"How i Met her Mother," the lover CBS classic that bring away viewers with the love life of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), experienced its fair share the actors and also actresses come and also go. Fans have seen the likes the Wayne Brady, Bryan Cranston, and even Britney Spears on the show. It"s a true ensemble experience, and also all the high-profile guest spots room a large part the that.

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Unfortunately, a handful of actors that graced the display on this long-running sitcom have because died. With such a vast cast, these type of losses are maybe predictable, but it doesn"t do them any type of less tragic. At least in the immortal kingdom of TV, your performances will certainly live top top in perpetuity. It"s come to be a cliché to call a TV cast a family, but that doesn"t make it any less true. Both fans and cast members from the display paid your tributes come the deceased at the time of your passing, which tells you a lot around the positive working relationship on this show.

Check out all of the "How i Met her Mother" actors who have since died.

Ron Nicolosi — who played Mike, the not-so-hardworking cameraman indigenous Robin"s regional news show, top top "How ns Met your Mother" – died on July 28, 2020 at the age of 62. Nicolosi very first appeared on the display in Season 2, episode 8, "Atlantic City." the is watched throughout the series as the same lackadaisical cameraman. His critical appearance come in Season 8, illustration 17, "The Ashtray."

Away native this show, Nicolosi has likewise been viewed on the TV collection "Truth be Told" and "Staked." However, "How ns Met her Mother" to be his longest-running role, according to IMDb. This death must have actually hit the actors pretty hard, because many that them required to social media to express their sorrow.

"The just how I Met your Mother family today lost a wonderful member of our community, Ron Nicolosi, a sweet spirit who left also soon. Right here is a memento of him, through a possibility to donate for a an excellent cause in his honor," co-creator Craig cutting board tweeted.

Some fans might remember see Alan Thicke in "How i Met your Mother," together he appeared sporadically in four different seasons. He an initial appeared in Season 3, illustration 16, "Sandcastles in the Sand," in i beg your pardon he played a duty in Robin Scherbatsky"s (Cobie Smulders) 2nd music video clip as her glitzy transform ego, Robin Sparkles. After ~ that, the starred as himself in four an ext episodes. His last appearance would come in Season 9, illustration 12, "The Rehearsal Dinner." In these appearances, Thicke was recognized for play his Canadian roots for huge laughs, often alongside fellow Canadian actress, Smulders.

Thicke, the father of singer Robin Thicke, and an ext famously well-known as the dad from "Growing Pains," died ~ above December 13, 2016, at the age of 69. His reason of fatality was a type-A aortic dissection.

"The great thing was the he was beloved, and also he had closure. I observed him a couple of days back and said him exactly how much i loved and also respected him," child Robin Thicke said (via The Los Angeles Times).

Regis Philbin showed up in the "How ns Met her Mother" Season 4 illustration "The ideal Burger in new York." In the episode, Marshall (Jason Segel) searches high and also low across brand-new York City to relocate the location where he once had actually what he describes as the ideal hamburger ever. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) reveals to Marshall and also Ted (Josh Radnor) the Philbin works out in ~ the very same gym the does, and that he"d be able to assist in the search. Philbin confirms the he had the exact same burger Marshall did — a burger the he quiet dreams around — however he can"t remember the name of the place he ate that at and demands that the group number it out. In ~ the "How ns Met her Mother" universe, Philbin to be the host of the fictional game show "Million-Dollar heads or Tails."

In actual life, Philbin to be a prolific tv host, most famously hosting "Who desires to it is in a Millionaire" and also co-hosting "Live! v Regis and Kathie Lee," i m sorry turned right into "Live! through Regis and also Kelly" as soon as Kelly Ripa replaced Kathie Lee. Philbin passed away on July 24, 2020 in ~ the age of 88, because of a heart attack.

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Additionally, Alex Trebek, the lovely "Jeopardy!" organize that us all know and love, was featured in 2 episodes of "How ns Met her Mother." First, fans witnessed him in Season 6, episode 12, "False Positive," wherein he serves together the new host the "Million-Dollar top or Tails." Trebek was watched again in Season 8, episode 15, "P.S. I Love You."

Trebek died on November 8, 2020 at the period of 80, after dealing with pancreatic cancer for practically two years.