Maryland has actors electoral ballots in every U.S. Presidential election, and also has correctly given the majority of that is electoral votes come the all at once winner in 39 the end of 59 elections, bring about a success rate of 66 percent. Apart from the an initial two U.S. Elections, wherein George Washington was elected unanimously, Maryland has actually voted for a significant party candidate in all but one elections; this remained in 1856, wherein Maryland to be the only state lugged by the recognize Nothing Party"s Millard Fillmore. In early elections, Maryland"s electors cast separate ballots because that the most well-known candidate in your district, back this system fell out of usage in the 1830s. Since the 1850s, Maryland has generally voted because that the autonomous nominee, siding v the democracy in 29 elections, and the republic twelve times. In the 2020 election, Maryland was a comfortable success for autonomous nominee Joe Biden, who share that the famous vote to be over double that the his rival, Donald Trump.

Closest ever elections

In terms of popular votes, Maryland has seen the 2 closest outcomes in any kind of presidential election. The very first of these was in 1832, wherein Henry Clay received 19,160 renowned votes, while Andrew Jackson got 19,156; a distinction of just 4 votes. The 2nd was in 1904, where Theodore Roosevelt obtained 109,497 votes, 51 votes more than his rival, Alton B. Parker. In comparison to the 1832 election, the most well-known candidate go not win Maryland in 1904, as democratic politicians and electors were able to manipulate the voting mechanism to adjust the winner of your district; this device was in place until 1937. While these elections in Maryland have two that the smallest distinctions in the variety of popular votes cast, the smallest distinction in the re-superstructure of votes emerged in the 2000 choice in Florida, where George W. Bush defeated Al Gore by just 537 votes, which equated to a 0.009 percent difference.


No U.S. Chairman was ever born in or stayed in Maryland once taking office, nor has any significant party candidate come indigenous the Old heat State. Throughout many of the history, Maryland was allocated eight electoral votes, although it was elevated to ten in the second fifty percent of the twenty century, as result of a high development rate in the decades after the second World War.

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number of electoral votes indigenous Maryland designated to every party"s candidate in U.S. Presidential elections native 1789 come 2020

Year and candidateDemocratRepublicanFederalistDemocratic-RepublicanVote not castNational RepublicanWhigKnow Nothing
2020: Joe Biden*10--------
2016: Hillary Clinton10--------
2012: Barack Obama*10--------
2008: Barack Obama*10--------
2004: man Kerry10--------
2000: Al Gore10--------
1996: bill Clinton*10--------
1992: bill Clinton*10--------
1988: George H. W. Bush*-10-------
1984: Ronald Reagan*-10-------
1980: Jimmy Carter10--------
1976: Jimmy Carter*10--------
1972: Richard Nixon*-10-------
1968: hobtration Humphrey10--------
1964: lindon B. Johnson*10--------
1960: john F. Kennedy*9--------
1956: Dwight D. Eisenhower*-9-------
1952: Dwight D. Eisenhower*-9-------
1948: cutting board E. Dewey-8-------
1944: Franklin D. Roosevelt*8--------
1940: Franklin D. Roosevelt*8--------
1936: Franklin D. Roosevelt*8--------
1932: Franklin D. Roosevelt*8--------
1928: Herbert Hoover*-8-------
1924: Calvin Coolidge*-8-------
1920: Warren G. Harding*-8-------
1916: Woodrow Wilson*8--------
1912: Woodrow Wilson*8--------
1908: wilhelm Jennings Bryan (6), wilhelm Howard Taft* (2)62-------
1904: Alton B. Parker (7), Theodore Roosevelt* (1)71-------
1900: william McKinley*-8-------
1896: wilhelm McKinley*-8-------
1892: Grover Cleveland*8--------
1888: Grover Cleveland8--------
1884: Grover Cleveland*8--------
1880: Winfield Hancock8--------
1876: Samuel J. Tilden8--------
1872: thomas A. Hendricks**8--------
1868: Horatio Seymour7--------
1864: Abraham Lincoln*-7-------
1860: man C. Breckenridge8--------
1856: Millard Fillmore-------8-
1852: Franklin Pierce*8--------
1848: Zachary Taylor*------8--
1844: Henry Clay------8--
1840: william Henry Harrison*------10--
1836: william Henry Harrison------10--
1832: Henry Clay (5), Andrew Jackson* (3)3---25---
1828: man Quincy Adams (6), Andrew Jackson* (5)5----6---
1824: Andrew Jackson (7), man Quincy Adams* (3), william Crawford (1)---11-----
1820: James Monroe*---11-----
1816: James Monroe*---83----
1812: James Madison* (6), DeWitt Clinton (5)--56-----
1808: James Madison* (9), Charles Pinckney (2)--29-----
1804: thomas Jefferson* (9), Charles Pinckney (2)--29-----
1800***: cutting board Jefferson* (5), john Adams (5)--55-----
1796: john Adams* (7), thomas Jefferson (4)--74-----
1792: George Washington*--8------
1789: George Washington*--6------

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