While couple of people are signing approximately be the next person cannonball, there space lots of great ways to feel choose a life projectile. One of the more popular thrill-seeking rides is the slingshot ride. It’s no for the faint-of-heart and also throws girlfriend far and fast. That a great rush, and also it’s no wonder there space so countless of castle in design template parks approximately the world. If girlfriend are searching for a great thrill, below are part facts around the slingshot ride. While no 2 rides are the same, there is a variety of statistics that cover practically every slingshot ride right now on the market, including the tallest and fastest.

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With end 400 amusement parks in America alone, over there isn’t a shortage of excessive thrills. Thankfully, countless of this locations function the distinct slingshot ride. When there are some safety pertains to involved, amusement parks are continuing to enhance the safety and experience of the slingshot ride. Even if it is you enjoy quick coasters, high rides or something unique, the slingshot journey is a good choice.

What Is a Slingshot Ride?


Two stole towers jut right into the air choose the arms of a slingshot. This modern-day ride uses solid steel cables to organize a carriage design for two people. As long as their combined weight is at the very least 110 pounds, this two human being will be sent out flying right into the air. The cables never let go of the carriage, yet it swings earlier and forth, side to side and also in one movements. The velocity and also direction readjust make the a an excellent ride because that thrill-seekers that aren’t fear of heights. This two-person ride usually prices a little entrance fee, even if you have paid to enter the amusement park. There are numerous slightly different options to this ride, but they all basically work-related the same. That a simple ride, and also customers love the speed and simplicity of this ride. This rides are almost everywhere from 275 feet to 360 feet high, for this reason they aren’t for the faint-of-heart. The entrance fee for the slingshot ride is normally from $10 to $25, however there is a wide variety of fees. The a great way to attach with a friend or family member, as the small two-person carriage allows you see how they react to being thrown at high speeds. The creator of the ride to be Funtime Industries, i m sorry operates in a selection of countries. The has developed other an excellent rides, prefer the StarFlyer and also Sky Diver.

How fast Is It?

The speed relies on the size of the slingshot. At majesties Island, among the more quickly slingshot rides sends you paris at about 100 mph. Other rides clock in at a slower, yet still exceptionally fast, pace. Cedar allude reports 62 mph, and also Carowinds’ slingshot ride is 60 mph. There are other areas to ride the slingshot ride, for this reason this is an approximate speed. Considering the faster roller coaster in America is the top Thrill Dragster, in ~ 120 mph, the slingshot journey is still really fast. The more quickly coaster in the civilization is currently in the joined Arab Emirates. 1 Formula Rossa documents speeds of 150 mph. Still, the slingshot ride ranks an extremely high on the list of rapid roller coasters and also amusement park rides. It also feels lot more complimentary than a roller coaster, i m sorry is on a track. It’s hard to guess the specific direction it will certainly swing and bounce, which makes it a unique ride every time.

Is that Safe?

Despite the height and speed the this ride, it’s a really safe experience. Amusement parks have many steps to ensure each ride is safe and secure. The carriage has actually a shoulder restraint and belt that attaches in between the legs. They likewise have minimum and also maximum sizes and include information about amputees speak this ride. If you have a neck brace, neck injury or any type of full-sized casts, friend won’t have the ability to ride this ride. As with all roller coasters, there have actually been very rare instances of injury and even death while speak this ride. Care should always be taken, but even so, there space rare accidents with any kind of ride. Overall, the an very safe drive with couple of incidents recorded.

Where can I ride the Slingshot?


There space lots of locations to enjoy a slingshot ride. These intense rides are part of most major amusement parks and even some smaller sized ones. One of the fastest slingshot rides is at queens Island in Ohio. Other an excellent slingshot rides room at Cedar Point, 6 Flags, Carowinds, miracle Midway and also Canada’s Wonderland. Every of this locations has a slightly various slingshot ride. The price likewise changes at every amusement park, and also most sites charge a small, additional fee. These are simply some of the an ext popular areas for this ride. Check with your local amusement park to check out if over there is a slingshot ride closer to you.

Other Slingshot Facts

The slingshot drive is very tall, together tall as 300 feet. To compare this to the tallest roller coaster in the world, the Kingda Ka. This substantial Six Flags good Adventure ride stands 456 feet tall with a fall of 416 feet. The slingshot can’t complete with the tallest or faster coasters yet is still an outstanding ride. It have the right to swing at a G-force the 3.5. Among the highlights that riding a slingshot journey is that it never feels the exact same twice. That doesn’t use a bungee cord however has approximately 720 springs specially designed for strength and resistance. When it launches you right into the air, you will certainly move back and forth in a slightly different direction every time. You’ll check out why people try this ride again and also again. Many slingshot rides, like various other roller coasters, room equipped through a video camera. You deserve to have the whole experience recorded to share through your friends and also family, or perhaps produce a new viral video clip with her terrified reactions. You will do it usually need to pay extra because that this video. At Carowinds, because that example, that is $12 for a USB drive of your taped ride. Most slingshot rides bring the carriage to the ground, where you and also the various other guest are able to go into the ride. Others, particularly if there isn’t a lot of space in the area, take you up to a deck where you deserve to board. Even if it is you begin on the floor or in the air, it’ll feeling far greater than 300 feet as soon as you launch.

Should i Ride the Slingshot?

A slingshot journey is a good way to experience height, speed, and also thrills safely. The small, two-person carriage means you can have this endure with a close friend or relative, or you can bond v a stranger while perhaps screaming with excitement. It’s an incredible suffer for most people, however there room some civilization who need to be careful when considering this ride. If you have a propensity to pass out easily when over there is a many G-force, this ride could not be for you. While many world enjoy the town hall videos of who passing out on this ride, it might be a danger or uncomfortable experience. This ride may help you dominate your fear of heights, or it may make the worse. Take into consideration how you manage heights before choosing this ride.

Finally, some people should not ride this ride. Amusement parks, favor Cedar Point, in particular, have rules regarding riders who are not allowed on the slingshot ride. Riders require at the very least two extremities, either eight or legs. You can not ride this drive if friend have any kind of full casts or neck brace. All amusement parks also warn that larger riders might not have the ability to fit top top the ride. Also, the merged weight of both human being needs to be at the very least 110 pounds. Many amusement parks have actually height requirements, choose Carowinds’ requirement of 49 to 79 inches. If you fulfill the requirements and feel the require for speed, this journey is a good choice. Most customers love the experience and feel the price is precious the fun and also unique experience.

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If girlfriend are looking for a an excellent way to feel prefer a projectile, the slingshot journey is a fun and really popular choice. There space lots of an excellent places to go on this ride, and also guests love the adrenaline-pumping experience. It may not it is in the tallest or fastest, however it’s a fun and also unique way to fly through the air. Trying out this journey is much much easier than most since it is accessible in plenty of locations. This fast-paced adventure is a great way to feeling an adrenaline sirloin in a compact two-person ride. If her idea of fun includes increases to 100 mph, then the slingshot journey is perfect because that you. Whether you love fast-paced rides, high rides or unanticipated turns, the slingshot ride has it all. Over there are lots of videos recording several of the more extreme reactions to this ride, and you can purchase your own video clip to display off either your brave, stoic reaction or her terrified face. You’ll lastly know what it’s favor to be a person projectile.


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