Throughout history, world have used gold in jewelry and also as a currency, and the revered metal has actually long been a prize of value. You have the right to buy yellow in pieces of any size, however one the the most iconic ways of measuring yellow is in large bars.

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A “gold bar” is a rectangle-shaped bar made of solid yellow in many sizes and also weights. Once they hear of a gold bar, many people photo one about the size of a brick since that is what they see in movies. However, gold bars of this dimension are not basic to find, and also they are much heavier 보다 they it seems ~ in the movie world.

In this article, us will define the weight and dimensions of a conventional gold bar in addition to smaller sized bars the the typical gold investor could have.

The worth of gold fluctuates daily. Us base any type of mentions that the worth of a gold bar in this short article on the price of yellow in April 2021.

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The history of gold BarsInvesting in Gold

Weight and also Dimensions that One yellow Bar

Since gold is so tough to uncover in large quantities, numerous gold bars are relatively small. Yellow is a typical investment commodity, for this reason many human being purchase tiny amounts in ~ a time. In many cases, civilization do no buy a conventional bar the gold. Instead, they purchase bars that range in size from a paperclip come a smartphone.

A bar of yellow the size of a smartphone would weigh about one kilogram or 2.2 pounds. A bar of gold this dimension is worth over $57,000. In comparison, a conventional bar that gold with dimensions about 4 x 11 x 2 inches weighs around 400 troy ounces (over 11 kilograms, or 27.5 pounds). This traditional bar of gold is worth end $700,000.

Few mean investors have a gold bar lying approximately at home. $700,000 is a most money to have actually invested in one commodity, also for a wealthy person. If who is particularly interested in investing in gold, lock are much more likely to own several smaller bars quite than one standard size bar. Us will return to this later on in the article.

Calculating worth of yellow by Weight


You could have noticed that we mentioned the weight in troy ounces quite than regular ounces as soon as talking around the load of a yellow bar. A troy ounce consists of slightly much more weight 보다 a typical ounce, do it about 10% heavier. The use of trojan ounces dates back to the center Ages, yet today we just use the measure up for the load of precious steels like gold.

You might have also noticed that a bar of gold weighs “approximately” 400 ounces. Even with a standard-sized bar, the amount of yellow within each bar is inexact. Mints create gold bars using molds, and also some space fuller than others, causing larger- or smaller-than-average gold bars.

The worth per trojan ounce of yellow fluctuates all the time. At the time of this article’s writing, one trojan ounce the gold was worth around $1,760. To figure out precisely how much your yellow bar is worth, friend will should measure it in troy ounces and then examine the most updated price of gold per trojan ounce.

The history of gold Bars

Gold bars, likewise known together gold bullion—which method that the gold is together pure and also refined together possible—are practically 100% pure gold. Gold bullion has a long background of usage as currency and also until recently detailed the backing of numerous currencies worldwide.

The yellow Standard

Investopedia defines the ide of the “gold standard” in the adhering to way:

“The gold standard is a monetary device where a country’s money or file money has a value directly connected to gold. With the gold standard, nations agreed to convert file money into a fixed amount of gold. A nation that offers the gold standard sets a solved price for gold and buys and also sells gold at the price.”

Gold has actually long to be the way that countless currencies about the civilization held any type of value. Essentially, document and coin money linked directly come gold. Fairly than trading and also purchasing with physical gold, many economic systems had their citizens profession in their gold for file and coin money that stood for gold. This was traditionally a way to prevent inflation and also keep economic climates under control.

The United states left the gold typical in 1971, and also no other country today offers it any longer to back their currency. The fiat system replaced the gold typical in most cases. This device works by having individual governments regulate their currency. This system is in location in the United claims today.

Even despite no nation uses the gold standard any type of longer, yellow is quiet a precious metal and also has far-reaching value. Many civilization own physical gold for investment purposes since its value has actually the potential come increase.

Because the united States when rooted its economic climate on the yellow standard, our country owns huge stores of yellow bars. These space the top brick-sized bars the gold that we check out in movies. The gold reserves are under heavy protection in vaults at the United states Bullion Depository located in fort Knox, Kentucky, in the possession the the United says Department of the Treasury.

Fort Knox

Fort Knox is an military post in Kentucky that houses most the the gold reserves belonging come the joined States. Developed in 1936, ft Knox ended up being the house of the gold formerly housed in brand-new York City and Philadelphia to create a safer, an ext inland location that would be harder for potential thieves come access.

The United says Postal service transported all of the gold from the 2 cities to fort Knox over land since the gold bars were too hefty for deliver by plane. Ft Knox has been just one of the most greatly guarded and also secure places in the nation ever since.

In fact, the initial Constitution, declaration of Independence, write-ups of Confederation, and also other essential historical files stayed for sure at fort Knox during people War II because that protection. Fort Knox boasts every sorts of modern security devices, and landmines surround the entire property, which radars monitor.

Even the president of the United claims can’t visit fort Knox. Come date, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the sit president who developed Fort Knox, is the only president to have actually visited the property.

Fort Knox at this time holds 147 million trojan ounces the gold, which equates to over 10 million pounds. If all of the yellow in fort Knox were in gold bar form, there would be 367,500 bars. The worth of all of the yellow at ft Knox is over $250 billion.

Investing in Gold


Even despite no currencies are on the gold standard anymore, gold is still an important as a precious metal. Many people will recommend diversifying your invest portfolio through purchasing some gold or investing in a gold mine.

Some civilization even predict the currencies could go ago to the yellow standard during times the extreme economic turmoil. If this happens, it can not it is in a bad thing to have actually some yellow lying around. This scenario, however, is unlikely to happen.

What come Buy

If girlfriend are merely looking to diversify your investment portfolio a bit, that is unlikely the you will desire to acquisition a conventional gold bar through a $700,000 price tag. When investing in physics gold, it is best to acquisition smaller bars or coins.

Smaller amounts administer you with much more liquidity and also give friend the choice to offer only component of her gold supply in the future, if necessary. Because that example, if girlfriend put all of your gold investments right into one bar that gold, girlfriend wouldn’t have the ability to sell fifty percent of your gold, so it’s finest to acquisition multiple small bars and also coins.

Official gold bars and coins room as close come pure gold as possible. They have actually a serial number attached to certify them because that security and also authenticity purposes.

Minted gold Bars

While any average person have the right to make a yellow bar out of a mold, produced gold bars hold greater standards. Although friend can uncover multiple size of produced gold bars, mints measure each with care to ensure the they space the specific weight as advertised.

Mints produce these species of yellow bars for human being wanting to buy gold for invest purposes. Investors deserve to purchase minted gold bars native the United states mint.

Wrapping points Up

At the finish of the day, yellow bars are hefty, through one standard-size gold bar weighing in at practically 30 pounds. When these big gold bars are more common in for sure reserves like fort Knox quite than out in the world, smaller gold bars and also coins are regular investments ~ above the yellow market.

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Even despite you might not be able to visit the vaults at ft Knox, you have the right to invest in and own gold bars, and also gold investing is amongst the finest ways to construct your precious steels portfolio. Because that example, you have the right to buy a 1-kilo gold bar (32.5 ounces that .999 pure gold) if you have around $58,000—but also less wealthy investors can purchase gold coins, yellow certificates, or gold mining stocks.