Q: What is the correct mounting height for a fixture or chandelier over a dining room table?

A: very first off, I’ll provide a guideline: The bottom that the fixture should be 32 to 36 inches over the tabletop. Currently that i have told you that rule, I’m likewise going come tell girlfriend to disregard it. I really feel that every case is different. It relies on the dimension of the table, the diameter and height that the fixture, and the height of the ceiling. All of these are determinants in determining what have to be the correct mounting height.

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Most light manufacturers offer extr cord, chain or stem lengths to administer some give-and-take in the overall length the the fixture. I favor to have my customer sit down in a dining chair if the electrician is there so that we deserve to look at assorted heights.
I was standing at the entry of the dining room come see exactly how the fixture relates to the volume the space. 

Also, when picking a fixture (if you can not borrow an really sample), think about cutting the end a cardboard theme that is the height and also diameter the the fixture to offer a an excellent idea of just how it can look in the space before making a final decision. Friend may find that two medium fixtures look better than one huge fixture, specifically with a rectangular table.


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