Not only is mountain Kilimanjaro Africa’s tallest mountain, measure up 19,341 feet (5,895 meters), it’s additionally a UNESCO world Heritage Site. Unusually, that not component of a broader mountain range, make this the biggest free-standing hill in the world. To uncover out an ext about this iconic location, check out our 10 rapid Facts around Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Mount Kilimanjaro Facts and Information

1. Why is mount Kilimanjaro famous?

Aside from the outstanding stats, mount Kilimanjaro is famous for that beauty. The most renowned angle for photographers is the shooting taken native Amboseli nationwide Park in Kenya. Yet, in fact every one of Mt Kilimanjaro sit in Tanzania, close to its border v Kenya. Mt Kilimanjaro is additionally actually a volcano through three separate cones. Of these, Mawenzi and Shira room extinct, yet Kibo is classified as dormant. However, scientists reckon the Kibo last erupted 360,000 years back and think there’s little chance of that becoming active again at any time soon.

2. How high is the base of mount Kilimanjaro?

The base of mountain Kilimanjaro is around 16,732 feet (5,100 meters) high. Climbers handle a wide variety of landscapes together they progression to greater parts the the mountain. On the way to the summit, they navigate lush forests, alpine moorland, scree slopes and also rock faces. The score is the snow-capped Uhuru top above, a reminder the the temperature steadily decreases through every step towards the top.

3. Is rise Mt Kilimanjaro worth it?


On a long distance hike such as Mount Kilimanjaro, rain is no your friend. Together Mt Kilimanjaro is so close come the Equator, yes no winter or summer. However, there is a pronounce wet season. Many climbers are urged to handle the hill when the weather is driest as it is safer and much much more enjoyable. Precipitation is shortest from respectable to October, making this the ideal months to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Rainfall totals increase slightly from December come February and also in June and also July. From March to might the rain come, making this a wet time to hike. That’s also the instance during the brief wet season in November. Wetter months are likewise cloudy, which not only affects visibility but additionally overall visitant satisfaction.

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