Well, he did it. Felix jumped out of a balloon 128,000 feet over the planet as component of the Red Bull Stratos jump. Much more on ‘Fearless’ Felix: ‘Fearless Felix’ falls 24 mile to earth Physics of the Red Bull Stratos Jump how Claustrophobia virtually Grounded ‘Fearless Felix’ What We have the right to Learn native a Supersonic Skydive <…>


Well, he did it. Felix jumped the end of a balloon 128,000 feet above the planet as component of the Red Bull Stratos jump.

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Of course, ns was watching this video clip live. One thing interesting at the finish was the altitude. It seems the plan was to run from 120,000 feet - but the balloon got as high together 128,000 feet in ~ one point. I think he eventually jumped somewhere between 127 and also 128 thousands feet. The other interesting thing was the time of totally free fall. Joe Kittinger stop the record for the longest complimentary fall at approximately 4 minutes and also 36 seconds as soon as he jumped from 102,000 feet. Even though Felix Baumgartner jumped from rather a little bit higher, he only had a complimentary fall time roughly 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Why? i guess the real question is the difference in Felix's actual run time and his projected totally free fall time the 5 mins 35s.

I guess: v the 2 jumps could have various ending altitudes. However, at a terminal speed of 120 mph the would just take about 6 secs to take trip an extra 1000 feet before pulling the end the parachute. This probably doesn't account because that the 1 minute difference in projected time (unless Felix traction at approximately 15,000 feet - which i am not precisely sure about) __Upate: __According to this push conference, he opened up his chute about 8,000 feet.

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My first guess was that it needs to do with the beginning altitude. If Felix starts indigenous a higher position, that gives him much an ext time to boost his speed during the section of the jump through very tiny air resistance. Permit me do a fast calculation. Expect the air resistance throughout the very first 26,000 is at sight small. In the case, basically the only force acting ~ above Felix would certainly be the gravitational force giving him an acceleration about 9.8 m/s2 (the gravitational ar doesn't adjust that lot at that altitude and also this is just an estimation).

I don't usually like to begin with this kinematic equation, yet I am going come anyway. If you understand the acceleration and also the distance, climate the following would it is in true: