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Cows deserve to be identified animals, and also you may uncover them ambling over low-lying part of fence. However, the key reason why they run fences is typically to get accessibility to feed or water.

Can a cow actually jump a fence?

Cows can and also do run fences, especially if castle feel endangered or space trying to sign up with other herd members.

Best varieties of Fence materials for CattleElectroBraid PBRC1000B2 EB equine Fence Conductor ReelGallagher G620300 electrical Polywire Fence Combo RollPremier 42″ ElectroStop add to Starter Kit Premier steed QuikFence 4 / 48 / 24-100 ft Horse electric Netting FenceZareba EAC75M-Z 75 Mile AC short Impedance electrical Fence ChargerTenax x 1A120244 FencePremier ElectroNet lamb & Goat network FenceParmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6 low Impedance 25 Mile variety Electric Fence Charger

How to prevent a Cow indigenous Jumping end a Fence

Cows have the right to be stubborn at times. There’s nothing together nagging as seeing her cow out of that enclosure or getting a call from your neighbor about a stray cow.

In stimulate to protect against your cows indigenous jumping end fences, the very first rule is to build your fences high enough to avoid the cows native jumping end it. Fences deserve to be do of cable mesh, or you can use an electric fence.

Keeping sufficient feed in their enclosure can discourage fence breaches; if they have adequate food, they will be much less inclined to try breaking out in search of it.

How High deserve to a Cow Jump?

Some cows can quickly jump four to 5 foot heights. In fact, they are sometimes trained come ride and also jump because that exhibition purposes.

For cattle that are specifically fractious and also prone come jumping, a six-foot fence need to keep lock contained.

Cows do not usually jump really high, however if you connect them in a run, you will certainly be amazed come see how high they deserve to jump. Any height over four feet is strenuous for a cow to jump however can be done.

This is specifically true the younger, leaner cattle. Pregnant cows and also larger, enlarge bulls and steers are much less agile and not able come jump fairly as high.

Best types of Fence materials for Cattle

ElectroBraid PBRC1000B2 EB horse Fence Conductor Reel


This fence wire consists of copper wire that is paired with a polypropylene and polyester wrapping to rise its lifespan.

Copper has great conductivity, make this fence a perfect option if you decision to make it component of an electric system. electrical fences carry out extra protection from predators accessing your cattle.

ElectroBraid fencing is thought about one of the the safest for horse paddocks as well. Horses are recognized to be jumpy and stubborn at times, yet this fencing system controls them. Why no cattle?


You deserve to construct an enclosure as large as friend want due to the fact that there is plenty of material, that is offered in 1000 foot spools.

The wire is make from copper which is a very good conductor the electricity.

The polypropylene v braided polyester building increases the lifespan and also durability of this product.


This fencing form may not be long lasting in tougher climates.

Gallagher G620300 electric Polywire Fence Combo Roll


This fencing wire is the many ideal because that portable fences. It can quickly be made component of an electrical fence mechanism with its six-wire structure.

There is decent conductivity since the steel wire is stainless steel.

The external protective extending is UV-stabilized come exist for long periods the time in areas where there is complete or partial sunlight all year round.

The fence is likewise white in color and can be plainly seen indigenous afar.


It is handy and convenient when developing portable fences.

The poly cable is make from six strands, and the metal wire product is corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a an excellent conductor that electricity, to facilitate electric fence use.

The cable is UV-stabilized because that durability, for this reason you perform not need to worry about replacing the fencing as regularly in high-sun exposure areas.

Many livestock owners appreciate the reality that this fence is white and also can be easily spotted from a distance.


Many cattle owners have actually expressed that the wire can be thicker.

This product need to be carefully stretched to provide enough tension to keep it at the best height.

Premier 42″ ElectroStop to add Starter Kit


This Premier product has actually one hundreds feet the double-spike electrical netting the is useful when creating a tiny enclosure for your cattle. It also contains 4 FiberTuff write-ups for extra support.


The one hundred foot rolls are enough for a small enclosure for her cattle, 25×25 feet.

Installing this fence is easy, and also generally takes much less than 20 minute to be placed up.

The 4 support write-ups can be offered to create a square enclosure, guiding the installation.

Premier horse QuikFence 4 / 48 / 24-100 ft Horse electrical Netting Fence


These fence roll come prepared for installation, and there room line write-ups built into the rolls because that maximum convenience. The mesh is four feet tall and also starts one foot over the ground surface. That has four conductive cable strands for extra conductivity and protection.

For the utmost effectiveness, friend will need to use a solid energizer and also clear any type of vegetation roughly the bottom of this fence.


Erected at four feet high and one foot above the soil surface, this fencing system provides a good deterrent to jumping.

This type of fence is easily used to create individual pastures because that rotational grazing.

Zareba EAC75M-Z 75 Mile AC low Impedance electrical Fence Charger

This product is a fence energizer that functions well with electrical fence equipment such together high tensile, polywire and polytape.

It can provide 115 volts, and working through pulsed output, that is ideal for any kind of setup that you have actually in mind. It deserve to energize up to 75 mile of fencing.

It should be plugged right into an electric outlet.


It have the right to power approximately 75 mile of the fence and also is a good charger to be supplied in different varieties of enclosures.

It it is intended 115 volts, discouraging the cattle from experimentation it, and also keeping predators at bay.

It is highly versatile because it can be supplied with various varieties of fences such together high tensile, polywire, and polytape.


This charger has actually been connected with short-circuit problems which damage the charger completely.

Tenax x 1A120244 Fence

Tenax fencing offers a solid barrier the keeps your cattle from jumping over it and also from any type of outside threats. It is sturdy and durable, lasting because that over ten years.

It has actually a breaking load of 600lbs and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear without any type of problems.

This fencing is likewise virtually invisible once installed.


It is a long-lasting fencing system.

The fence blends well through the environment.

The hefty 600lb break strength enables it to withstand being trampled by pets that might test it.


This fence deserve to sag in an extensive high temperatures. If friend live in together an area, girlfriend will must use a top string come fortify the optimal of the netting.

Premier ElectroNet lamb & Goat net Fence

The framework of this fence renders it outstanding. The integrated posts are made from rigid plastic and also are spaced to make sure that the net doesn’t sag.

It has nine horizontal strands, eight the which room electrified to save your cattle safely inside and also predators in ~ bay.


The PVC posts are really handy and also have metal spikes that enable you construct an enclosure without any type of problem.

It has low electrical power resistance, thus you can make large enclosures. Also, weeds coming in call with the fence won’t it is in a problem.


The poles are not as solid as other options.

Getting the poles into the ground when it is very dry or rocky deserve to be problematic.

Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6 short Impedance 25 Mile variety Electric Fence Charger

This items is a solar-powered electric fence charger. It has low impedance, which way the fence it strength won’t shed potency as soon as it is touch by vegetation.

It deserve to send charge also through wet bushes, therefore it is right for locations with high humidity.

It is the best option if you need to use solar energy to charge your fence.


It has actually a 6-volt battery which acts together a backup on overcast or stormy days.

It have the right to power approximately 25 mile of fence.


The solar dashboard fasteners are made of plastic and have been recognized to break.

Using dummy Fences

It is simple to contain your cattle with momentary dummy fences as soon as you have trained them to an electrical fence. Fake fences carry out not must be energized because they space a momentary situation.

Underpowered fences or broken energizers can go unnoticed by your cattle for long periods of time as result of successful electrical fence training.

With appropriate training, a very visible rope have the right to contain an entire herd in ~ a brand-new gate with only one person to mind them. This “dummy wire” help the cows to remain calm while castle learn around the brand-new gate.

Dummy wires are much more effective in putting press on your livestock rather than doing it on her own.

Dummy wires are likewise handy when making impromptu entrances in a carry alley, non-permanent highway crossings, or producing false fencing part in the pasture when you require to handle your cattle.

You will be amazed at how reliable a length of rope can be once you room trying come contain or move trained cattle between locations.

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Straying cows room both inconvenient and also capable of resulting in serious damages to various other property. The best way to prevent cows native straying is to build fences. Electric fences space expensive, but they space an ideal choice and are durable. They additionally effectively defeat predators.