Drew Carey hosts hit The Price is Right, which is beginning its 50th season ~ above the air. (Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS Broadcasting, Inc.)
Attention big spinners: Come on down to buzzpatterson.com Entertainment's digital Price is best experience! to celebrate the 50th season that the beloved daytime video game show, we're providing fans the possibility to take its world-famous huge Wheel for a spin via augmented reality. Click on the experience below for your own opportunity to fight the $1 spot, with the encouragement of Price is best announcer, George Gray. You can even use your mobile machine to put the huge Wheel, and a Showcase Showdown podium, in her own an are so you don't have to make the expedition to the show's studio in clear Los Angeles.

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The various other nice thing around this virtual variation of the big Wheel is the it doesn't require any arm strength to spin. "It's heavy, and also I don't mean like in the late '60s 'heavy, brother' way," Gray speak buzzpatterson.com Entertainment about the 2,000 pound wheel. "It weighs a lot! over there are people who can't acquire it to go about a single rotation. Girlfriend gotta put a tiny muscle into it."

Of course, it also helps if you host the show, because that prime place awards you multiple chances to shot your luck. At least, that's been drew Carey's experience. The comedian changed game display legend Bob Barker — who held the collection for 35 year — as The Price is Right's emcee in 2007, and confesses that he be crazy the wheel a lot of (off-camera, the course) early in his tenure.

"I couldn't wait to spin the wheel throughout a break simply to see how I would do," that says, chuckling. "I don't spin it anymore, yet I did it every the time once I an initial started. If you had all day come practice before the show, you'd have a an excellent idea of how to spin it once it's her turn. Yet when you're increase there, you have no idea how heavy or irradiate it is until you actually carry out the spin, and also then it's as well late. That's exactly how we gain ya."


Carey looks ahead to hosting Price is Right"s 50th season (Photo: Adam Torgerson/CBS Broadcasting, Inc.)

Carey: Honestly, the opening week is nuts and there's a pair of moment from the opening week wherein I really had to walk backstage and collect myself. Ns won't damn it it, but we market a million dollar prize every solitary day, and also I remember the one night ns couldn't sleep thinking, "Is it wrong to sell a million dollars? Maybe civilization would be tempted to take it a opportunity that castle shouldn't have." therefore I had actually to go through this whole thing. Ns don't know just how it'll look as soon as they edit it, however it was an emotional week because that me!

Reynolds: I'm excited that we ultimately have one audience again, due to the fact that we're coming turn off of a year where COVID-19 meant that we didn't have an audience. It's really cool exactly how the producers to be able to save an audience while also being COVID friendly. We likewise have a pair of brand-new games that are very exciting, and one of castle is only going to air this season. And, girlfriend know, the 50th season is our gold Anniversary, so over there are lots of things on collection that have a small gold in them. If you're a large fan, you'll notification that a many the doors and the trimming have actually a small gold feature to them.

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Gray: There's a brand-new game referred to as "To the Penny" that's yes, really neat and also has got some an excellent strategy come it. You start with five pennies in your hand, and there's things where you need to guess if it's this price or this price. If you're not sure, you can provide me among the pennies, and also I'll take away among the prices in the first round, which provides you the answer. So the would provide you $1,500, however the peak prize is $25,000 in cash, for this reason you want to try and conserve those pennies to be able to get to more choices. It can gain really tough near the finish so it's great to have those pennies! ns love gamings that have actually strategy, for this reason this is a fun game for the 50th season.

Price is best airs weekdays at 11 a.m. On CBS

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