After relying on rapid food for too plenty of meals, Hannah Lester weighed 285 pounds. A weight-loss challenge at work encouraged her to shed the weight.

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During college, Hannah Lester knew she was the "fat friend" — and also she hated it. But that didn"t protect against her native living off burgers and also fries. She operated at a rapid food restaurant, therefore it was the easiest option on many days.

“I choose up rapid food increase on the means to class. It really became my go-to,” the college librarian, 31, from Puxico, Missouri, told “I no make really healthy choices. Ns was pretty lazy.”

Thanks to a secure diet of unhealthy food and little exercise, she kept acquiring weight. In ~ 5 feet 6 inch tall, she sweet 285 pounds.

After she graduated and also started her first job, there was finally an chance to make part changes: a weight-loss an obstacle among she co-workers.

“It gave me a reason to shed the weight,” she said. “I type of wanted to prove myself that I deserve to do this.”

Having a sedentary lifestyle and also unhealthy eating behavior meant the Hannah Lester weighed 285 pounds at her heaviest.Courtesy Hannah Lester

Lester first set a middle goal: to lose 35 pounds native January to might 2012. She quit eating fast food and reduced her soda consumption, walk from 6 to one a day. She increased just how much water she drank and also started wade more.

“Something simply clicked,” she said. “I lost that first 10 pounds and also realized I could do it. I kept doing it due to the fact that I wanted to win.”

Lester shed 35 pounds by March, getting to her goals two month early.

“It came off really, really fast for me in the beginning,” she said. “I needed to lose it for this reason badly, the weight come off easily.”


After losing 50 pounds, Lester modified her behavior to stay on track. She began using a stepper at the gym and went native walking one mile to four miles.

“I just started eat at residence more. Ns didn’t proactively make that decision to eat healthier,” she said.

In three years, she lost 100 pounds and also she has actually maintained her load for three years, before losing secondary 12 pounds. She"s proud that how much she"s come.

“I really deserve to do miscellaneous if i honestly set my mind come it," she said. "I am truly happy v what ns accomplished."

Hannah Lester recently lost 12 pounds, on peak of the 100 she shed already. She loves how she feels and also looks due to the fact that losing weight and also maintaining it. Courtesy that Hannah Lester

Lester, who shared her story in the begin on facebook group, offers tips because that others hope to burned weight.

1. Keep "fat" apparel as a reminder.

Simply glancing at her old clothing helps Lester remember how far she has actually come and how she doesn’t desire to restore the weight.

“I walk from a size 22 to a dimension 12 — a 2X to a medium,” she said. “That is almost more important 보다 saying I shed all this weight. I can visually watch (it by) looking in ~ an old t-shirt.”

2. Memory non-scale victories.

When Lester was shedding weight, she felt frustrated when the number on the scale wasn’t getting smaller.

“The scale was nearly my enemy,” she said. “If … ns didn’t choose what it said, i was walk on a bottom spiral.”

Hannah Lester made small changes, such together walking more and skipping rapid food, and also lost 100 pounds.Courtesy Hannah Lester

That’s as soon as she realized she had actually to focus on just how she feel or just how her apparel felt together a measure of success.

“These pants were a tiny snug yet now i don’t have to unbutton them. That is what ns look for,” she said.

3. Set reasonable goals.

While Lester knew she required to lose more than 35 pounds, she was overwhelmed by shedding large amounts of weight. The is why she preserved her purposes reasonable. ~ she lost 35 pounds, she focused on losing 50 pounds. Climate 75 pounds. This kept her motivated.


“Don’t set a big huge goal that you might not reach ideal away,” she said. “Set little goals. Do a goal simply to walk because that 30 minutes every day. Do a score to cut back on something friend eat a lot.”

4. Perform what feels ideal for you.

Lester to know a lot of of human being who room successful through low-carb diets. That doesn"t work-related for she so she skipped it. Over the years, she learned that functioning out in the morning, to run or walking 3 or 4 miles, keeps her power up for the rest of the day.

She trust she"s therefore successful due to the fact that she does what feels best for her instead of following the load or seeking out another trend.

"Find what functions for you. Not every diet, or lifestyle, works for everyone," Lester said.

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