There"s really nothing quite prefer the emotion of speak a roller coaster. From the feeling of weightlessness just before the fall through the breakneck speeds as the journey plummets under a drop come the twisting turns that do riders shriek through delight and throw your hands in the air, a day at an amusement park is never finish without a rotate on among these thrill rides. From Ohio to Japan, below is a perform of several of the tallest roller coasters in the world, and also every single one of castle is sure to take it its riders" breath away. Specific attractions might be temporarily closeup of the door or require advance reservations. Part restaurants are at this time offering pickup only. Hours/availability may have changed.

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Cedar allude is one of the ideal places in the people for roller coaster fans, and with rides favor Steel Vengeance, it"s straightforward to check out why. Steel Vengeance is the an initial hyper hybrid steel and also wood roller coaster in the world, and also those brave sufficient to take it a journey will discover a 90-degree drop straight down, four stomach churning upside-down loops, and nearly 30 seconds of weightless airtime, an ext than any other coaster in the world! steel Vengeance reaches speed of as much as 74 mph, and also its tallest top reaches heights the 205 feet over the ground.Cedar Point, 1 Cedar point Dr, Sandusky, oh 44870, joined States, Phone:419-627-2350205 feet (62 m) Hybrid

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Twisted Colossus is a wood and steel hybrid roller coaster – the longest the its sort in the world – located in 6 Flags Magic mountain Park in Valencia, California. Originally constructed in 1978, the Colossus has constantly been an iconic component of this park, but in 2014 the ride to be closed for an extreme makeover, and has reemerged in 2015 together the Twisted Colossus, a steel-tracked, amped-up variation of the classic ride. The brand-new version has greater speeds, twisting barrel rolls, and also an initial 128-foot drop at an 80-degree angle.Six Flags Magic Mountain, 26101 Magic mountain Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355, united States, Phone: 661-255-4100128 feet (37 m)Hybrid

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Kingda Ka is the tallest roller coaster in the world, and also its breathtaking heights of approximately 456 feet above the floor quite merely dwarf many of the other coasters ~ above this list. The King, together it is called, is a stole coaster the goes indigenous 0 come 128 mph in a staggering 3.5 seconds, up a 90-degree steep to the optimal of the very first peak. Native there, riders will plummet ago toward the ground in an extreme spiraling drop, sail over a small hump, and also be deposited, breathless, earlier at the station. The journey is much less than a minute long, but it can just it is in the many exhilarating 50 seconds of your life.Six Flags an excellent Adventure, 1 6 Flags Blvd, Jackson, NJ 08527, united States, Phone: 732-928-2000456 feet (139 m)Steel

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This quick coaster, situated at Cedar Point, mimics the emotion of drag vehicle racing, if drag automobile racing had actually a substantial peak associated that is. The roller coaster launches riders indigenous 0 mph to 120 mph in mere seconds, up a steel track the climbs 420 feet high in ~ a 90-degree angle. ~ above the way back down, riders will certainly careen towards the ground in ~ the exact same sheer drop, v the added excitement the a spiraling twist. The ride comes to an abrupt halt quickly afterward, happen the complete ride time the the top Thrill Dragster come a short but exciting 17 seconds.Cedar Point, 1 Cedar point Dr, Sandusky, five 44870, unified States, Phone: 419-627-2350420 feet (130 m)Steel

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Superman: Escape from Krypton is a steel coaster situated at six Flags Magic Mountain. It"s one acceleration ride that shoots riders from the darkness the a cave-like station, up right into the air at heights of end 400 feet, and also then straight back down again. It"s favor several the the other acceleration thrill rides top top this list, except that Superman: Escape indigenous Krypton sends out its riders hurling out onto the monitor backwards. A breathtaking climb up the track leads to over 6 secs of weightlessness before the coaster vehicle begins its same thrilling descent.Six Flags Magic Mountain, 26101 Magic hill Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355, united States415 feet (126 m)Steel

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fury 325 is the tallest giga coaster in the world, definition that it is a full-circuit roller coaster v a height and drop the 300-400 feet. In ~ 325 feet, fury 325 fits right into these criteria, and also guests in ~ Carowinds, a north Carolina design template park, will certainly be dazzling by the 95 mph speeds, 81 level drop, and also 91-degree turns. Through barrel rolls, twists, and loops, fury 325 is designed come emulate the swooping, furious trip path of an upset hornet. It"s the longest steel coaster in phibìc America, and the monitor of this ride cross state lines, zooming into South Carolina prior to heading ago into phibìc Carolina.Carowinds, 300 Carowinds Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273, joined States, Phone: 704-588-2600325 feet (99 m)Steel

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The steel Dragon 2000 is the longest roller coaster in the whole world and also one the the tallest, and also the 4-minute drive on this steel roller coaster will certainly take riders into the skies at heights of end 300 feet. Prior to zooming roughly the park in ~ 95 mph, the stole Dragon 2000 build anticipation v a sluggish climb as much as the summit, and also then it sends out its riders barreling down the slope at height speed and around the twists and turns of the track, which stretches for over a mile and a half long. Nagashima Spa Land, Japan318.3 feet (97 m)Steel

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The Millennium force is famous among roller coaster aficionados. This gigantic of a ride is located at Cedar Point, the Roller Coaster Capital, and when it to be built, it ended up being the world"s first giga coaster because of that is insane fall of end 300 feet. The Millennium pressure reaches speed of 93 mph, and it will have guests screaming with happiness as that crests a summit through views the Lake Erie, and also drops in ~ a 90-degree edge down towards the ground, whips about turns, traverses dark tunnels, and also follows the twisting blue track every the way back come the station.Cedar Point, 1 Cedar allude Dr, Sandusky, five 44870, united States, Phone: 419-627-2350310 feet (94 m)Steel

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Canada"s Wonderland is a layout park just north the Toronto the is house to the Leviathan, a steel-track roller coaster whose tallest hill will 306 feet. The Leviathan is the tallest coaster in Canada"s Wonderland, and also it reaches speeds of 92 mph throughout its epic journey across the turquoise tracks. Riders will travel distances of over 1 mile ~ above the Leviathan, including the 80-degree drop from the summit hill. The ride leader passengers top top a twisting, turning journey that will certainly flip lock upside down and also whip them approximately turns on an epic adventure.Canada"s Wonderland, 1 Canada"s Wonderland Drive, Vaughan, top top L6A 1S6, Canada, Phone: +1 905-832-7000306 feet (93 m)Steel

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King"s ascendancy is a Virginia theme park close to Richmond, and it is home to the Intimidator 305, a massive red and yellow stole roller coaster that will thrill that passengers. In ~ its tallest point, the Intimidator 305 stands 305 feet tall, and also the elevation of the very first drop is an also 300 feet, at a steep 85 degrees. The high speeds of approximately 90 mph, coupled through the breathtaking twists and also turns along the way, have earned the Intimidator 305 a reputation as among the many thrilling roller coasters on the joined States" east Coast. Monarchs Dominion, 16000 theme Park Way, Doswell, VA 23047, united States305 feet (93 m)Steel

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Titan, situated at six Flags end Texas in the USA, is an instance of what is recognized as a hypercoaster – a tall, full circuit roller coaster v a fall of over 200 feet. Yet the Titan takes the one action further, as a hyper twisted coaster, which way it sends its riders v a mind melt 540-degree spiral, and also then on one more one immediately afterward. The bright orange stole of this roller coaster bends up and down over humps and hills, maneuvers around tight turns, and also does it all at speed of up to 85 miles every hour.Six Flags end Texas, 2201 E road to 6 Flags St, Arlington, TX 76010, unified States, Phone: 817-640-8900255 feet (75 m)Steel

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when the Phantom was constructed in the 1990s, that was one of the fastest and tallest roller coasters of its kind. Yet in the year 2000, Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, announced that they would certainly be closing the top ride. In that is place, they built the Phantom"s Revenge, a hypercoaster v a lime environment-friendly track and also a showcase fall of 228 feet. With speeds of over 80 mph, high-speed twists and turns, and also hills developed for airtime, the Phantom"s Revenge has all the joys the the initial coaster, however with the added bonus of modern technology because that even much more of an i can not forget ride.Kennywood, 800 Kennywood Blvd, West Mifflin, PA 15122, unified States, Phone: 412-461-0500228 feetSteel

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The Shambhala, located at PortAventura in Spain, take away its name from a region in the Himalayas that is completely inaccessible. It is one of the tallest, fastest, and longest fall hypercoasters in Europe, through an initial autumn of 256 feet and speeds the reach as much as 83 mph. A chain lift hill bring rider gradually to the summit, where they quickly come crashing down again at a practically 80-degree angle. Shambhala features turns, hills, a figure 8 feature, and also even a splashdown as the journey dives beneath an additional coaster in ~ the park. PortAventura, Avinguda del Batlle Pere Molas, kilometres 2, 43840 Vila-seca, Tarragona, Spain256 feet (76 m)Steel

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Everland, the biggest amusement park in south Korea, is house to the T Express, a wooden roller coaster that is the 4th steepest of its type in the world. The T to express is developed on a hill, and also it offers that natural elevation to the advantage, v a 150-foot drop indigenous its chain elevator hill and also a 77 degree slope ~ above the way down. The T Express was the first wooden roller coaster come be developed in southern Korea, and it"s one of the most renowned rides in ~ Everland.Everland, 199 Everland-ro, Pogog-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, south Korea183.8 feet (56 m)Wood

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El Toro, situated at 6 Flags great Adventure in brand-new Jersey, asks its riders if they"re prepared to shot and tame el toro, the bull. This goliath of a wooden roller coaster watch at first glance like a standard old ride, however it was developed with contemporary engineering technology, therefore it uses its passenger a smooth, fast, and exciting ride, much more so than an old wood coaster. Through a autumn of 176 feet at an edge of 76 degrees, El Toro has one that the steepest autumn of any kind of wooden roller coaster in the country, and after that terrifying cost-free fall at speeds of 70 mph, passengers will endure a collection of bucks, hills, and also side-to-side activities that will make them understand specifically why the park compares this journey to being on the back of a rodeo bull. 6 Flags good Adventure, 1 six Flags Blvd, Jackson, NJ 08527, unified States, Phone: 732-928-2000181 feet (55 m)Wood

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vacation World and Splashin" Safari, located in Santa Claus, Indiana, is a layout park and also waterpark. The is residence to The Voyage, a wood roller coaster that has actually been vote the ideal of its kind in the country. The Voyage concentrates on offering its riders as lot airtime together possible, v hills and also maneuvers that include up to virtually 25 total seconds of zero gravity weightlessness. The entire ride is about 1.2 mile long, making it among the longest wooden roller coasters in existence, and the ride functions a record-breaking 5 underground tunnels, banked turns, and also a 163-foot hill.Holiday world & Splashin" Safari, 452 E Christmas Blvd, Santa Claus, IN 47579, unified States, Phone: 812-937-4401159 feet (48 m)Wood

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The Hades 360 features a 140-foot drop in ~ a 65-degree angle, and a drive on this wooden roller coaster will certainly thrill every passenger to have actually a seat in the train. The Hades 360 division several documents as it includes the world"s longest underground roller coaster tunnel and additionally features another tunnel through a steep 90-degree banked revolve in full darkness, a an initial for the civilization of wooden roller coasters. In 2013, the original coaster, the Hades, was partly rebuilt, and also after the addition of some banked transforms – consisting of one in ~ 110 levels – and also a corkscrew inversion, the ride to be reopened under the name Hades 360.Mt. Olympus Water & design template Park, 320 Co Rd A, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965, unified States, Phone: 800-800-4997136 feet (41 m)Wood

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In old German Saxon, "Wodan" was the name for the norseman god Odin, the All-Father that was the leader that the vikings gods. But Odin was additionally known as a trickster, and that mischievous top quality comes v in this ride. In line for the Wodan, guests will suffer Norse-themed statues and special effects featuring fire, water, and also mist. The Wodan Timbur Coaster, a wooden roller coaster who tallest hill will 131 feet, leader its passengers through tunnels, weaves roughly other rides and also parts the the park, and also reaches speed of approximately 62 mph.Europa-Park, Europa-Park-Straße 2, 77977 Rust, Germany131.3 feet (40.0 m)Wood

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Le Monstre is a two-track wooden roller coaster located at La Ronde in Montréal, Canada. In ~ 130 feet, that is the tallest two-track wooden coaster in the world, and is additionally the largest of any wooden roller coasters in all of Canada. Le Monstre was an initial built in 1986 and reaches speeds of 60 mph. The ride also permits passengers to suffer an remarkable amount the airtime, and also because the lap bars and also seat belts are deliberately made simply a tiny bit loose, riders ~ above Le Monstre will actually float in their seats throughout some that the zero heaviness moments that the ride.La Ronde, 22 Chemin Macdonald, Montréal, QC H3C 6A3, Canada, Phone: +1 514-397-2000130.9 feet (39.9 m)Wood

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This two-track racing wood roller coaster, situated at 6 Flags an excellent America in Illinois, is the tallest and fastest wood racing coaster in the world. With an initial rise of 127 feet, both monitor descend the hill at speeds of up to 66 miles every hour. The trains then race with twists and turns, over hills, and then right into a huge 360-degree cyclone. ~ this trembling helix, both trains split up, only to meet ago at the station, racing to the end up line at breakneck rate to watch who will acquire there first. Six Flags good America, 1 an excellent America Parkway, Gurnee, IL 60031, joined States, Phone: 847-249-1776127 feet (39 m)Wood

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25 the the World"s Tallest Roller Coasters

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