Q: I’m having actually a home built, and the understand bathroom is walking to be big, modern and dramatic, v a high ceiling that’s vaulted. Ns love the look at of tile that goes all the means to the ceiling yet I can’t figure out what to carry out with the walls over the shower. Need to they cut the tile on an angle or what?


A: Full-height tile walls are a good way to include drama come a bathroom. Ns wish you had actually sent some photos that the tile you want to use and also the space; it sounds amazing.

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Usually there is a logical location to end the tile, one of two people at the height row the tile, or, at the top of someone’s budget! As lengthy as the wall is protected from water below the showerhead and around a splashing bather, you’re well functionally.

Aesthetically, for many tile shower walls, end with the last finish row of brick at around 6 feet 2 customs or so, or come the top or just above the glass enclosure, relying on how the math works out. The brick (and the shower head) must go higher in a house with taller people, and if you’re utilizing a brick trim, the counts, too.

Depending top top the size of the tiles and the location of the shower in the room, I have actually some choices for you. For a sleek, open feel, take the tile every the way to the ceiling if your budget plan allows. A little mosaic would work simply fine and give girlfriend a quite textural look, yet larger tiles will provide you a modern feel.

Large tiles may need to it is in cut. Or prevent the tile a row or two quick of the lowest allude of the angle. Is her shower in a corner or its very own alcove? have a soffit constructed over the shower and bring the tile to the bottom of the soffit.

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Good luck, and send me a snapshot of the finished bathroom!

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