (unsigned) application; Your weapons course certification (signed by the instructor); Debit/credit cards, cash, money order or cashier’s examine for the suitable fee; proof of residency (valid driver’s license); and If no born in the United states (whether or no a U.S. Citizens at the time), evidence of citizenship in the type of a: citizens certificate, valid U.S. Passport, U.S. Birth certificate, or resides alien card

Photocopies will certainly not be accepted.

Permittees are forced to carry their CCW permit and proper to know whenever they are in yes, really possession that a hidden firearm. Castle must present their ID and CCW permit if a peace officer requests it. Not doing one of two people will topic them to a civil penalty that $25.4

7. Is my out-of-state surprise weapon permit valid in Nevada?

Nevada recognizes this states’ CCW permits for non-residents. The Nevada department of Public security updates this reciprocity list every year.

If someone move to Nevada through a mutual out-of-state CCW permit, he/she might use that permit for only the first sixty (60) days of life in-state. Afterward, he/she would need to obtain a new CCW permit issued indigenous his/her regional sheriff’s office in Nevada.5

Before utilizing a Nevada CCW permit in another state, inspect with that state’s own department of windy safety.

8. What is the punish for moving a concealed gun there is no a permit in Nevada?

Carrying a hidden handgun in the state of Nevada without having a valid permit is a group C felony, carrying:

probably a good of as much as $10,000.6

Recall the a human being who has actually a valid state permit yet forgets to carry it while delivering a surprise firearm faces a $25 fine.

Note that there are details locations that are off-limits to guns – such as child treatment facilities – whether or no the person has actually a CCW permit. Countless public structures have steel detectors at the general public entrances. Additionally see our short article on Nevada open bring laws and Nevada pistol laws.

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