Music supervisor Andy Gowan reveals his choose to THR, add to which personality inspires him most and what monitor he wishes were featured in the series.

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Of the many memorable music moments on How ns Met her Mother, the rooftop leaps in the season 4 finale were soundtracked by AC Newman’s “Prophets” due to the fact that of a ritual that music supervisor Andy Gowan has actually maintained throughout the series’ run. “I prefer to placed together these small playlists for Carter and Craig and the various other writers,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. Every few weeks, Gowan pulls a dozen tracks from his well-organized iTunes playlists of potential song choices – over 1,700 options built up from the critical two seasons alone – as “just a means to spur part ideas; probably they listen something that will affect an episode. Perhaps it was something lock heard and clicked with, and envisioned it in the succession they were writing.”

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But favor Josh Radnor‘s Ted, Gowan’s continuous search for the perfect tune for a pivotal scene – amidst budget constraints for licenses and a fast-paced network TV production schedule, and also while do the efforts to lend airtime come an under-appreciated standard track or the next great, at this time unknown band – has actually its own “the one that gained away” dead ends. He wishes Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks’ “Fall Away” would’ve do it into season seven, and also Turin Brakes’ “Will Power” has actually been a tempting competitor throughout the years. “There’s a lyrical refrain, and the form of the song simply really lends itself to our big Ted moments – it’s an additional one I maintained coming earlier to plenty of times, and including to those playlists,” claims Gowan. “For everything reason, it never ended up being ‘the one.’“

Gowan – a bay Area native who learned the ropes from functioning with market vets Kevin Edelman and Alex Patsavas, simply signed on because that MTV’s Happyland and also is right now scouting a theme song for Netflix’s very first animated original collection Bojack Horseman through Will Arnett and also Aaron Paul – join HIMYM‘s an imaginative team after the an initial season, as soon as the CBS series opted to add a music supervisor. While he’s most musically inspired by Ted’s emotional plot clues – “it’s his story; he’s naturally offered the most and biggest track moments of the show, so when I’m out there listening to music, I’m listening for his moments” – Gowan has enjoyed Neil Patrick Harris‘ “swagger days of bravado and also cockiness, before Barney softened up” and Jason Segel‘s unique tongue-and-cheek, big Fudge segments together Marshall.

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Of the personality who has actually musically seized the spotlight the least, he admits, “You know, ns can’t think of numerous music moments for Lily (Alyson Hannigan). Perhaps that’s in part because Lily to be a little more stable in regards to her life – she and also Marshall have their ups and also downs, but for the many part, they to be pretty solid. Robin (Cobie Smulders) had actually her ups and also downs v Don, Kevin and also even v Barney. Those species of storylines normally drive the music … and also I listen to part sad, boring music rather a bit, for this reason that’s in my wheelhouse.”

THR caught up through Gowan to highlight his optimal HIMYM music moments, consisting of the Bays-Thomas originals composed with present composer John Swihart. He comment on every below, provided in chronological order (and not consisting of the collection finale, because a significant moment the Monday’s illustration would quickly make this list, Gowan notes):

“Boys Don’t Cry” by grant Lee PhillipsSeason 2, episode 1: “Where to be We?”Original wait date: Sept. 18, 2006The sheathe of The Cure’s track to be the tender tune to nearby the episode, as Marshall struggled to get over Lily v a bad batch the pancakes. “I’ll always remember this one. This song was liked from my first big key of concepts to Carter and also Craig. They loved it, as did the fans of the show. Definitely felt prefer I had arrived together a valued member the the team.”

“Let’s walk to the Mall” through Robin SparklesSeason 2, illustration 9: “Slap Bet”Original air date: Nov. 20, 2006Barney reveals that Robin offered to be a Canadian pop star by sharing she hit single, written by Bays and Thomas. “I’m a firm believer the this present will be anchored in the annals the TV history, and also the personality of Robin Sparkles will certainly be a cornerstone the what people will talk around 30 come 40 years from currently when stating the brilliance of the series. This was her entree right into our cultural fabric – and it’s a cursed catchy song!”

“Sea Green, watch Blue” by JaymaySeason 2, illustration 22: “Something Blue”Original waiting date: might 14, 2007The acoustic track comes on at the end of Marshall and Lily’s wedding, together Ted mirrors on his breakup indigenous Robin with Barney and also reinstates him as his wingman. “We finished season two v this song, which was actually a pitch from mock Radnor. This to be my arrival to , and we’d not just go top top to work together on Josh’s an initial film, Happythankyoumoreplease, yet she additionally became among my favourite singer-songwriters.”

“Thirteen” by big StarSeason 3, episode 14: “The Bracket”Original waiting date: march 31, 2008The rock ballad plays during Ted’s heartwarming, two-minute date with Stella.

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Up come this suggest I had actually only known large Star for your power-pop anthems and for their track “In the Street” that was the theme song to That ’70s Show. but this song changed my entirety outlook and also appreciation for a woefully unrecognized band that had massive influence ~ above the form of absent music.”

Rewind” by GoldspotSeason 5, illustration 2: “Double Date”Original waiting date: Sept. 28, 2009The Goldspot song plays as Ted and his repeat blind day imagine what would’ve occurred if points had cleared up after their first meeting. “True story: i heard this song in mine head while analysis the manuscript for this episode. It to be a weird minute of kismet. The bittersweet poignancy was the perfect tone to beat in one episode about missed opportunities, second chances and bad timing.”

“Ballad of teacher Frankie Crisp” by George HarrisonSeason 6, episodes 1 and 24 : “Big Days” and also “Challenge Accepted”Original waiting dates: Sept. 20, 2010, and also May 16, 2011The song is played at the very beginning and end of season six, as the series flashes forward “a little ways under the road” to Barney’s wedding. “It to be such an honor to have the ability to use music native a Beatle (and one of my favourite albums of all time – All Things must Pass is definitely on mine ‘desert island’ albums list). Us bookended the season v this song, which to be the very first time it to be hinted at that the location where Ted at some point meets ‘The Mother’ to be at a wedding. It definitely wasn’t straightforward to secure the civil liberties to the song, yet it to be well worth it.”

“Let her Heart organize Fast” by fort AtlanticSeason 8, episode 12: “The last Page, component 2”Original wait date: Dec. 17, 2012The last web page of Barney’s playbook, licensed has been granted “The Robin,” is his rooftop proposal. “One the my favorite parts around my task is helping to re-superstructure music from reasonably unknown acts with a bigger audience. We went v a ton that songs for this scene – consisting of songs from lot bigger acts – yet this track won the day, and it was among the most famous song uses in the show’s history. Ns still hear indigenous people about this one, thanking me because that helping them discover this band.”

“Simple Song” by The ShinsSeason 8, illustration 24: “Something New”Original air date: might 13, 2013Cristin Milioti is shown for the an initial time, to buy a train ticket while holding she signature yellow umbrella. “This song needs to be top top the list. Played end the first time we saw ‘The Mother’ – a very an effective song because that a very an effective scene.”

“You Just acquired Slapped” by Boyz II MenSeason 9, illustration 15: “Unpause”Original air date: Jan. 20, 2014Marshall’s “Slapsgiving” theme tune is given a soulful remix during the final season. “What happens as soon as you integrate Boyz II Men and a favorite original song from our series? Magic, that’s what. We had actually a lot of fun happen right into the studio and also onto our collection to make the finish of this episode so cursed funny. What other display can pull turn off a whole Kill Bill-inspired episode, centered around one character slapping the other in the challenge as hard as he can?”