Grand Canyon in respectable – one of the wettest month of the summer month to visit the grand Canyon

Visiting grand Canyon in August

If you are planning your grand Canyon vacation in august you space in the right place. Visiting Grand

Canyon nationwide Park is an excellent any time the year – just ask any of the 6 million tourists the site sees a year!


One point you should know about visiting the grand Canyon, respectable is a busy month. The cool Canyon weather in august is both hot and wet. 

Its not quite as hot as down in the canyon however you will certainly encounter afternoon thunderstorms in August.

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To visit any type of of the national Parks in the USA, i recommend buying a nationwide Park Pass. The America the Beautiful pass is valid because that one year and also costs $80. Plus 10% of revenue proceeds walk to the nationwide Park Foundation.

Is the cool Canyon open up in August?

The grand Canyon nationwide Park remains open up every day because that year-round visitors.

TheSouth Rimis open up year round and there are many beautifulGrand Canyon Lookout Points. The grand Canyon southern Rim in respectable is beginning to acquire hot to visit the cool Canyon.

During august in the grand Canyon, the North rim is open. The north Rim is open from may 15 – October 15.


How liven is the grand Canyon in August?

In august it is beginning to feel prefer summer. That is a popular time in ~ the cool Canyon. The crowds will certainly be at your busiest in August but there room still ways to obtain away from the crowds by hiking in the canyon or going white water rafting. The an ext popular south Rim remains open year-round however the phibìc Rim has actually opened ~ above the might 15th. You deserve to read more about the south Rim vs the phibìc Rim on my site.

Please note if friend do any type of hiking down right into the Canyon the is a lot hotter – favor 20 levels warmer. This is something a many of civilization do no know and it is vital when deciding to go hiking.

Make certain you have your reservations in place a couple of months in advance. I don’t introduce just arriving though since some areas will it is in booked out however check out the list of the ideal accommodation in Tusayan below.

Is it a good time come visit cool Canyon in Summer?

There is never ever a negative time come visit the grand Canyon.

In August, the weather will certainly be warming up however there is a high possibility of thunderstorms in the afternoon.


Summer in the cool Canyon is a an excellent time to visit with even though there space crowds, occasionally stormy skies in the afternoon and also warmer weather. Make sure you pack your hat, sunglasses, and also sunscreen together you room at 7,000 feet in elevation and that lot closer come the sun.

What is the grand Canyon weather in August? grand Canyon temperature in August

The temperature at cool Canyon in respectable is hot. Cool Canyon weather in august is extremely warm and an extremely pleasant in ~ night but just starting to get hot during the day.


During the work the cool canyon temperature in august is on average 86 degrees yet at night the averages 50 degrees. Temperatures in cool Canyon in August have the right to get also higher.

Did you know that the is actually much warmer down in the Canyon? If girlfriend walk down right into the Canyon or stay at Phantom Ranch, that averages 100 during the day. Don’t allow the grand Canyon weather in August stop you from visiting. Over there is still a lot come do.

Things to do at the grand Canyon in the Summer

Visiting the grand Canyon in August means you will certainly be experiencing the longest work in the park. In the summertime top up to and also right after June 21 friend will have actually 15 hrs of daylight each day compared to 10 hrs of daylight in the winter.

That method you have five extra hours each work to enjoy the cool Canyon. Friend can capture the sunrise in ~ the canyon or if at an early stage mornings room not your thing than the sunset. I have noted out philosophies in the cool Canyon because that each in my perform of points to carry out in the cool Canyon below.

Things to carry out at the grand Canyon in August

Visit the travellers Centre to uncover out the conditions

Located simply inside the southern entrance station at the southern rim, the visitors center is open up from 8am-5pm during the spring months.

At the visitor center, you will be informed of the weather conditions of the day. As well as if any type of hiking trails, philosophies and activities are closed that day or what the safest and best choices are.

At the travellers center, there is likewise a short 20-minute movie informing visitors about the park, the trails and the background as well as acquisition them through a intuitive experience before jumping right into it themselves.

Just a brief 5-minute walk from the visitor center is the Mathers allude viewpoint. This is regularly a go-to for numerous visitors that the park, largely because of the near proximity the the visitor center as well as the beautiful views of the canyon that offers.

Rim Trail native Visitor centre to the Village

The led mostly level trail indigenous the visitor center to the cool Canyon village is 2.5-miles and includes several of the finest viewpoints along the canyon.

This is perfect for those who desire to endure the beauty beauty of the canyons without exerting themselves too lot by hiking with the canyons.

This follow is taken into consideration to be normally easy through those who have actually completed it and also is a great way to invest a warm sunny day.

Hike the Rim come Rim Trail

The rim to rim hike through the cool Canyon is often on plenty of hikers’ bucketlists! The path itself is beautiful and also offers majestic views of the canyon thatno other single hiking trail could offer.


However, it sure is not an easy route or miscellaneous that have to be bring away lightly. The trail is 24-miles lengthy (one way) and also to finish in that entirety could take approximately a few days to complete.

It is best to begin at the north rim and also work your way down come the south. Therefore,the recommended path is to begin walking the phibìc Kaibab trace thenmoving on to the Bright angel Trail.

Beginning top top the north Kaibab Trail, walking through the gorgeous scenery of the canyon and experiencing the rich history it needs to offer; the path ends at the Bright point of view Campground.

This is where you will have actually the opportunity to fully rest and spend a night or two before jumping on to the next adventure – Bright point of view Trail!

In the early on morning, start the suffer of long up through the Bright point of view Trail, one of themost famous on the south rim. The trail takes you with the inside canyonwalls and also offers stunning and majestic views along the way.

Once you have actually reached the end of the Bright angel Trail, you would have completed the rim-to-rim hiking experience and it would have actually been a good one at that!

Due come the longevity of each of the 2 hikes individually, it is recommended the you complete the rim-to-rim end the food of a few days while remaining at the multiple campgrounds, the the canyon has actually on offer.

See the sunrise at Mathers suggest or Yavapai Point

Mathers Point is just one of the most renowned places in ~ the canyon to watch the sunrise.

Due to the nearby proximity of the visitor facility and large carpark and also the truly splendid panoramic see it provides; no wonder Mathers point is a famous go-to spot for viewing the sunrise.

The only downside come viewing the sunrise right here is due to the high popularity, this area is usually crowded with people wanting to see the sunrise so getting a an excellent spot is sometimes difficult.

During May, visitors might want to get there extra early in order to secure a front row seat because that the sunrise. Although, the beforehand arrival is fine worth it when the sunlight rises through the canyon hills.

Yavapai Point is another good place for many tourists and also visitors to check out the sunrise.

Arizona sunset cool Canyon national Park Yavapai Point

Unlike Mathers Point, Yavapai point generally is not as crowded for sunrise, making the a bit an ext appealing to those who want a peaceful, relaxed experience if viewing the sunrise.

The sunrise below is a must-see when visiting this national park because of the stunning panoramic see the spot offers of the sun rising through the canyons.

Hike under to Plateau point for great views the the within canyon

The Plateau point trail is a 12-mile round pilgrimage strenuous and daunting hike. Although, when reached the approach all the difficult work is payment off once viewing the spectacular views of the within canyon.


This follow is the best selection for those who are wanting a complicated day hike v spectacular scenic views all the means through, acquisition you deep right into the canyon without acquisition you every the way down.

Due come the longevity the the hike, that is highly recommended to gain a start prior to sunrise as otherwise you may be completing the hike in the dark which no ideal.

The Plateau suggest Trail begins at the Bright angel Trailhead top top the western side of the cool Canyon Village. Also due to the severe undertaking the this hike, it is argued to take it a rest at every rest protect against to remainder your self and also take in the beautiful scenery around you.

Once at the point, reap the beautiful inside canyon views and also take in the serenity that it offers, as result of the an obstacle of the hike, this is generally complimentary of other tourists and also hikers.

Desert check out Drive

The Desert view Drive is a 25-mile large of road located simply one mile west that the grand Canyon village. The desert view drive provides some of the most magnificent views of the Colorado river on market at the cool Canyon.

There are many stops along the way that market beautiful sceneries and also unique experiences of the canyon. However, two must-visit stops along the means include Yaki point and Duck ~ above a Rock.

Yaki Point is a gorgeous lookout point where visitors have the right to sit and also enjoy the panoramic see of the canyons. This is likewise a good location to watch both the beautiful sunrise and sunset end the canyons. Yaki allude is not available via a exclusive vehicle and also is only obtainable through a complimentary shuttle bus activate by the park.


Duck on a Rock is situated just east of Yaki point and is believed to resemble a duck sit atop a rock. The unofficial allude is there was no sign by the park therefore is easy to miss to those pass by. However, the is definitely worth a stop and also a look by those visiting the Desert check out Drive.

Tusayan Museum and Ruin

The Tusayan Museum and Ruin is located simply 3-miles west of Desert check out Drive and is among the many important archaeological discoveries in Arizona. Numerous historians have estimated that human civilization has been in the area that the grand Canyon for around 12,000 years.

There are many archaeological remains in the area to it is in discovered and protected. The Tusayan Museum is designed come teach visitors around the long background and every the previous unique civilizations that lived in the area. The damages itself consists of remains that the Pueblo village that is thought to it is in upwards the 800-years old.

See a movie at the IMAX in Tusayan

Located in Tusayan, Arizona in ~ the visitors center of the south rim, over there is a luxurious, air-conditioned theatre seating 487 guests. The theatre also contains a large screen that reflects the film ‘Grand Canyon: The surprise Secrets’.

This film takes visitors on an amplified visual suffer through the canyons, river and also points. The film is only about 30-minutes and also starts at fifty percent past the hour, every hour during opening hrs (8am-10pm during May).

See the sunset at Pima Point

Pima allude is the final stop follow me the Hermit scenic drive, before showing up at Hermit’s rest. Indigenous this allude there is a broad panoramic view of over 40-miles that the canyons and makes a an excellent spot to check out the sunset.

Grand Canyon sunny day see view

The only downside is that throughout August, this road is closeup of the door to personal vehicles, and therefore the only means to accessibility it is v the use of totally free shuttle buses (or long it).

Therefore, this spot is most likely to be a little crowded of other visitors wanting a glimpse the the sunset too. However, if you come a little early, you will do it be sure to sick a good spot and enjoy the beautiful sunset there is no the distraction of others in front of you.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

The skywalk is situated along the west-rim the the cool Canyon and consists of a horse-shoe glass bridge prolonging 70-feet end the in salt of the canyon.

The bridge itself is do from glass, therefore if you look under you have the right to see over 4,000 feet below to the canyon grounds. This is important a distinctive experience and offers see of the canyons that you can’t get all over else!

There is likewise a gift shop and also a restaurant located at the bridge to make your experience also longer and also better.


Helicopter tourism over the Canyon

What far better way to view the beauty, beauty of the canyons and all it needs to offer than seeing the from a helicopter flying above?!

Helicopter rides end the canyon offer visitors a distinct experience and provide views the otherwise would be missed. By law a helicopter tour, visitors acquire to endure the canyons by looking down into them, something that is often missed when just looking out from a viewpoint.

Although these tourism are often a bit pricey, they are well worth it and will provide unforgettable memories.

Where to stay close to the grand Canyon

Tusayan is the nearest city come the grand Canyon. The populace city of Tusayan is only 550. The city is situated along Highway 180 around 70 mile from Flagstaff.

You will discover shops and also restaurants there, the cool Canyon IMAX, and also the cool Canyon airport is about one mile southern of town.

Another advantage of walk in the spring with much less tourists is the reality that booking accommodation will certainly be easy! i don’t recommend just getting here though since some locations will be closed.


Canyon Plaza Premier Studio and also Apartments

Views that the valleys and also forest areas are featured in pick Arizona apartments. Cool Canyon south Rim enntrance gate is 5 minutes’ drive.

Studios feature a kitchenette and apartments offer a totally equipped kitchen at Canyon Plaza Premier Studio and also Apartments. A balcony is noted in every unit.

JJK’s Restaurant is open up for breakfast, lunch, and also dinner in ~ the Studio and Apartments Canyon Plaza Premier.

Check out prices on Booking

Arizona Luxury explorations – grand Canyon

Arizona Luxury explorations has tents wherein you can glamp overnight. This is part of their ll inclusive and customized to incorporate 12’x12′ expedition Tents, all meals freshly prepared daily, and a experienced Tour guide for your continue to be with us.

The weather at the grand Canyon during Dec. Averages 30-40 levels Fahrenheit daytime and also 20’s degree at nighttime. They administer heaters because that inside your sleeping and also the personal dining tents with plenty of warm heavy structure blankets. Many guests gain this time of the year in the cool Canyon due to the fact that of much less crowds that people and the winter landscape that is remarkable to experience.

Check out rates on Booking

Best west Premier cool Canyon Squire Inn

Located right next to the vacation Inn Express, the best Western has 250 rooms. The finest Western has an at home heated pool, a hot tub, sauna, and also fitness center.

There is additionally two restaurants in the hotel – Coronado Room and also the Canyon Room. If you are looking for quick food you can find the McDonalds and Pizza Hut are close.

Check out rates on Booking

Holiday Inn Express grand Canyon

The vacation Inn to express is located simply two mile from the southern Entrance that the cool Canyon. The vacation Inn Express has actually 164 rooms and is located centrally in Tusayan which means you deserve to walk to the restaurants and shops.

The holiday Inn Express has actually an indoor pool, a whirlpool, and a continental breakfast is included.

Check out prices on Booking

The grand Hotel in ~ the cool Canyon

The hotel provides 5-star accommodation with a hot tub. Every units are equipped through air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a microwave, a coffee machine, a shower, a hairdryer and also a desk. Guest rooms encompass a wardrobe.

Featuring a restaurant, bar, common lounge and cost-free WiFi, The cool Hotel in ~ the cool Canyon is situated in Tusayan, 10 kilometres from Mather Campground and also 12 kilometres from Bright angel Trail. This 5-star hotel offers a concierge service and a tour desk. The hotel functions an at home pool, fitness centre, night entertainment and also a 24-hour former desk.

Check out rates on Booking

Grand Canyon Plaza Hotel

Canyon Plaza Premier Studio and also Apartments is a 3 star hotel situated 6 miles from the cool Canyon.

There are just 10 rooms here and each room has a microwave, a refrigerator, and a coffee maker.

There is one restaurant here called JJK’s restaurant. Close come the hotel is the Plaza Bonita where you can likewise eat.

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Check out rates on Booking

Conclusion – Is it precious visiting the grand Canyon in August?

The warm weather, the unique activities and the beautiful canyons all do August a great time to visit the cool Canyon! The unique experiences available during this time additionally make respectable a perfect time because that those wanting to visit the grand Canyon!

Over to you! have actually you checked out the cool Canyon in August? just how did you choose it? allow me recognize in the comments below around your experience at the cool Canyon.