Summer is the season the gives fatality Valley the morbid name. In Summer, mean high temperatures room over 110F and also lows room over 80F. Visiting the park in Summer is no advisable unless you room adequately prepared with water, sunscreen, and shaded cover. Lengthy exposure this time that year have the right to be deadly.

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Summer Overview

Summer is the season that gives fatality Valley that morbid name. In Summer, typical high temperatures space over 110F and lows are over 80F. Visiting the park in Summer is not advisable unless you are adequately ready with water, sunscreen, and also shaded cover.

Prolonged exposure this time of year have the right to be deadly.

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Eureka Dunes at Sunset | death Valley nationwide Park California

Situated on California’s southeastern border v Nevada, death Valley nationwide Park spans over 5,000 square miles of otherworldly vistas. The biggest national park in the continental unified States, fatality Valley is a park for superlatives.

Death valley is the hottest ar on earth, the lowest ar in north America, and the driest ar in the joined States. Fatality Valley is likewise the largest National Park external of Alaska.

In the remote much reaches of the Mojave Desert lies the biggest national park in the continental joined States. Hidden here in the hottest place on earth is another world full of diverse life and colorful landscapes.

Join us as us take life come the extreme and explore death Valley. Filmed primarily in 8K.​